5 Tips to Finding a Great Career

After graduating from college, it’s obvious you will need to look for a job. As a matter of fact, finding a good job requires you to put in a lot of effort. However, the search can leave you feeling devastated if it takes too long to find an employer that’s willing to hire you. In fact, you should be prepared for such an outcome as it happens more often than not. There are actually job seekers that take several years to find a job. Those who are fortunate take just a few months. However, it’s better to wait for the right job than to just accept a career that’s available and then start looking for an exit strategy after working for a few months or years because you are not satisfied. Here are tips that can help you find a career that you will be proud of.


  1. Create a Resume

Before you start hunting for a job, it’s important you first take the time to write a resume that elaborates on the skills that you have acquired over the years. This is because most employers will first look at your resume before reviewing your application letter. Your resume should include details of the companies that you have worked for as an intern or a volunteer. You should also add contact details of three people that can be contacted by employers to confirm that you indeed have the skills that are highlighted in your credentials. If you have never written a resume before, you can hire a resume writing company on the internet. It’s also important you include a portfolio of the projects that can be accessed at GitHub. For those who don’t know what is GitHub, it’s basically a platform for storing files such as programming codes and documents in digital format in the cloud.

5 Tips to Finding a Great Career
  1. Develop a List of Companies You Wish to Work For

Instead of seeking for employment from random companies, it’s advisable you select a few companies that you are sure are able to meet your career development expectations. Once you have a list, you should do a background check on each of the companies. You can even look them up on Glassdoor to see how other job seekers are saying about them. Ideally, you should narrow down to companies with culture and organizational structure that you can cope with.  You should also ensure that the companies offer exciting opportunities for advancing your career.


  1. Network Profusely

Whoever said that success tends to favor the crafty was damn right. You must, therefore, use your creativity to increase your chances of getting hired. These days most employers don’t put ads in the local dailies because it’s expensive. In fact, they just tell a few of their employees to spread the word about positions that are vacant. By expanding your network connections, you will have more chances of securing a good job. You can actually opt to network on social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter or attend networking events.


  1. Go for the Right Job

Although you will find many jobs listed on classifieds and job boards, you should only apply for those that you are certain that is the right match with your skills. This means you should never apply just for the sake. This is because employers will reject your application after realizing that you did not meet their requirements in the first place.


  1. Offer to Work as a Volunteer

If it seems like none of the employers is willing to give you a chance, it’s advisable you consider working as a volunteer. Most employers will welcome such an offer with open arms because they will not be paying you. The advantage of volunteering is that it gives you a lot of exposure. Besides that, when there is a vacancy in the company you are volunteering at, they will most likely give you the first priority.

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