5 Things To Do in Krabi Thailand for a Solo Traveler

Krabi is one of the beautiful places located in the southern part of Thailand. With its natural beauty and great location in the Strait of Malacca, travelers head to this province for an amazing experience.

There are various of adventures to do in this area. This place was highly suggested to me with the travelers I met in Phuket and from the very reliable friends who have gone to Thailand that I got convinced transitioning from the busy Phuket town to the harmonious Krabi town.

At the boulevard in Krabi town Thailand

Staying for more than a week to this place helped myself touring different areas, creating new friends, understanding even more what other things this southern part of the country can offer.

Traveling Solo here is not really cheap in my standard but I am more of fueling my heart with experience. I’ve done different activities and these are the 5 things that I highly suggest a solo traveler can do in Krabi.


A beautiful scenery in Krabi Thailand, a relaxing place

Railay beach can be reached from Krabi for 45 minutes through their long tail boat and about 15 minutes if you come from Ao Nang. There are various of things to do at this spot, especially for adventurous ones.

Rock climbing is very famous here, thus, a lot of tourists brave themselves to try rock climbing to an excruciating formation.

The midpoint of the island has a lagoon which may take about 20 minutes to climb over the muddy path during the rainy season or really dry path during a dry season. People can trek up to the lagoon with its easy direction regardless of the season, just be mindful.
I didn’t try these activities because my sole reason why I’m visiting Railay was just to relax by the beach, stroll around the place and understand how local create an income there. The beach is so stunning that it obviously want everyone to relax at the amazing atmosphere.

Discover the Princess Penis Legend. Yes, there is a princess for penis and the little cave in Phra Nang was dedicated to her. There is hand woven penis design covered in different colors that surrounding the princess and have been known that locals offer this penis creation for prosperity and fertility.

There is also numerous long tail boat selling food at this beach, which I find it really amusing as they serve fresh food and drinks at a reasonable price. There are restaurants too and some convenient stores.

Railay has four main areas – East, West, Phra Nang and Ton Sai. Where backpackers mostly go to Ton Sai and walk through Phra Nang.

Princess Penis Legend in Phra Nang, Railay Beach Krabi Thailand

Climb 1,237 Steps to the Tiger Cave Temple on a Sunset 

Exhausted after 1,237 steps to see this view in Tiger Cave Temple in Krabi, Thailand

I am such a sucker of sunsets and sunrise. When I travel, I usually chase sunsets. Thus, this kind of activity was part of my plan the moment I knew about it when I arrived in Krabi. Yes, it is 1,237 steps! And unfortunately, I underestimated it. Prior to this climb, I was already exhausted from a day of snorkeling in Railay beach for the second time around (I do love Railay). So, I thought this 1,237 step was so easy for me regardless of what I have been doing during the day. I joined Pakup Hostel’s schedule for Sunset Activity in Tiger Cave. Along with many other guests they have, we were treated really well and guided throughout.

How is this good for the solo traveler? You can join PakUp Hostel’s Tuesday and Friday schedule, joining the other travelers is more than worth it as the steps are densely high. Whatever the case may be since it’s a holy 1,237 steps, people will not take this route so hitch yourself on at that hostel as they are also open for non-guest.

Fueling my heart with this amazing view from the Tiger Cave Temple in Krabi, Thailand

Why must you do this? The marvelous view will stun you by how the limestone peaks, both in the sea and ocean, illuminates the whole town. To top it all, the sunset slowly fading beautifully from those hills afar. This is a Temple which means a respect to the place is a must. There is a big Buddha situated in the middle with other meaningful Buddhas on the side. Local’s do come here and pray as well.


A journey to Dragon Crest or Khao Ngon Nak will truly give a good impression. A half an hour drive from the metropolis. Hiring a Tuk-Tuk with the driver was an option I took since driving a motorbike was not my mood of transportation at that moment.

Why Must You Trek to Dragon Crest? Its intense view at the peak of the mountain contributed the best panorama there is in Krabi. I had an unforgettable solo hike to this amazing place which you can read it Here.

