About Ferna

M A B U H A Y !

My name is...

Ferna Mae Fernandez

Personal Facts:

Nationality: Filipino

May 19**
Late 30's

French (Beginner)





I am a Digital Nomad

What is Digital Nomad? Here’s the definition of my best friend named “Google”

  • Location independent and use technology for their job
  • works remotely
  • keep in contact with clients and employers through VOIP and reliable internet access
  • is everywhere (this is my own definition already)

Why do I consider myself as a Digital Nomad?

  • I’m mostly everywhere
  • I work online or I work remotely
  • I’m largely dependent on the “wi-fi” kind of thing

What work do I do as Digital Nomad?

  • Online Marketing (PPC Junior Specialist)
  • Data Encoder & Reporting specifically related to Search Engine providers like Google, Yahoo Bing, Kissmetrics
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Influencer focuses on Ecotourism & Travel
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Travel Organizer/Consultant for your personal itinerary for the Philippines


I Support Ecotourism

What is EcoTourism?

  • tourism directed toward exotic, often threatened, natural environments, especially to support conservation efforts and observe wildlife.

Why do I support EcoTourism?

  • to widely learn how to be a responsible traveler
  • to help the local community in their livelihood
  • to understand deeper its importance and how I can make a contribution in my own little way

I am a Traveler

I am traveler who

  • loves to experience new things
  • try different adventures
  • I’m a slow traveler
  • loves the beach
  • in love with the movement of the water, I snorkel, yet, I haven’t done scuba diving
  • SOLO TRAVELER, yet, I also travel with a friend, some friends, and family
  • I love to discover things that are unheard, discover off the beaten path, trekked solo to everywhere
  • I DREAM BIG, Dream BIGGER Dreams
  • I also try to travel without valid itinerary
  • and lastly, I feed my heart by nature’s presence.
I love Khao Ngon Nak Krabi
After our 6am trek to this place on Habagat Season

I want to help uplift you for an awesome adventure through traveling. As a Filipino citizen, the Philippines, the country where I am in, serves as the greatest challenge in traveling. Through my various travel in my country with 7,107 islands, I have learned a variety of knowledge on what this country can offer. The Philippines have 81 provinces, of which I’ve explored 40. And these 40 differ from each other on my experiences, thus, I firmly believe that there is more to discover from the rest.

As a passionate traveler, adventurer, risk taker, who believes that new challenges are the best, I aim to help Philippine passport holder and people all over the world, that Travel is not only for the rich, it is for everyone. These are the core reasons I write and create my own blog to ignite everyone reclaims their passion for traveling with a purpose.
I believe that everyone is capable of traveling. We deserve a valuable experience. May we came from everywhere or we may be Asian or a Filipino with limited Visa Free on our passports, I know you and me can do what others can regardless of these limitations.

I continuously learn to grow as a person which inspires me to share and inspires me to LISTEN MORE. And through traveling, it made me DISCOVER THE UNDISCOVERED. To join me on understanding deeply HOW TO BE A RESPONSIBLE TRAVELER by promoting Ecotourism towards the world. Beyond these, I know through my various travel guide, travel experiences, tour guide’s exposure and voices, it can help you move and jump into a great adventure.
More so, I aim to travel the world, I started my journey in Thailand and Myanmar for 35 days as a SOLO Traveler and I will continue to embark other SouthEast Asia soon, would truly increase my motivation to stand for my dreams and hope THIS  DREAM CAN SPUR YOU TO DRIVE YOURSELF FOR A GREATER JOURNEY. I travel without an itinerary, without a valid plan but I travel with the strong desire of my heart.

"Travel so we can discover the undiscovered."

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