Exploring Port Barton Palawan, Another Paradise in the Philippines

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Port Barton in the north of Palawan island is a beautiful place usually skipped to visit by most travelers. With the long distance travel from one town to the other in Palawan, I could understand why some are skeptical to step into this place. Given the few and limited scheduled trips is I bet one of the reasons too.

This place is about 160 km from Puerto Princesa, which is part of Roxas Town. It was known as one of the craziest roads to pass through, about 22km from the highway which almost half of it was the rough road. But, good thing lately, the government had made some huge improvement, only 3km left that needs construction, hopefully, it will be soon fully developed. The rough road is actually very tough most especially when it’s raining.


Exploring Port Barton is more of a local living. The place is known for backpackers, thus, homestays and backpacker’s place in Palawan are easily available, the rest are resorts that are situated at the front beach and new lodges being constructed. I’ve tried staying in the cozy place named The Summer Homes. Although I also got the chance to stay on one of the homestays owned by a family of 4, yet, the last time I dropped by, their place was renovated.

The tourism is growing as years goes by, although, usually shuffle off from most tourists because of these reasons, I would suggest to never underestimate the beauty this spot.

I most often stopped by Port Barton for 2 nights and do their island tours. Exploring the place could take only about 2 nights or so if you are keen for a chill and quiet place to relax

What and where to explore?

An Early fisherman’s boat ride to the wild Mangrove sanctuary is best to explore first thing in the morning as early as 7 am, though it can be explored any time of the day, yet, mornings have better things to spot on. Hire the small fisherman’s boat as it is the only one who can maneuver the entire place for its shallow water. It’s in the wild, where snake can be seen, different mangrove species, wild bees, monkeys which are seldom to catch an eye on, and if you are lucky, there are locals who dig mangrove tree to hook  “Tamilok” worm or like a long oyster which serves the famous exotic food in the province. It is on this part as well, that you have the view of the fishermen’s resting small huts.


Island hop to 3 famous out of 12 islands that can be delve into this town. Visit German Island and have lunch there, it’s a perfect islet to just really chill and do nothing, it’s a paradise for me out of the rest. We were also able to do snorkeling though not much of corals to see, yet, there are also few turtles that can be seen. Never missed the Exotic beach, the rock formation in a white fine sand gives an impression on how exotic this beach is, which you are able to pass through the pearl farm that can be noticed through the visible ropes. Another one is the Paradise island, which is a privately owned island and the smallest among the rest, can be played around with the color of the water is stunning with growing corals as well. You can do snorkeling, but, be patient as the corals on this area is growing and currently well protected as it was damaged years ago from irresponsible fishermen. There is a caretaker, who is a family of 4 and they are kind enough to do all your request within the paradise. There’s a fee of Php 50.00.

Hisilicon Balong

Snorkeling to one of the reefs. I’ve done snorkeling in Aquarium and twin reefs only situated just a few km away from each other. The Aquarium reef is about 20 minutes from the mainland while Twin Reef is few km away from German Island. I prefer the Aquarium reef but you need to check with the captain of your boat the best time of the day to go there as it sometimes difficult to swim during low tide because the area is a bit shallow by nature.

There are 2 waterfalls to explore in this field, visit the unique structure of the Bigaho Waterfall where massive rocks are placed everywhere in the area. This is just about 15 minutes boat ride from the Paradise island and there’s a need to hike from the main beach, for just about 10 minutes hike to capture this waterfalls. The other cascade is named as Papuwyan waterfalls which can take about 1.5 hours to trek in a slightly slope area but can take you to another beauty of waterfalls.

These activities can be done or explore in a day or two depends on the pace you want to achieve. But, definitely, visit Port Barton.


Port barton have recently increased the number of restaurants open, I highly suggest Bamboo House located at the center of the village, Greenviews Resort, Summer Homes Resort which served good pasta, Elsa’s and the various local vendor selling barbecue in the evening.

I do hope that more tourists and guests could drop by or stopped by for a while on this place and explore a different view of Palawan Island.

Have you been to Palawan? Or to any best places in Palawan? 

Hope you will consider visiting this beautiful place.

Where is Port Barton exactly located? North West coast in the province of Palawan, the Philippines.

Author: Ferna Mae

Ferna is from the Philippines who travel spontaneously. Thrives to be more independent in her own skin. She first traveled The Philippines before she embarked to other countries. She believes that by traveling, her undying crave for learning excites her in a more profound way. Her flexibility had proven her that time is genuine. As a former tour guide in the Philippines, she hopes that her travel experiences will give value to the aspiring travelers. Connect with her at everywherewithferna@gmail.com,

49 thoughts on “Exploring Port Barton Palawan, Another Paradise in the Philippines

  1. Maganda diyan sa Port Barton eh. Ang nagiging problema lang really is accessibility. Tapos for tourists naman flocking from everywhere else, nandiyan na rin kasi ang sentiment na kapag nakarating sa Palawan, dapat mapuntahan ang El Nido. So siguro it has a long way to go pa beginning with infrastructure. Pagkatapos need to be promoted that there are people who will fly to Palawan specifically to visit Barton.

