5 Inspiring Women in the Life of Ferna

Last month July 2016, I was so ecstatic writing about people and those who inspire me. As a former tour guide, this has also served as a huge impact. When I wrote about 5 reliable tour guides in the Philippines that other travel bloggers had shared, I was motivated to write more about the people that influence my life.

First off, I should begin to share with my friends and those who are close to me. They are the women whom I became friends with for many years now. If you ask me, why not start with my family or relatives? Honestly, as far as I would want to, my parents and my siblings will forever be my inspiration in all aspects of life that there’s no need for me to say something about them (and they don’t like the idea of me sharing about them too, lol).

For the month of July 2016, I proudly share the 5 Women Who Influenced me in so many ways. (I felt like a celebrity here lol).



She’s actually my aunt, the second child of 13 children on my father’s side. 13 Children? Yes, lucky 13 indeed.  Aunt Elmira is an expert when it comes to numbers. She retired from all those work she was relating to numbers, from accounting and finance, to insurance and sales. Dealing with different clients, different workloads on a different location. She had all of these while taking good care of her 3 children and managed to live a sustainable life. I am honestly strongly influenced by her way of giving an importance about “focus”. At first, I was in complete surprise on how she manages everything well. She’s a multi-tasker from personal life to overseeing her career, she does it perfectly. She keeps on reminding me that whatever obstacles I may be facing, I have to stay focused for my dreams. That’s the biggest learning I got from her, to stay focused on every aspect. I certainly will not forget how she pushed me to my limit when I failed in my marriage years ago. It was during that year that I lost my balance and I lost half of what I want. Regardless of our distance as I stayed miles away from her that time, she called to let me know how lucky I am to have a life to live, a career to endure and a lifestyle to adore. To stay focus on my goals in life with or without the then ex husband, to stay independently was one of the many traits I got from her which I constantly aim. Focus, it’s what I certainly remember whenever I spoke to her. Now that it’s easy for me to contact her anytime, I am always reminded whenever I’m in a down moment, that focus should be given importance.


Margot Omega

Margot is absolutely an influence in a positive way. To start off – with food. She is my solid foodie-mate (#foodiemate) as we both love and appreciate good food and enjoy exchanging in situ palate reviews, dissecting flavors, and commenting on food service (yes, we do value good customer service). She’s unbelievably the person who knows a lot about herbs, spices, their many dish highlights and even their geographical notes! So I obviously get buzzed ideas from her especially on creating my very own salad dressings at home. As I simply have a knack for amazing salads! But beyond the vanity of our modern hedonic pastime of restaurant hopping and meal-selfie postings on Facebook, Margot is actually passionate about natural farming. She helped open my eyes to the world of growing food that protects the health of both our local farmers and the environment from harmful chemicals. Funny enough, she knew that I absolutely had no idea and no interest in farm work. But this passion of hers to help uplift and empower the lives of farmers through her work, also makes me more appreciate the value my own work as a tour guide in promoting for eco-cultural experiences. This made me realize too that whenever I take my guests to snorkel a spectacular reef or to go see the majestic sea turtles, I know that my fishermen, guides who I have known for years are my partners in protecting the very environment that helped them in their livelihoods. Margot’s continued commitment to her work in waste management obviously has a huge positive impact on the environment, especially on our local sustainable development in the islands. Her dedication makes me feel more empowered in my own work as an ecotourism advocate most especially that I get to guide people to pristine places in the Philippines and waste disposal is a very critical concern. Knowing that I have friends who are helping solve this problem makes me hopeful. I am truly thankful that I have friends like her who I have a shared dedication to the environment. After food, farming and waste management comes the reason why I personally value Margot as a friend. She is firm in her decisions, ‘walks the talk’ and fights for what she believes in. She challenges me to go beyond what I currently know, to gather more facts, to check other options, especially when it comes to things I really want. So I am able to stand strong on my final decision. She does not hold fake appearances and is rather straightforward. Her honesty gives me courage to become more honest with myself too. Making me much more aware of my own decisions and choices, not only if they truly reflect what is in my heart, but more importantly, if they are guided by a sound mind and reaffirmed by actions. Her honesty, courage, motivation and positive mindset practically enables me to drag myself to remain on course and stay on the path most especially in trying times. I believe this very mindset brought us together. And so here ends the few of my favorite inspirational things from this fellow Inday of the islands. I hope you get to call her “Day” too!


