5 Reliable Adventurous Tour Guides in the Philippines

Life as a tour guide has never been easier. Although I don’t work like the way anyone else, where they are the captain of the main place and became the master of the said area. I also always believe that everyone can be a guide as long as you have the determination, the knowledge and the passion to become one. Having this kind of career, a guide has to get positively connected with those you are working with. To top it all is the clear vision why you want to be the best guide.


This month, I would like to feature tour guides in the Philippines that few of our travel bloggers had the best experience with. The Philippines is a sanctuary of diversified adventures, from mountain climbing, canyoneering and so on. I have been asked by fellow travelers if I can recommend guides from a specific place. Since I’ve been to many destinations in the country, I also have so many lists on hand for tour guides that it’s hard to choose one. With the help of these travel blogger’s recommendation, I hope these guides will add on to your list.

We share our most appealing experience with the reliable tour guides during our best and amazing adventures! All the words shared on each guide are coming from the individual bloggers that are mentioned here.


Josh Antonio of Mt. Pico de Loro

Recommended by Travel Blogger Samantha Isabel Coronado of Follow You Road

Tour Guide Josh Antonio of Mt. Pico De Loro
Tour Guide Josh Antonio of Mt. Pico De Loro

What I love about climbing with Josh is that he emphasizes basic mountaineering practices. He tells us to leave no trace and asks us to pick up trash along the way. He keeps his day hike groups small to avoid adverse impact on the mountain but keeps it fun and free-flowing. Before the hike, he makes people share interesting facts about themselves so that even strangers and solo joiners can build friendships while on the trail. He generously gives breaks for less-than-fit participants, and even pause for photo ops. This guy is after meaningful experiences and not just going from Point A to B.

Josh Contact Details: 09159263854
You can reach Josh at WithLocals and CouchSurfing

ERNIE Yonson of Cebu

Recommended by Travel Blogger Gian and Sheila of Adrenaline Romance

Tour Guide Ernie Yonson
Tour Guide Ernie Yonson

For the best rock climbing experience in Cebu, get in touch with Ernie Yonson. Ernie is a skilled rock climber and a fun-loving friend. With him, you can have hours and hours of climbing fun in the rock climbing meccas of Cantabaco and Poog in the municipality of Toledo, Cebu. He can show you around, assist you in booking your accommodation, rent equipment, belay you as you climb, and more. Recently, he acquired his Red Cross certification, making him more reliable than ever.

You can contact Ernie at 0943-0688985 or search him on Facebook.

Joni Abesamis Bonifacio of Trexplore Inc.

Recommended by Travel Blogger Gian and Sheila of Adrenaline Romance

Tour Guide Joni Abesamis Bonifacio
Tour Guide Joni Abesamis Bonifacio

No one comes close to Joni Abesamis Bonifacio of Trexplore when it comes to caving in Samar and canyoning in Biliran and Samar. He is an extremely skilled and certified cave master who is trained by professional French and Italian speleologists. He has become a river and cave creature himself; he knows secret passages, tunnels, waterways, and streams like the back of his hand. A quiet and reserved guy, he ensures you have a fun and safe adventure while exploring secret canyons and dark underworlds.

You can contact Joni at 0919-2943865 or search his name on Facebook. You can also email him at trexplore@yahoo.com. Check out the adventures he handles through his website Trexplore the Adventures.

Malaya Lim Atienza of Cebu-Badian Canyoneering

Recommended by Travel Blogger Lai Salamangka of The Little Lai: Beyond Limits

Malaya is the one wearing the Blue Top

It was such a welcoming grin of our tour guide that made us more agitated about our fun-filled adventure at Badian, Cebu. Mrs. Malaya, by the name itself, she’s loving her freedom to guide us on our Canyoneering adventure. More than her name can speak, she’s interesting and a happy person. She constantly makes sure that she gives us the right instruction, as her top priority is our safety. So if happen, you visit Cebu and try the newest adrenaline activities in Cebu, the Canyoneering, then feel free to contact her on this mobile number. +63 9351725596 (TM) +63 9332997111 (SUN) She’s a tour guide of Freedom Adventures Inc.

Jaylord Calumpang of El Nido Palawan

Recommended by Yours Truly Ferna

5 reliable tour guides in the pHilippines
Tour Guide Jaylord in Palawan

Jaylord is a guide who has been the eye and ears to my guests especially those who have difficulty taking the adventures in El Nido. He knows how to be gentle, had the initiative and quick solution to the problems. There was an instance where my two 72-year-old guests had a hard time with the strong waves in Tour C island hopping of El Nido, although I was also part of the trip, and is the main tour guide for the couple, he made sure that I should trust him on how to keep the guests safe. The waves were unbelievable as it was also unexpectedly moving against our way, the weather was clear but we were against the wave in a Paradise view. Jaylord was able to drag gently the guests that it didn’t hurt them. I’m astounded as to what he did, for the lady guest was actually aquaphobic, but Jaylord managed to set them well to the safer place. After the incident, the guests praised him well. I could say he is one of the guides I’ve encountered, for I had a vast amount of experience with him in El Nido both on their island hopping tours, the adventurous Taraw cliff climb and the beauty of Nacpan beach too.

Contact Jaylord in his FB account. If you wish to come to El Nido by a group, this man should be Your Guide!

There are so many guides in the Philippines, depends on their expertise, but these 5 are one of the best that we personally experienced. Tour guides play a vital role in the world of Tourism. Thus, I hope this information could give good insights for those who want to travel with reliable guides.

Have you encountered Tour Guides that are reliable and wanted to share? Or best experience you have with a tour guide?

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5 Reliable Tour Guides in the Philippines

Author: Ferna Mae

Ferna is a spontaneous traveler from the Philippines who had a great experience traveling her own country first before she embarked to other countries. She thrives to be more independent in her own skin. Connect with her at everywherewithferna@gmail.com

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  1. Nice, Ferna! Reliable tour guides are really a godsend especially when you’re doing something adventurous because you need to trust them with your life. I’ll be going to El Nido soon so maybe i’ll contact Jaylord. Thanks!

  2. Tour guides are such an important part of travelling, they have the power to make or mar your travel experience. It is such a pleasure when you fine one who is so good.

  3. Wow! A very useful list for all the adventure seekers and I am one of them. I will definitely remember those names and find them in my future adventures. Thanks.

  4. Ooh it’s nice that you made this list, we can all use to have that trusted tour guide when needed. Sometimes, the best trips are made possible by the tour guides. Their knowledge about the place is quite impressive. And also their patience for putting up with the demands of their clients, I find that really admirable.

  5. Thanks for sharing this list! I am planning our first family trip to the Philippines and it is always handy to have trustworthy guide recommendations. Will be going to Palawan for sure and Jaylord sounds like he would be a good fit for our group.

  6. love this list, so useful! definitely useful if I intend to travel to any of these places sometime soon. I’ve not seen many travel blogs, to be honest, so posts like these are rather impressive to me, because they don’t just talk about a place, but how to select the best guides so you can really appreciate a place for all its worth. Well done!

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