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Bohol is an island that most of the locals aim to visit. It is one of a kind place that showcases both a variety of tourist spots and off-the-beaten-path to see and experience.

I wandered almost all the provinces of this place. Since it is one of the known islands in the Philippines, I’ve been asked what are the best spots to see over land in a short period of time and other travelers wanted to know the off-the-beaten-path location. In this article, I will share places that should be explored in Bohol for a countryside tour. In the coming days, I will be sharing the inconspicuous places of Bohol so you can make a decision where you must visit. I visited these places through both my work as a freelance tour guide from Philippine Autrement and my trips as a solo traveler.

Here are the places to explore for a countryside tour.

Chocolate Hills – have a glimpse and a perfect shot of the more than a thousand hills in Carmen town which is situated at the central part of Bohol. Trek to one of the hills near the Carmen tourist center, I tried this and it’s worth to hike up to one of the hills. Sunrise is a beautiful time to experience and see the beauty of these hills as the sun rises if not, an early time to spot on would be perfect to avoid the crowded tour group that starts at 9 am.

The daily exposure of the tarsiers from the Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary in Corella town is the best location to observe this tiny primate. This sanctuary also shares the best knowledge about what tarsiers really are and their tour guides especially the founder are really strict about the “NO NOISE” rules. The “tarsier man” who is also the founder named Carlito Pizarras started this program on how to protect the endemic tarsiers on the island. You can read more details here.



Rajah Sikatuna National Park in Bilar is for those bird watchers, trekkers, and nature lovers. An hour of the trek to the jungle will lead you to possibly see flying lemurs, snakes, monkeys and will be able to enter some of their interesting yet uneasy way to get inside one of the caves. The Trekking guide who is also the caretaker of this park is equipped with great information and tactics. I’ve seen the most beautiful bird on my trek here which I couldn’t remember what kind of bird it was. The bird’s color was sky blue mix with yellow, brown and some green.If you are not fun of trekking, giving bananas to the long-tailed macaque is a great experience too, they usually hang around the front space of the park,  don’t worry they are not as harmful as other monkeys are maybe because the people who live there took care of them too. And no, they are not caged, they live in the jungle. More of its details here.



Simply Butterflies Conservation Center deserves a quick stop to learn about the butterflies in the Philippines. It is an educational place and guides are lively, so approachable and knowledgeable not only about the butterflies in the Philippines but also about different photo tricks from your camera or phone regardless of what kind of brand it is they surely know how to capture a good shot for all guests. They serve food as well, the pandan chicken is one of their best so with the rice noodles in an affordable price. 10 years ago I was able to taste their “barbecue buko” drink, but later on, the said exotic drink was missing until this time. Check more information about the place here.

Loboc Man-Made Forest is situated in between Bilar and Loboc stretching on a 2 km distance. It is one of the famous attraction in Bohol as the people here takes pride for growing Mahogany trees in the area that they did many years ago. This is an 8-hectare place that can gain a picture perfect nature shot.  A quick stopover will not ruin your entire countryside tour.

There are numerous Catholic Churches that were built during Spanish time. Of which few of old churches are situated in Bohol, but the old church in Baclayon deserves to be on top, for it is the oldest church in the island. The church is commonly known as Baclayon church which is also named as The Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary Parish Church. It also has a museum at the second floor where you can catch sight of their more than a hundred-year-old possessions and old stuff that were used by the priest but, taking of photo is not allowed in the museum. The church is made of dead corals which were founded in the year 1596, although the church was affected by the earthquake in the year 2013 still its beauty exudes.

Bohol National Museum is not just a museum for no reason at all. Whenever I visit an island, I always look for a museum for it is where I can understand and discover what else there is to see in a place. In this museum, you will understand the life of Boholanos and what are those underwater creatures that can usually be seen in Bohol. You can figure out the life of people and the food that massively grow in this island. Ube is rampant here thus, in the museum you will be able to learn about “Ube” in the Philippines.

There you go, these are the places which I do highly recommend for each and everyone to explore the land of Bohol.

Have you been to Bohol? Or Panglao perhaps? What places do you like the best on your countryside tour?

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Explore Bohol Islands CountrySide

Author: Ferna Mae

Ferna is from the Philippines who travel spontaneously. Thrives to be more independent in her own skin. She first traveled The Philippines before she embarked to other countries. She believes that by traveling, her undying crave for learning excites her in a more profound way. Her flexibility had proven her that time is genuine. As a former tour guide in the Philippines, she hopes that her travel experiences will give value to the aspiring travelers. Connect with her at everywherewithferna@gmail.com,

73 thoughts on “Explore Bohol Island’s Country Side

  1. I have never been to Bohol, but it looks like a stunning place with such lush, green fauna and the animals are adorable!

  2. I had never heard of Bohol! What a beautiful place! I love all the nature and the Chocolate hills look amazing! Thanks for the info!

  3. I’ve never been to Bohol, but that photo of the Chocolate Hills makes me want to! The endless dome-shaped hills and lush green forests is breathtaking. How long is the hike?

  4. Beautiful Bohol. Love best the Chocolate Hills. They are so Beautiful to look at. I also find Bohol an ideal place for kids to visit. People also are amiable.