Jelyn “Mae” Tayanes

Her name is actually Jelyn and no “Mae” on her second name, since she fondly calls me with my complete name “Ferna Mae” since 6 years ago when we first met. I then immediately created “Mae” along her name to washed out getting annoyed. We became close friends since we both engaged in the same business that helped us master our emotions. We are always miles away and our main communication is through calls and sms. We usually unite during travels like our 30 days backpacking in the western visayas. Why she’s one of my Top 5 Inspiring women of the month? It’s her open mindedness. She’s such a flexible. Whenever I’m lost or experiencing breakdowns, she’s a go-to person. She extends her time and effort to those who needs her, and she uplifts the life of those who works with her. She invariably gives her time to let me know how I should be open to possibilities, reminding me of my good qualities, of my unique personality, of my strength and my power as a woman. She never gets tired of telling me how lucky she is to have me as her friend and how dumb those men who let me go for nothing. She rocks in her own ways that made her different from others.


Ma. Carmen “AMEN” Gader

Amen’s strong faith has been my forever inspiration. I’m not as religious as others are, nor as dedicated to God as Amen is. I respect her beliefs, her loving heart and her positivity in life. She is one of the strongest women I know. Her strength is one of the aspects that inspired me. I have no idea how she handles life throughout the years. She surpassed the life of being a seafarer’s wife, vigorously holding on the long distance affair for many years. I’ve seen a lot from her situation, yet, all I see is her strength and her undying faith for love. I’m extremely awakened by her fearlessness with her persistent devotion to God that made me think to look forward in life. Four months ago, she gave birth to her beautiful daughter Rien. It made me cry when I found out her normal delivery and for her daughter to come out healthy. I know how tough the past years were to have a little bundle of joy in their life. Her strong faith will remain in my heart to gently remind me, that all our wishes and desires will be purposely given at the right time. Just be strong and patient.


Alpha Mae Amores del Mar

My serious talk over coffee with Alpha more than a year ago about life, relationship and money are still intact in my memory bank. She’s a reliable and successful insurance sales agent by profession, a very good friend whom you can lend a hand to, and a loving mother to her two growing children. What inspires me is her being so unstoppable. She’s like the driver of Porche 911 Turbo Horsepower racing on a hectic and heavy traffic street of Manila that no one dare to stop her. When I met here, I only know her profession and didn’t get the chance to know her deeper. After good negotiations, it was then, she’s been truly an open person to me and showed how concern she is towards people. She’s undeniably unstoppable, from the first day I got the chance to know her up to this time, numerous success has been on her hands. It’s overwhelming that almost monthly, there’s positive reviews about her, her craft, and her decisions in life. And I am more than proud of her on that. I love meeting her whenever I was in Cebu City. I am challenged by her challenges to me, and most importantly, I am blown from her suggestions and ideas to my blog and its plans. It ultimately made me realized that I need to move my butt as fast as I could to work on it. That’s how powerful a woman she is, she influence me to be unstoppable too.

Our friends and families are the ones we have to THANK FULLY. This is my way of THANKING these beautiful women on how they positively impacted my life. 

How about you? Do you have someone who inspired you a lot? I would love to hear them.

Author: Ferna Mae

Ferna is a spontaneous traveler from the Philippines who had a great experience traveling her own country first before she embarked to other countries. She thrives to be more independent in her own skin. Connect with her at everywherewithferna@gmail.com

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this post. Such an amazing women. They are really an inspiration. You should do more posts like this one 🙂

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