Anda – Bohol’s Next Destination

Anda bohol next destination

At the eastern tip of Bohol is the place called Anda, an untouched beauty of the island of Bohol. This rustic side of Bohol has so much to offer. Its beach, the turquoise color of sea water that freely gives a smooth feature in the eyes is really tempting.

I first visited the place year 2012, by that time, the place was barely visited by tourists and even by local people. I fell in love with the place as it gave me the freedom to explore the silence of its nature and the captivating voice of the sea without the noise of its mankind.

Today, as I frequently visit Anda, I noticed that more tourist come to the place and got curious about what Anda can offer.

Anda is certainly different from other places in Bohol. The beauty of the almost 4km untouched public beach (also known as Quinale Beach) with sand that sparkles like a thousand tiny jewels mesmerized me to swim,snorkel and soaked my body under the sun for a good tan .

Cliff Jumping

Several places can be done by cliff jumping in Anda. I was surprised at how each and everyone was so in love with flying their wings into the uninterrupted waves of water. Don’t fret my friend, there is not as high as 20 meters that I experienced, most areas were either in 5 or 10 meters high. I was able to do this in villages like Virgen and Candabong. The perfect view would be at EastCoast Resort, 1Peace beach resort or Dapdap Beach Resort,both of which are set near each other, unfortunately for me, the timing was not right to jump on these places. Please also be mindful that the coast of Anda is formed from limestone rocks, extra precaution for cliff jumping should be observed. (Do this during high tide)

Impressive Inland Tours

With more than 6 caves surrounding the town, only 3 of them that I tried to check. Some were underwater, some were plainly different shapes of rocks and limestones. It has been told that most of the caves were served as places of burial of the local people years ago. I was not fortunate to see some wooden & clay jar coffins on these areas, it was explained to me that nothing had left for most antique dealers sold these in Tagbilaran City.

Another place I like visiting is at the center of the town where the parish church is situated. This church serves for Sto. Nino. It’s actually picture perfect when taken outside the church, but it is more enticing inside where paintings on the ceiling present a great portrayal. I love how beautifully this church is situated at the center of the town.

Also, cave pools and abundant freshwater swimming pools are some of the places that I find amusing. Anda’s swimming pool in Casica, which is about 5kms from the center of the town, poured so much water from the mountain, its huge pool can give local families so much joy. Before heading to the pool, it’s quite interesting as you will pass through the public cemetery, I trekked from the Quinale public beach to this site, which I highly recommend for you will have a good connection with the local people.

I was also able to witness appealing water spots, the Calawrejo, Cabagnow and Cateres cave pools, these are one of the spots that are likely to visit. Although a bit small area, but appealing clear water will give a refreshing feeling to our body.

The Mystical Lamanok

Lamanok is 30 minutes away from the center of Anda. The road is not well developed yet so prepare yourself for a great adventure. I suggest you take their mini-jeep designed tricycle as it provides you an experience like the locals do. I managed to engage myself in exploring the mystic island of Lamanok. This enchanting mystical island opened my mind as for how those prehistoric people inhabited this area. Luckily, this time, I witnessed the jar and wooden burial of human corpses from different caves of Lamanok including the red hematite rock hand prints. The interesting one was the Lamanok cave where most faith healers and shaman’s preferred destination for renewal, especially during Holy Week. Their tour guide is a very smart storyteller and he had so many compelling experiences on this island. Visiting the place cost PHP 300.00, with the inclusion of walking through the scenic view of Mangrove and snorkeling near the island to see the giant clams.

Underwater World

If you are a Diver, there are numerous dive sites to discover. I am not a diver but I talked to a couple of divers in the area when I assisted my French diver guests. List of Diving sites in Anda can be found here. For non-diver water lover like me, snorkeling is a perfect way to explore the different sanctuaries here, perfect sites that I snorkeled were in Basdio, Poblacion or Quinale, Lamanok and in Candabong, although the reef is a bit far from the shoreline but it was worth my time to check on these sanctuaries.

After several visits to the place, the tranquility of peaceful Anda stayed always in my heart. I can feel that this will be the next destination for Local and more for Tourists.

P.S. Interested to visit Anda soon? This guide might help you.  Click here for full details.

Author: Ferna Mae

Ferna is a Filipino who is independent in her own skin. Enjoys traveling solo yet loves to travel with friends and family too. She first traveled her country the Philippines before she embarked to other countries. She believes that by traveling, her undying crave for learning excites her in a more profound way. Her flexibility had proven her that time is genuine. She supports Eco Tourism, thus, she believes her generosity to share her tour guiding and travel experiences will give value to the aspiring travelers. Connect with her at,

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  1. I certainly haven’t heard of Anda and those cave pools and all I can is wow, I gotta be there. Just when I thought I’ve already seen what is there to see in Bohol, I suddenly see this post of yours. I was not convinced I should return to Bohol but Anda changed my mind.

  2. Wow, I’ve only heard of Anda but still haven’t seen what it offers. From your post it surely looks like the place has lots of activities to offer visitors. I do hope that it won’t get too commercialized soon.

  3. We have heard so many good things about the Phillipines and now you have shown us even more. We hope to get there one day soon. Cliff jumping is down our alley way. When you visit a place it is important to explore inland and the beaches.

  4. Great guide! The beach at Anda looks so powdery soft. It seems like there are enough activities on the island and close by to warrant a multiday vacation. I would really like to go swimming in the cave pool!

  5. Anda sounds like an absolute wonderfull place to visit! thank you for showing off this magical area! i hope to visit the Phillipines in 2020!

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