  5. It looks utterly stunning. I’m so jealous. It’s a dream of mine to visit the Philippines someday. The chocolate hills look fantastic and so does the butterfly centre. I love butterflys so I’d love to see that! The pictures you’ve taken are amazing!

  6. Oh Bohol! It’s one of the places that I look forward to paying a visit. My best friend’s province is in Tagbilaran, Bohol and when the time comes that our finances will allow us to travel again, she said she’ll be our tourist guide. Haha! I am so excited to see Chocolate Hills in person.

    1. I am excited for you too Michelle! enjoy Traveling and keep in mind for all the things I shared here it might help your trip.

  7. Hello Ferna beautiful,
    The very first time I traipsed my feet in Bohol was my happiest moment since Bohol is where my late grandfather come from whom I didn’t grant a chance to meet. I told myself that I keep coming back and so I did. I haven’t just fallen in love with all the stunning places just like what you’ve listed here, but the welcoming spirit of Boholanos that always took me back here. I’m sure you really have enjoyed Bohol.

    1. Thank you Little Lai, yes I am enjoying Bohol! 😀 I am still here, I am undecided when will I move out from here I might be here for a while too 😀 i will never know

  8. We spent some time on Bohol when we spent a month in The Philippines last year. It’s a beautiful place, but not my favourite in The Phil’s! Chocolate Hills are definitely worth a drive out to as you say, but it’s a shame the tarsiers can’t be left alone in the wild! Nice article, thanks for sharing your experiences

  9. Wow so much to see. I have not heard about this place before and t is really amazing to know about Bohol. Especially the Chocolate Hills and the Butterfly Convention Center catch my attention. Your photos are lovely and inviting me already. Happy traveling :)

  10. Wow! That nature looks amazing and interesting! I am huge nature lover, and often choose my destinations based on what nature wonders there is to see. This could totally be my scene. Love your pictures too!

  11. Philippines is such a appealing country. Places like Cebu and Boracay was on my list. Now Bohol also looks amazing. Simply Butterflies Conservation Center is awesome.

  12. Lovely photos, I hadn’t heard of Bohol but it looks beautiful and so interesting. The monkeys sound great!

  13. It seems Bohol is a beautiful place.I really love to visit such places with natural beauty!Chocolate hills and Rajah Sikatuna National Park are my favourites.The views of Chocolate hills are amazing!And unique!

  14. Those Chocolate Hills are so incredible looking it’s hard to believe they really exist. The seem like something that would be thought up in a fantasy filom or something. You seem like a great guide as you know where all the best spots are.

  15. I haven’t been to the Philippines yet but I really want to go. I had not heard of Bohol, but it looks lovely. I would love to explore the countryside and the beaches when I finally make it there.

  16. I love Bohol for its raw beauty. Even though it’s famous internationally, it’s still not very commercialized. It’s great that they’re able to preserve its flora and fauna. What’s more, just one island contains so many wonders.

  17. Bohol looks like a perfect destination for nature lovers. Those chocolate hills actually do like chocolate bits popping up from underneath the forest. I love that there are plenty of hiking opportunities as well, where you can encounter local wildlife and you an watch birds. The butterfly convention centre is something unique to me, I would love to visit and see all those beautiful butterflies.

  18. Mentioning Bohol, I only know it because of its tarsiers, the Chocolate Hills and the Panglao Island. Other than that, I have no more knowledge. But, you shared new information and I guess enticed everyone to plan an adventure to Bohol!

  19. Such a lot of good places to visit. It is like being in nature’s lap!
    I want to head to butterfly conservation center first. Pictures are so beautiful, loved your insta page.

  20. Such incredible places, i can only imagine how relaxing would be to spend a few weeks there and get the chance to explore nature and surroundings. I love your photos and how you have managed to draw attention on the beautiful sites.


  21. Reminded me of the time when I went to Bohol. Amazing place even though they were doing some renovations. But didn’t get chance to go other places you mentioned. Maybe next time I’m there, will like to check them out. Hope you had a blast tho :)

  22. Your post reminds me of the time when I went to Bohol. Amazing place even though they were doing some constructions. But didn’t get chance to go other places you mentioned. Maybe next time I’m there, will like to check them out. Hope you had a blast tho :)

  23. I love this! It’s nice to find places that most travelers wouldn’t know about – an inside scoop. Beautiful photos and great advice. Putting this on my to-do list!

  24. I’ve been to Bohol but I never had a sidetrip to Panglao Island. Just those famous sites but I really would want to travel again there. Unfortunately, the weather here is not so good so maybe booking on a later date.

    I love your man-made forest picture by the way :)

  25. Bohol Island looks amazing! I have never heard of Tarsiers before but they are adorable. Great post!

  26. A butterfly conservation center sounds amazing! I went to a butterfly exhibit once where they landed on you. It was so much fun!

  27. Hey Ferna,
    Thanks for this post. I’ve been to Bohol a couple of times and didn’t realize that the church was made of old dead corals. Makes sense that they could do so given all the coral life around the island. One thing I hope people stop doing is visiting the fake tarsier places. The tourism in the Philippines is out of control and exploiting the animals in the area seems to be a growing trend. Aside from that I’d recommend people visit Bohol 😃

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