5 Things Why We Secretly Fear but Fall In Love with Siquijor Philippines

When I was a kid, I heard a lot of terrifying stories about Siquijor. I’ve seen horror movies and news every Halloween with scenes that mostly came from Siquijor Island. Because of that, I imagined this island with people staring at you like they wanted to bury you in death.


I was horrified since then, but I was more than curious. I meet new friends in high school, that grow up in Siquijor, 3 of them became close to me. They shared the same stories, they all agreed that there were ghastly stories on the island plus the sorcerers & faith healers were rampant in the area. But there’s one thing that really captured my mind and locked it in my memory bank when I heard them saying that, the island is the most wonderful place that you could ever see in the Philippines and that people are far from what the nation imagined, these people will amaze you.


In the late year 2011, I was able to justify the words I heard from them. I honestly secretly first got feared of the island, but was also thirsty of curiosity that made me managed to come to visit the place. After that first encounter, countless visits came in as I am totally in love with Siquijor.


Why Do I secretly fear, but fall in love with Siquijor Island? These 5 things can give you the best reasons.

1. Charming & Lively People

I feared before that sorcerers, faith healers and locals surrounding the island are harmful.  I was guessing that whenever you do something bad to them, they will turn you into an ugly-sickly doll with needles in your head.

Those crazy stories are not true, in fact, people from Siquijor are one of the most charming & lovely people I meet. My guess was proven wrong, they’re harmless & they are not all Sorcerers like what I imagined. With their smiling faces, you will never hesitate to approach them, especially if you have concerns about your whereabouts, most of them are willing to help you. In addition to that, their sweet Cebuano accent makes you want to talk longer with them. They would greet you with their sweet “Hello” and a smiley very “Good Day”. If you are a lover of children, kids around will get excited when you first speak to them.

2. Breathtaking Views & Enchanting Nature

The island has only 72 km coastal road, a small island with stunning views everywhere, which will surely capture your heart.

From the top view of Mount Bandilaan’s tower, where you will be able to see the 360-degree turn of the whole island, north-to-south-to-east-to-west. Through this mountain, the scenic view of neighboring islands like the mountainous island of Negros, Cebu, Bohol and some part of Mindanao are visible except when it’s foggy. Not only that, the island has an enchanting nature like the undisturbing Enchanted Balete tree where foot spa is well known, this Balete tree also provides water to some parts of the island. Other natural water is in Capilay Springs and the appealing spelunking in Cantabon Cave where lies the shower bell that has been told as the healing water for physical problems.

3. Fascinating White Sand Beach and Rocky Edge Cliff

Siquijor has its own gem for the beach. Each side of the island offers a different kind of shoreline. The white-powder sand beach of Paliton catches the attention of beach lovers, this secluded area is surrounded with coral rocks fronting the crystal clear water. Paliton is actually one of the 4 main marine sanctuaries on the island. The rest of the island like the government-owned Salagdoong Beach known for cliff diving and the untouchable Kagusuan Beach in Maria, differ from each other for their breathtaking seascapes. Well-known cliff beach areas are in Tag-Ibo and Cangmunag Villages, both located in San Juan where most of the beach resorts are stationed. San Juan is the best place to witness Sunset which one shouldn’t miss to experience. The Siquijor’s beaches are the perfect place to relax and feel the connection with both natures & calmness of the sea.

4. Food and Restaurants

Cheap Food and fresh seafood are on this island. Enclaved with fishermen in every corner expect a lower cost of fish, seashells, sea urchins, lobster, shrimps and even octopus (depends on the season).

Most of the local cultivate food from farming, perhaps, that explains everything. There are numerous restaurants in Siquijor, one of them is Triad Coffee shop nestled on top of the mountain in Larena where you can taste different Filipino food and it’s delish espresso coffee. The mind-blowing-relaxing location of this coffee shop makes you want to stay longer. Another list of restaurants will have a special article soon, a link will be posted here.

5. The Island of Adventures

Adventures are visible on this island. A small island with different areas for water sports like diving, snorkeling, kayaking, freediving, cliff diving and even jumping like a Tarzan in the famous blue-green water Cambugahay falls.

The spelunking over Cantabon Cave never ceased your adrenaline of wanting more. Trekking to the Mountain and Cycling impresses you from their clear road pertinent with great nature as you go along your way. An area is also a quiet place for Yoga as it prevails the silent call of nature. This island is also my favorite place to run in the morning.

Being having said and shared all of these, I can say that Siquijor is one of the best Island on my list.


Still, fear of visiting the island? I bet you should think again.

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5 Things Why We Secretly Fear But Fall in Love With Siquijor

Author: Ferna Mae

Ferna is a spontaneous traveler from the Philippines who had a great experience traveling her own country first before she embarked to other countries. She thrives to be more independent in her own skin. Connect with her at everywherewithferna@gmail.com

21 thoughts on “5 Things Why We Secretly Fear but Fall In Love with Siquijor Philippines

  1. Very nice words describing my natal province my dear! Yes you are right many are scared of siquijor because just of the folklore tales that are rampant everywhere but one thing i am sure of SIQUIJOR IS MAGICAL ! From natures best and very friendly people around nothing beats it ……enjoy

  2. Siquijor is one of the best islands i have visited in the Philippines.Good roads, friendly people and plenty to see and do. I stayed at Casa Miranda in San Juan and hitch hiked round the island.

    1. oh wow. that’s really awesome that you hitch hiked in Siquijor.. people there are just amazing. haven’t tried Casa Miranda, I hope your stay there was amazing.

  3. Ang ganda na pala ng development diyan sa Siquijor no? Noon kasi, ganon din, ang naririnig ko puro kulam kulam. Anyway, noong naging diver naman ako, hindi ako nakapag-dive diyan kasi noong nabili ni Lucio Tan ang PAL, inalis nila ang route diyan kaya nawalan ng means to travel directly. Nabalitaan ko noon, may pitong dive center daw diyan na nagsara.

    Pero now, it is supported na, one day, gusto ko rin itong mapasyalan.

    P.S. Ang laki ng Balete tree na iyan!

  4. I havent been to Siquijor because of yes, those stories. Perhaps true or otherwise, that negative notion about the province is too difficult to erase as movies and samot saring kwento are around to brainwash people. I just hope tourism will pick up and Siguijor be known of its beautiful places and not of this silly tales.

    1. Currently, tourism in Siquijor is doing really really good in promoting eco-tourism and let the people know how awesome the island is

  5. Hey Ferna,
    Thanks for the insight into Siquijor. I went there a few years ago but it was while a typhoon was coming through and I wasn’t able to fully enjoy the beaches as it wasn’t the most safe time of the year to visit. This post makes me want to go back!

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