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About Everywhere With Ferna

I started traveling all by myself occasionally at the age of 18.  That early life made me realize to shop more for the experience. This continues until I worked in the corporate world for 10 years. I travel sporadically mainly around the Philippines, satisfying my goal of traveling my own country first before embarking to other countries.  As time went by, I realized I had no great amount of freedom to travel because being employed in a 9-5 job imprisoned me with all the work.

That lifestyle has changed in the year 2012, where I finally shifted my career from the corporate world as a Finance & Accounting Analyst to a tour guide in the Philippines. Shifting this career has brought a lot of questions and doubts from people who know me on why should I left the stable working life. As stubborn as I am, I pursue the new life.

Tour guiding work experience opened a new perspective to me on how should I travel the world. While engaging this new career, I gained freedom which I have been longing. At the same year, I make use of my expertise as accounting analyst through online work (SEO, PPC & Data Reporting) and became a freelancer. I juggled two different professions at that time, as a tour guide and as an online freelancer.

As I begin my guiding work, the strong emotions and feelings of creating my own blog never stopped lurking in my head. Thus, when early 2014 came, I decided to create this blog initially sharing how my work as a guide changed me until it unexpectedly wanting to share other than that through my passion for spontaneous travels, life experiences, and undying dreams as I reached my age the late 30s.

Then late 2016, I quit working in the tourism as a tour guide for a greener pasture and new goals.

This blog is all about how one can possibly be EVERYWHERE, hence, the blog name Everywhere With Ferna. One can be able to learn how I travel differently and passionately. I sometimes book a tour, but I mostly love moving from one place to the other through my own pace. Sharing what I personally experience, from misadventures to extreme feat, from traveling solo to traveling occasionally with friends and family.

Most of all, I dare you to figure me out by reading my past articles,  visit often my blog to keeping you updated with my new post.

About Ferna

Hi! Welcome to my page. My name is Ferna Mae Fernandez, fondly called Ferna by many. I am an aspiring writer, a spontaneous traveler, and a digital nomad. I am in my late 30s thriving the world of womanhood. I travel solo though, I also occasionally travel with friends and family. Although I only have been to 4 countries at present, I am more than proud to say, that I traveled my country first in 39 provinces before starting my journey in setting foot outside the nation. Right now, I am working solely to pursue my undying dreams of traveling more to other countries.

I grow up in the chaotic city of Ozamiz, a place situated in Mindanao part of the Philippines.  It is a city many criticize and tagged as one of the places to avoid because of its political conflicts and alleged presence of drug lords. Despite the fact that the city has a negative impression from the others, I still am dignified that I had the opportunity living locally in this city. This experience had given me a lot of learnings, it has build strength, immersed patience, fighting my own fear that leads to bringing a new perspective, and embracing the emotions from all that has been. It is in this city that my dreams in traveling confidently solo the world started to form.

At the Manila International Airport Lining for the Check In Counter and chatting with other Filipino Travelers

I want to help uplift you for an awesome adventure through traveling. As a Filipino citizen, the Philippines, the country where I am from, serves as the greatest challenge in traveling. Through my various travel in my country with 7,107 islands, I have learned a variety of knowledge on what this country can offer. The Philippines have 81 provinces, of which I’ve explored 40. And these 40 differ from each other on my experiences, thus, I firmly believe that there is more to discover from the rest.

F.A.Q. [Frequently Asked Questions]

What is Digital Nomad? Here’s the definition of my best friend named “Google”

  • Location independent and use technology for their job
  • works remotely
  • keep in contact with clients and employers through VOIP and reliable internet access
  • is everywhere (this is my own definition already)

Why do I consider myself as a Digital Nomad?

  • I’m mostly everywhere
  • I work online or I work remotely
  • I’m largely dependent on the “wi-fi” kind of thing

What work do I do as Digital Nomad?

  • Online Marketing (PPC Junior Specialist)
  • Data Encoder & Reporting specifically related to Search Engine providers like Google, Yahoo Bing, Kissmetrics
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Influencer focuses on Ecotourism & Travel
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Travel Organizer/Consultant for your personal itinerary for the Philippines

I am a traveler who

  • loves to experience new things
  • try different adventures
  • slowly traveling on a long-term basis
  • loves the beach and the ocean
  • in love with the movement of the water, I snorkel a lot and just started scuba diving
  • SOLO TRAVELER, yet, I also travel with a friend, some friends, and family
  • I love to discover things that are unheard, discover off the beaten path, trekked solo to everywhere
  • I DREAM BIG, Dream BIGGER Dreams
  • I travel without valid itinerary that is why I am spontaneous
  • and lastly, I feed my heart by nature’s presence.

I am legally Married by virtue of the Philippine law for 11 years now. But, I am no longer in a relationship with the ex-husband, he dumped me for another woman after 2 years in our marriage. NO, it does not make me Less of a person that he dumped me, in fact, it builds greater strength and ample amount of time in learning how to love more my life.

NO Kids.

I run everywhere, it keeps my energy high and stamina intact.

I also do the following activities, depends on where I am.

  • Yoga
  • Zumba
  • 1-hour dance class
  • working out in the Gym
  • Snorkeling or swimming for hours
  • Freediving
  • Trekking

Since I am a nomad and doesn’t have an exact place of my own, I consider Dumaguete City as my home base because it is where my family lives. I am also staying there whenever I feel like taking some rest from traveling.

This is set for a single post, while it’s not yet live, the only thing I can share at the moment is that I work online and manage to pitch some companies that are in line in my skills.

Will soon write a link to the upcoming post on this topic.

I love Khao Ngon Nak Krabi
After our 6am trek to this place on Habagat Season

Why Do You Blog Ferna?

What is Your MISSION?

As a passionate traveler, adventurer, risk taker, who believes that new challenges are the best, I aim to help Philippine passport holder and people all over the world, that Travel is not only for the rich, it is for everyone. These are the core reasons I write and create my own blog to ignite everyone reclaims their passion for traveling with a purpose.

I believe that each person is capable of traveling. We deserve a valuable experience. May we came from everywhere or we may be Asian or a Filipino with limited Visa Free on our passports, I know you and me can do what others can regardless of these limitations.

I continuously learn to grow as a person which inspires me to share and to LISTEN MORE. And through traveling, it made me DISCOVER THE UNDISCOVERED. Beyond these, I know through my various travel guide, travel experiences, tour guide’s exposure and voices, it can help you move and jump on a great adventure.

More so, I aim to travel the world, I started my journey in Thailand and Myanmar for 35 days as a SOLO Traveler and I will continue to embark other SouthEast Asia soon, would truly increase my motivation to stand for my dreams and hope THIS  DREAM CAN SPUR YOU TO DRIVE YOURSELF ON A GREATER JOURNEY. I travel without an itinerary, without a valid plan but I travel with the strong desire of my heart.

Ferna is a Filipino who is independent in her own skin. Enjoys traveling solo yet loves to travel with friends and family too. She first traveled her country the Philippines before she embarked to other countries. She believes that by traveling, her undying crave for learning excites her in a more profound way. Her flexibility had proven her that time is genuine. She supports Eco Tourism, thus, she believes her generosity to share her tour guiding and travel experiences will give value to the aspiring travelers.

"Travel so we can discover the undiscovered."

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