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M A B U H A Y !

My name is...

Ferna Mae Fernandez

Personal Facts:




Late 30s


French (Beginner)


B.S. in Accounting




I am a Digital Nomad

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What is Digital Nomad? Here’s the definition of my best friend named “Google”

  • Location independent and use technology for their job
  • works remotely
  • keep in contact with clients and employers through VOIP and reliable internet access
  • is everywhere (this is my own definition already)

Why do I consider myself as a Digital Nomad?

  • I’m mostly everywhere
  • I work online or I work remotely
  • I’m largely dependent on the “wi-fi” kind of thing

What work do I do as Digital Nomad?

  • Online Marketing (PPC Junior Specialist)
  • Data Encoder & Reporting specifically related to Search Engine providers like Google, Yahoo Bing, Kissmetrics
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Influencer focuses on Ecotourism & Travel
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Travel Organizer/Consultant for your personal itinerary for the Philippines

I Support Ecotourism

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What is EcoTourism?

  • tourism directed toward exotic, often threatened, natural environments, especially to support conservation efforts and observe wildlife.

Why do I support EcoTourism?

  • to widely learn how to be a responsible traveler
  • to help the local community in their livelihood
  • to understand deeper its importance and how I can make a contribution in my own little way

I am a Spontaneous Traveler

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I am a traveler who

  • loves to experience new things
  • try different adventures
  • slowly traveling on a long term basis
  • loves the beach and the ocean
  • in love with the movement of the water, I snorkel a lot and just started scuba diving
  • SOLO TRAVELER, yet, I also travel with a friend, some friends, and family
  • I love to discover things that are unheard, discover off the beaten path, trekked solo to everywhere
  • I DREAM BIG, Dream BIGGER Dreams
  • I travel without valid itinerary that is why I am spontaneous
  • and lastly, I feed my heart by nature’s presence.
I love Khao Ngon Nak Krabi
After our 6am trek to this place on Habagat Season

I want to help uplift you for an awesome adventure through traveling. As a Filipino citizen, the Philippines, the country where I am in, serves as the greatest challenge in traveling. Through my various travel in my country with 7,107 islands, I have learned a variety of knowledge on what this country can offer. The Philippines have 81 provinces, of which I’ve explored 40. And these 40 differ from each other on my experiences, thus, I firmly believe that there is more to discover from the rest.

You May Ask, Why Am I here?

Why Do You Blog Ferna?

As a passionate traveler, adventurer, risk taker, who believes that new challenges are the best, I aim to help Philippine passport holder and people all over the world, that Travel is not only for the rich, it is for everyone. These are the core reasons I write and create my own blog to ignite everyone reclaims their passion for traveling with a purpose.

I believe that everyone is capable of traveling. We deserve a valuable experience. May we came from everywhere or we may be Asian or a Filipino with limited Visa Free on our passports, I know you and me can do what others can regardless of these limitations.

Ferna is a Filipino who is independent in her own skin. Enjoys traveling solo yet loves to travel with friends and family too. She first traveled her country the Philippines before she embarked to other countries. She believes that by traveling, her undying crave for learning excites her in a more profound way. Her flexibility had proven her that time is genuine. She supports Eco Tourism, thus, she believes her generosity to share her tour guiding and travel experiences will give value to the aspiring travelers.

What Is My Mission?

I continuously learn to grow as a person which inspires me to share and inspires me to LISTEN MORE. And through traveling, it made me DISCOVER THE UNDISCOVERED. To join me on understanding deeply HOW TO BE A RESPONSIBLE TRAVELER by promoting Ecotourism towards the world. Beyond these, I know through my various travel guide, travel experiences, tour guide’s exposure and voices, it can help you move and jump into a great adventure.

More so, I aim to travel the world, I started my journey in Thailand and Myanmar for 35 days as a SOLO Traveler and I will continue to embark other SouthEast Asia soon, would truly increase my motivation to stand for my dreams and hope THIS  DREAM CAN SPUR YOU TO DRIVE YOURSELF FOR A GREATER JOURNEY. I travel without an itinerary, without a valid plan but I travel with the strong desire of my heart.

"Travel so we can discover the undiscovered."

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