6 Best Things To Do for an OVERNIGHT Stay in Moalboal Cebu

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We Filipinos celebrated Philippine Independence day last 12th of June. It’s obviously holiday – a no working holiday of the country. We honored this mostly in a formal way, when I say formal it’s like taking the excitingly-no-boring-long queue parade, hearing government official uplifting words and participating any other political activities. It’s not normal (at least in my observation) for Filipinos in every household to have its own party, we kind of observing independence day without too much alcohol and party (except when we go out from the house to commemorate this kind of occasion or simply for a holiday break or bar parties in big cities). Unlike any other countries (which I’ve read and heard from other travelers, correct me if I’m wrong, no violent reaction please) they have their own set of huge parties everywhere on their independence day. I’m not against this we have our own way to celebrate (I secretly wish we do the same way they do for a change).

This year, I traveled again during this break with another group of friends, and my close friend Margot finally decided to revisit Moalboal in Cebu to do other activities that she hasn’t done. I vividly remember that I was also traveling last year in a beautiful Islas de Gigantes, dedicated the independence day with 2 other mates.

We set our decision for Moalboal to grant my friend Margot’s request. I confidently organize tours in this area, even if I revisited the area interminable times, I’m still in awe whenever I drop in. Since I’m a water lover (don’t be confused, I’m not a diver nor a freediver yet), I’m always delighted to see things underwater and Moalboal is by far one of the best to do this. Here’s my personal preferable things to do in Moalboal for an overnight stay.


(1) Experience Boat Ride to see Dolphins!

Dolphins in Tanon Strait

Yes! There are thousands of dolphins in the area named Tanon Strait, although these dolphins are more popular in the facing Negros Island, yet, we still be able to see Spinner dolphins along Tanon Strait near Moalboal, but, it merely depends on the weather too, they are wild and natural, their time is unpredictable though mostly active during early in the morning, yet, Tanon Strait is their huge playground which we cannot envision their exact location, patience is widely tested to search for dolphins but heaven-on-earth feelings when you get to see one. These dolphins are lively and playful. Unfortunately, during our stopover last Philippine Independence day, there were no show up of Dolphins. However, this doesn’t happen all the time, in my countless visit here, I seldom experience a no-show-dolphins. (Photo posted here is the one I took months ago during one of my work as a tour guide)


(2) Never skip to snorkel in the beauty of Pescador Island

Pescador Island Moalboal Underwater shot

Pescador Island Moalboal Underwater shot

With more than 2,000 species of fish in Moalboal, many of which are in Pescador Island. This very small island has fantastic corals which covered the sandy slope. Its visibility can reach of up to 40 meters, although, boatmen and guides reminding me constantly every time I visit that currents should be observed as it’s moving in different areas. Nevertheless, the alluring beauty of this island is unimaginable. Pescador is only less than 1 km in size, unoccupied, with 2 access steps and of course a lighthouse.


(3) Swim with the Turtles

Ferna in Moalboal Cebu-02

Unlike in Apo Island Negros, where turtles are visible just 3 meters away from the land, Moalboal has its own turtle sanctuary too, located near the Panagsama beach probably 500 meters away to the south side. In this area, you need to swim to the sanctuary, if you hired a boat for the island hopping, this is easier for you will stop at the area directly. I usually see a maximum of 3 huge turtles within reach, but this time, we saw 4, 1 of which was gigantic. There’s massive of corals and fish aside from watching visibly the turtles.


(4)“Sardine Run” in Panagsama Beach

Sardine Run Panagsama Beach Moalboal-01

The place is known for its sardine run. Billions of sardines actually. The location is just in front of Panagsama beach also known locally as Basdiot. I personally liked interacting with these silver-gray-look of sardines, they seemed dancing in the water. About 30-50 meters away from the shore, you can be able to witness the charming sardines in its deep sea.


(5) Have your own twinkling time in Tuble Sanctuary

Snorkeling Guide at 10meters down in Tuble Sanctuary in Moalboal

Snorkeling Guide at 10meters down in Tuble Sanctuary in Moalboal


I fondly call this as “my own sanctuary” since the first day I disembark the place years ago. They’re so many beauty lurking beneath the depthless surface. An unexplainable feeling whenever I’m in this sanctuary, and I’m glad Margot loved it the way I do.

