• Sumo
Marina Bay View in Singapore

Singapore is the most expensive country that I visited up to this date [September 2017]. It is a sovereign city-state in SouthEast Asia.

The vibrant city stunned me as it is obviously different from the places and countries I visited. On this page, you will be able to know loads of posts about the country and my honest views and opinion during my trip to the smallest land area in SouthEast Asia. Will also be sharing how this country inspires me to do MORE in so many different things.

"New Singapore will be one of the world's finest, most liveable cities. Arts, theatres, museums, music, and sports will flourish. Singapore will be a lively and exciting place. Our city will not only have depth, but also the richness of diversity. But above all, Singapore will a home for Singaporeans"
~Goh Chok Tong