The Beauty at the Peak of Khao Ngon Nak Krabi Thailand


Luckily, it was a weekend when I arrived in Krabi. People from the hostel strongly suggest to the guests to do a little excursion at their market. I love visiting local markets or supermarket in a new country. Although I first visited a market in Thailand which was in Phuket, I still opt to stroll around Krabi’s weekend market. It was an open market, where Thais showcase what they have.

Local Thai artists flock in the Market to sell what they have for the Krabi Weekend Market in Thailand
I waited for the local to finish my anklet which she designed for me and chatted a bit about the market in Krabi Thailand

I was able to talk to a Thai vendor who was making accessories, we chatted a bit while waiting for her to finish my well-designed anklet. She mentioned that local in Krabi are artists, they show up in this market bringing what they can offer to the public mostly handmade items so people would know how artistic they are than many others in the country. She added that Thai from other towns flock into this market too to buy items they can resell.


Attended a Yoga Class in Green Yoga with a local instructor in Krabi Thailand

There are a lot of activities to do on a daily basis here, local and expats alike usually visible in the streets running through different areas in Krabi as it’s a peaceful and calm place. That’s why it’s a City that I know I could not get tired revisiting over and over again. As a solo traveler and a digital nomad, I aim to stay fit. Yoga and running are the things I do wherever I will be. But In Thailand, I do yoga to every place I visited.

With the local yoga instructor at Green Yoga in Krabi, Thailand

Green Yoga offers a Baht 250.00 per session, their yoga instructor is also a local, though they mentioned they sometimes have a foreign instructor and is by request, still, I prefer local instructor for me to feel that I belong in Thailand. I believe it’s a thing to do for a solo traveler, if not, then other activities like running and swimming are open here too.

Traveling Solo may not be for everyone, especially for women. But these 5 things to do in Krabi are doable and exciting as a solo traveler. I have done this over the course of one week, slowly traversing from one spot to another.


Ao Nang is a place where shoppers explore aside from its long stretch white beach.  It is a one-stop place for all things needed just by walking around the area. I bet there are more shopping and relaxing by the beach in this area.  I walked all throughout the place, haggling with many other local stores because they offer the cheapest. And the last thing I did for a day, was to sipped from fresh coconut juice to fruit shakes to the local cocktail that I could not remember the cocktail’s name by the beach and of course swimming.

Are you traveling soon to Thailand? Is Krabi on your list?

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  1. Wow, what a wonderful experience that you have in Thailand Fern. I haven’t been to Thailand yet, and I’ll surely pen this on my bucket list. I like the beautiful Railay beach and the unique cave as well. Continue exploring and keep inspiring other travelers like us.

  2. Handy tips thanks. A colleague recommends Krabi for a vacation, she goes every year. I’ll share these with her incase she hasn’t done some of these

  3. Princess Penis legend is the most amusing thing I’ve heard of in a while! Although I don’t travel solo, I would drag my Bf who would be very uncomfortable!

  4. Good one you for climbing the steps. I remember vividly climbing 4395 steps to the top of a mountain in Indonesia and that was huge. Great ideas here for those travelling alone.

  5. This sounds like my kind of place – I like natural attractions (especially sunsets :D) and also a variety of activities. The hikes to the Tigers Cave and Dragon Crest look amazing – especially to be followed up by a relaxation day on the beach. And markets are always fun! Thanks for the introduction to Krabi!

  6. Krabi looks amazing! I’ve not made it there in Thailand, maybe on my next trip. I’d love to go there for a yoga class and the Tiger Cave hike looks absolutely stunning!

  7. That view is amazing, but wow – 1,237 steps!! I’m absolutely stunned, I’m not sure I could climb that. Good to know its an excellent destination for Solo Travel, I’m always looking for safe places to visit.

  8. Right time for me to stumble upon this post!! Do you think if we stay for less than 3 days, we can check out at least the major spots here? or a week is surely needed?

  9. How beautiful! I would love to visit Krabi one day. Looks as if it isn’t as touristy as I thought! 🙂

  10. That’s a great list!!! Wish I had had it when I went to Krabi! We were actually planning on staying st railey beach but at last minute our hotel called and said it doesn’t admit children – we felt discriminated but then understood hahahaha and ended up having to find a totally new area to stay in. Guess I’ll have to back without the baby 😂

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