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Waking up on my birthday in Another Country

Waking Up on My Birthday in Another Country! (For The First Time)

Tweet Email Tweet EmailI know some of us had celebrated their birthdays outside their own country (or abroad in short term). To some, they might have planned it over a year or months before it happens, whereas to some they just go with the flow or “come what may” as we fondly say (I prefer […]

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How Shifting From The Corporate World to Tour Guide Changed Me

Tweet Email Tweet Email I grew up in a society where one should take a 4-year bachelor’s degree that will lead the way to the corporate world. True indeed, I embraced this kind of thinking while taking the impenetrable accounting course to capture a one-of-a-hell-amazing-job where I could wear my all-time favorite classic business attire, […]

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Video: Why We Love Backpacking in The Philippines (And You Should, Too!)

Tweet Email Tweet Email After a couple of exchange messages as to where we should do our one month backpacking has come to its final decision. We move our feet off to Western & Central Visayas part of the county. It was not my first time to backpack in the Philippines but it was my […]

how i survived first day tour guiding work

How I Survived My First Day Tour Guiding Work

Tweet Email Tweet EmailThe memories in my head still emerge the emotions I felt on my first guided tour. I feel proud of myself pursuing this kind of life after reminiscing the difficulties I had at that time. A couple that came from Switzerland were my first clients. The wife has almost zero knowledge in […]

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Life of a Tour Guide: How I Managed Myself when with Difficult Guests

Tweet Email Tweet EmailAdmittedly, after shifting my career into guiding tourists in the Philippines, I feared that I might have the worst behavior when I will be with difficult people, most especially to my clients – the tourists. Although we were trained, but not fully about personality wise, the psychological effect towards dealing with different […]

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Why Philippine Tour Guide is Vital

Tweet Email Tweet Email  Before I became a Tour Guide, I always omit from my travel list on hiring a tour guide when I’m creating my future travel plans. I thought it was just a waste of time, effort and most especially money. Hiring a tour guide for me back then was a luxury. Since I’m […]


I Shop for Experience, That’s Why I’m Everywhere

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