  2. Part Barton seems to be a perfect destination for me to go. Besides the obvious that it’s so beautiful and somewhat not destroyed by to many tourists (correct me if I’m wrong?), I would really love renting the Fisherman’s boat, early in the morning- just perfect. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This place looks rather beautiful and untouched. I like the fact that you can find Homestays here for the real living like a local experience.
    I have heard about Palawan Island before and I would defo visit if my schedule allows me too.
    Paradise Island does sound a lot like its name :)
    Thank you for sharing this not so known gem.

  4. Wow! Such a cool place. I’ve been to Palawan before but sadly, I haven’t had the chance to visit this place. But I’m planning on visiting soon this summer, I’m hoping to stop by at this place. The pictures are really great. Thanks for sharing it, now I have an idea kung saan pupunta the next time. :)

  5. This looks like Paradise! Even though tourism is growing years after years, I believe it’s perfect to take the time to visit before it’s too much touristic. As good as it will be for the economy, it’s so much more beautiful, relaxed and special to make trips more local. I always dreamt about visiting this kind of island, and there you had me at the hammock on the beach. I’d stay there forever

  6. I have not been to Palawan yet. I will keep this in mind. I like that it is not easy to go here because it means there are few visitors only. I do not like crowded beach because you won’t be able to enjoy as much as you can.

  7. I haven’t been to any place in Palawan. The most famous spots are all I know. I haven’t heard of Port Barton until now. Thank you for sharing this. Your vacation looks swell! It looks as if you had a very relaxing vacation! I would to visit someday!

  8. Port barton seems to have that chill vibe that I am always looking for. I have been to Palawan once and will surely make sure that the next time I would be able to see Port Barton and really witness what it feels like to be in a place wherein tranquility and peace could be felt. Your travels by the way, Ferna, are superb! Keep sharing <3

  9. I’ve been to Puerto Princesa for a speaking engagement, unfortunately, I have limited time to visit tourist spots. Hoping on my next trip, I will explore these places

  10. I have never been to Palawan but it’s on my must-visit list once I am financially able to travel! I promise to travel locally first. Our country holds so much beauty, Palawan being one of them. :)

  11. Palawan is such a lovely place, and I love the peace and serenity! I don’t hear much of Port Barton, though. That may be the reason why I seriously like this place — less people, more beautiful surroundings. I’d take a perfect getaway here anytime. <3

  12. It seems like this place isn’t discovered yet by many. I prefer places with less people. Of course, you go there to enjoy and relax, not to see bunch of people that you see in everyday city life. I hope I can go here too!
    Andi | http://www.wizardandi.com

  13. Roxas is a very good place in Palawan. I just happen to know about it because of my blockmate in college who is from there. Great thing travelers like you share posts about non-mainstream places such as Port Baton! I hope to get there someday!

  14. I think this is where I should go next in Palawan. Ive been to PP, Coron and El nido. And its so exciting to discover what more Palawan could offer. Thanks for introducing this other side of the island.

  15. This seems like a magical place! Very new to me and find the to do things very interesting.
    Need to plan several days for a complete tour of the place. Hope I reach there some day!

  16. I was actually thinking of other places in Palawan besides Puerto Princesa, Coron and El Nido. I know that Dumaran has good beaches and now, I just discovered another place to visit, Port Barton! Thankyou for sharing your thoughts on this place. :)

    1. You are welcome Gel! I haven’t been to Dumaran, there’s another place to visit too Linacapan which is near El Nido (boat ride going there from El Nido)

  17. The photos are gorgeous and looks like a good place to get ship wrecked :) Just looking at the ocean and white beaches has me craving a nice beach resort vacation soon! To bad i’m going to cold weather :) will put this place on my bucket list”

  18. Philippines is such a treasure trove of natural beauty, it never fails to surprise me with something new. This is yet another slice of paradise, i learnt about today. What a pristine place.

  19. You have convinced me to visit Palawan with your descriptions and pics! Which is the best month in the year to go? Thanks

    1. March to May is the best time to visit for good scenery, just be cautious of some jellyfish at times, coz it is also the season of jellyfish.

  20. This is another hidden paradise ready to be explored. Well, I hope that both the national and local government would take care this gem. Port Barton looks like a place that offers a simple pleasure in life. It’s so tranquil that you don’t feel like sharing it with others. The beach looks beautiful too.

    1. Fortunately, the national and local government are aware now of its importance, and they take care the place, they are always open for improvement. Hopefully they can sustain the beauty of Port Barton

  21. Never heard about this place actually and I would love to explore this when I get the opportunity again to visit Palawan. This seemed to be an all in one topographic point where you can find waterfalls and enjoy underwater activities. I don’t receive that much experience in snorkeling and I would love to do more if I have a chance. This will surely be penned on my bucket list since I haven’t explored Palawan that much.


  22. Have been hearing so much about palawan, it literally makes us want to jump on the next plane out. Its definitely made it to our list of places to visit in 2017 and when we do make it there you guide should be immensely helpful. Thanks for sharing

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