APO Island – Sea Turtles and Beyond

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Certainly, this Apo island has been the talk of the Filipinos as the must place to visit to capture a “selfie” with different kinds of sea turtles, apart from of course watching them over.

True Indeed! It’s a 72 hectare volcanic and the rugged island of Negros. Absolutely guaranteed to witness and experience massive green sea turtles. These sea turtles capture their food on that location.

Through my countless visit, I have seen “children” sea turtle (the little ones) with their huge size parents, alongside the radiant color of the water and its fantastic corals.

For non-swimmers, you can be able to see these turtles just about 3meters away from the shore. It’s absolutely stunning on how these green sea turtles occupied the sanctuary.

Unfortunately, the main marine sanctuary got affected from Typhoon Sendong followed by huge damage of Typhoon Pablo in 2012.

That marine sanctuary was the best memory I had when I first visited here in the year 1995. For me, nothing can beat from that Apo marine sanctuary among the Philippine marine sanctuaries that I visited up to this present day. The DENR with the participation of the locals are currently working to redevelop this marine sanctuary, restoring the place could take more than 10 years.

Another site to snorkel is at the sanctuary near Cogon which is situated at the back of the island, but this area is open during the Habagat season (or South West Monsoon) which starts from the end of May to October. There is also a chance to snorkel here during the months of November to December but make sure there’s a valid permit from the coast guard or at the island’s main office for your safety. This, however, differs from diving, there’s various list of diving companies in Negros and of course on the island.

Apo is not only for snorkeling or diving, I am overwhelmed from the astounding people who are willing to help, chat with, play with, or have some beers at their only Billiard section of the village. I also get the chance to visit the 2 main schools for kids and teenagers which I recommend you should engage particularly during their feeding session on Thursdays (scheduled day may sometimes change), and I was able to sing out loud from the local’s famous Videoke or fondly called as Karaoke during their 6-9pm open electricity.

Other than that, a 30minute trek to the Viewdeck where I start at the Rockpoint area, found myself really wanting to stay, when I arrived at the top of it, there’s a small hut at the top where you can set your hammock, have some picnic or just waiting for the time the sun sets, it’s the best place on the island to watch the sunset. We trekked to this location at 6 am in the morning on Habagat Season.

I made also a video on our 6 am the trek to the view deck with Jelyn during our 2 days stay on Habagat Season.

The Parola or the Lighthouse of the island is about 318 steps up to the highest point. I was able to see different veggies planted in the area, with bananas and massive cassava or manioc lies on the ground ready to be harvested. Few small huts or houses (around 3-4) on with the homeowner’s cows, pigs, goats, chickens and ducks surrounding the spot, it’s quite interesting before reaching the lighthouse that you could see the beauty of the person’s smile on a greener environment. At the Lighthouse, the view of the three neighboring islands of Negros, Siquijor, and Mindanao can be visible when the sky is clear.

Also, the fantastic rock formation has given me a busy hand to shoot.

 The island is mostly visited by day-tour only, but I advise if you have the spare time to experience the island of more than a day, just do it, it’s going to be worth your time.

Heading to Apo Island? Here’s a quick GUIDE for you.

Author: Ferna Mae

Ferna is from the Philippines who travel spontaneously. Thrives to be more independent in her own skin. She first traveled The Philippines before she embarked to other countries. She believes that by traveling, her undying crave for learning excites her in a more profound way. Her flexibility had proven her that time is genuine. As a former tour guide in the Philippines, she hopes that her travel experiences will give value to the aspiring travelers. Connect with her at everywherewithferna@gmail.com,

25 thoughts on “APO Island – Sea Turtles and Beyond

  1. Been here too bad i don’t have a clear picture of the turtles as well as the parola lighthouse. Ugh! Envy. Your pictures are too beautiful to notice. ❤

  2. Nice photos! My friends originally planned to visit there after our Siquijor trip, but our budget did not cooperate lol. Soon, I hope when I get to see the island, I would still witness the same beauty. <3

  3. You know I have not traveled anywhere around Philippines since 2011?! Hahaha but I think this may be one place I will go to in the future once I have explored the rest of the world! :)

  4. When I went to Puerto Galera last time, a friend invited me to join her in their Apo Island trip. I paid her no mind because I didn’t want to spend more than I should but not looking at your photos and the other Apo related articles, I think I just missed half of my life. I want to snorkel and see turtles, does that sound weird? But I really do want to see them.

    Anyway, I’d just plan a trip to go there. The place looks like a must-visit.

    1. I suggest you should come visit the place. It’s a bit touristy nowadays yet, still worth to visit. Never forget to snorkel (or dive if you are a certified scuba diver) to their garden of corals about 300 meters from the main.

  5. I actually thought it was expensive to visit Apo Island! I would love to stay there for a long time. I’m curious with the no electricity and signal part. :) What a great place for social media rehab!

    1. its really a great place for social media rehab. That’s why I went there during weekends coz weekdays is a No-No for my work to be out from online engagements and work

  6. Wow ferna!! I want to go here soon. Super dream place ko to for the longest time. And Finally, I already booked a flight to Bacolod and lll go down to dumaguete. Cant wait to visit the place :) Thanks for sharing!

    1. wow, Cai that would be awesome. let me know if you are in Dumaguete I might be in the city when you are here :) easy to meet lang here. I’m glad you are going to finally visit Apo.

  7. The underwater life is amazing. That turtle and your shot of it is beautiful. I hope to visit more beaches and see more of the marine life. Philippine beaches are my top destinations.

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