(6) Chasing sunset at the White Beach

Sunset in White Beach Moalboal Cebu

Sunset in White Beach Moalboal Cebu

The island fronting Moalboal is Negros island, a mountainous place where the beauty of the sunsets in this area, which noticeable at the white beach (locally known as Basdaku). I also love the ambiance of Hale Manna Resort in this area watching the sunset in front of the island. White beach or Basdaku is also a place for karaoke, camping, playing volleyball, snorkeling, swimming and resting in the wide space of the beach with numerous local rooms to stay. It is also where most of the boats docked or anchored in.

Chasing Sunset in Hale Manna Resort Moalboal Cebu

Chasing Sunset in Hale Manna Resort Moalboal Cebu

I did all of these for an overnight stay, or which merely can be done for one day. I spent on an average of Php 2,000.00 inclusive of food, accommodation, transportation (to and from Dumaguete City), water and fee for all activities. Speaking of food, we splurge Php 300.00 each of us on a dinner, so, if you are such a frugal one like me too, you’ll spend lesser than the average one day expense.

Oh.. Bonus! Speaking of Food or where to eat? There are many carenderias (or small local restaurant in white beach) and several restaurants in Panagsama beach. We tried Chili’s resto in Panagsama for dinner and carenderia in White beach for breakfast and lunch.

There’s canyoneering as well, but you got to know what to expect from canyoning in Moalboal before dive into this kind of motion.

Are you planning to visit Moalboal soon?

Hope this helps you in planning your next visit to Moalboal Cebu.

For FREEDIVERS and DIVERS, Moalboal is also best for one day activity.

P.S. There’s insufficient supply of water in white beach, thus, most of the toilet or shower room owned by the residents here (or comfort room) requires a minimum fee for usage.

Author: Ferna Mae

Ferna is a Filipino who is independent in her own skin. Enjoys traveling solo yet loves to travel with friends and family too. She first traveled her country the Philippines before she embarked to other countries. She believes that by traveling, her undying crave for learning excites her in a more profound way. Her flexibility had proven her that time is genuine. She supports Eco Tourism, thus, she believes her generosity to share her tour guiding and travel experiences will give value to the aspiring travelers. Connect with her at everywherewithferna@gmail.com,

46 thoughts on “6 Best Things To Do for an OVERNIGHT Stay in Moalboal Cebu

  1. I always envy people who can dive. HAHAHA. Had been to Moalboal twice for swimming and snorkeling, maybe I can try diving with sardines next time. :)

  2. I did not know Moalboal is really dynamic as a destination! I have only been to Bas Daku. Will try my best to do the activities you mentioned,

  3. I love your water adventures! Even if I hear stories of sharks appearing out of nowhere, I still enjoying swimming by the beach and exploring around it! But the winning moment definitely for me would have to be seeing that sunset by the beach! I do not get enough sunset moments like that in my life!

  4. Thanks for this, I’ll be in Cebu on October for business things, but I’ll make sure to try these out! Thanks again <3

  5. I really want to try all of these but I don’t have any friends who’s into diving or going into the deep blue ocean and I know it’s quite expensive when you go solo on these kind of activities. Envy you!

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  7. Hi! Can you recommend a boatman that can take us to all those site you mentioned? Any hint how much? We’ll be ther by september! Thank you.

    1. Hi Bea, you may call or text Kuya Dodong 09239376699 let him know you got his number from my blog or from Ferna – the tour guide. they have standard price of 2,500 boat rental in Moalboal negotiations will be between you and Kuya Dodong if you wish to negotiate lower price :) Enjoy!

  8. Hi.. im actually interested to go there..thanks to your blog. But, howd you fit the 2k budget with it? Where did you start? Thank you.

    1. I started in Dumaguete, took a public transportation from there, we eat in a “carenderia” except for Dinner. We were 3 of us by the way so we divided the cost for the activities and food. 😀

  9. Hi, we are going to Moalboal on April, and planning to rent a boat for island hopping, just wondering if Kuya Dodong still got the same number, so we could reach him easily,


    1. Hi Jessie, Thank you for reaching out. You may reach him at 09257087938 this was the last number I got from him last month. Enjoy Moalboal!

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