First Time Flying with SILKAIR: Philippines to Singapore Route

Afternoon Flight from Cebu to Singapore in SilkAir

“How much did you pay for your roundtrip ticket from Silkair?”

This was the most common question I received by the time I posted a photo of Silkair boarding pass on both my Facebook Page and Facebook Personal account. It was seconded by a question, “How was your flight with them?”

This is just one of the reasons why for the first time, I am writing a review about airlines. Quite frankly, among other airlines that I tried, Silkair’s service exceeds my expectation.

I booked an economy class directly from Singapore Airlines website, it is through this site that I was introduced to Silkair which is the regional wing of Singapore Airlines because Silkair is the one operating aircraft for the flight Cebu-Singapore route.  I booked the ticket less than a month before my scheduled flight, so the cost was really high. It was an easy peasy one click to hit the book button, after-which I received a message for an option of becoming a member of their Krisflyer miles. Checking its benefits made me signed in from Krisflyer miles. For the record, Krisflyer is the first membership miles that I registered, so let’s see how it goes in the future, rest assured a new review will be tagged here for Krisflyer.

Silkair Boarding Pass with My Passport
Feedback Form from Silkair

The route Cebu Mactan International airport to Changi Airport with a 50 minutes layover in Davao International airport took about more than 5 hours of total travel time. Before I answer the main question, I would love to share how my experience was with this airline.

Like what has mentioned above, purchasing a ticket is easy which on my part I paid through visa card. For Filipinos like me, traveling outside the country needs some clear preparation especially our documents, thus, tickets purchased should be given importance as well. The IO (immigration officer) sometimes asked for verification of tickets purchased on how else we book it.

At the Silkair’s counter, the staff was attentive, approachable and efficient. They asked how satisfied I am with the seat selection I picked through online booking and was oriented that they have about 12-inch leg room space on the regular seat while the exit or emergency seat has a better leg room. Since the exit seat was unoccupied and I am traveling solo they proposed the emergency seat for free (an additional fee is charged when choosing this seat online) which I excitingly accepted the offer.  Apart from the seat details, they gave all information needed for a passenger to remember, sort of like reminding the protocols. After handing the boarding pass, they kindly request if it is possible for me to give them feedback about their service using the form and should be given to the crew when I board the plane.

Leg room at the Exit Seat of Silkair

While fixing my stuff at the waiting area, I could hear an announcer giving information about Silkair Studio and explaining how our Android/IOS can connect. The Silkair studio is the airline’s flight entertainment. On my part, I ignored what the announcer referred to, even when I arrived at Davao International airport for a 50 minutes layover, I could still hear the same note.

For me, it is a small gesture that is helpful and keeping us new passengers informed so we will encourage ourselves to have the Silkair Studio for our entertainment. Like myself, I downloaded the app when we boarded in Davao International Airport, the cabin crew attentively helping me set the app to my phone using their onboard WIFI, also, showing their printed magazine for more details about the app. They have a cabin screen too for safety information and a silent film that’s why downloading their app is what I can recommend.

Newspaper and Wet Towels served on my flight with SilkAir

As a huge reader, the magazine and the newspaper freely shared are one of the things that I look forward at the plane.  Handling me a newspaper from the crew that covered the Asian news and majority are about Singapore suits my need as it was my first time to be in Singapore, gathered more information about local stores and where locals eat the cheaper way.

Logistically, the organization coordinates accordingly, though the flight was delayed for about 10 minutes, the team made sure the passengers know the reason behind, I noticed how the crew voice out how sorry they are about the delay to each of us when we boarded the plane. Good thing, our transfer from Davao to Singapore was on time so it was not a hassle, though one of the complaints was why passengers for Singapore from Cebu need to embark in Davao when they have the same seat number all throughout the flight, yet, airline staff and crew accommodated these people (including me) for giving information that there are some passengers change their seat (on transfer) and it’s a protocol to correspondingly check everything on the plane before the long journey.

In-flight Meal from SilkAir
Mixed Nuts and a Juice in between travel time onboard Silkair

Let’s talk about the food, the in-flight meal as they said. From my previous international flights, I didn’t have an in-flight meal, but there were meals available on a pre-payment base which in my opinion is stressful. Why stressful? As I need to think twice if I should order or not by the time I booked the ticket, I hate struggles like this, of course it will take time for me to decide if I need food on my flight although I can change this by ordering hours before my flight yet, I still don’t get why pre-order meals are crazily expensive that’s making me not to consider having one. This is what we get when we fly with budget airlines. So imagine how overjoyed I was knowing full meals will be served on my flight with Silkair – food is life! To note, again, it’s my first time having a full meal on board without the stress of thinking should I buy food or not, fewer struggles to happily feed my tummy.  As far as I could remember, there were two sets of a meal to choose, the cabin crew let us know the kind of food available and the drinks we want to pair with, I choose Asian meal paired it with a coffee, I am a coffee lover is a must for me when traveling.  Apart from the meal, we were served with juice and some nuts in between the trip, and so with wet towels (I fancy this kind of hygiene). So, food? It’s an advantage when traveling with this airline.

Drinks on the short flight from Cebu to Davao with Silkair on my Cebu to Singapore route with stopover in Davao
Informative Magazine from Silkair onboard for Cebu to Singapore flight

What else there is to experience on this airline? The massive check in baggage allowance of 30kg! I know there are various airlines who offer this huge allowance for international flights, but hey! This is my first exposure gaining such allowance. Though I don’t really need that amount of kg, yet, knowing it exists just really thrilled me. Another thing to point is, they have available pillows and blankets in the economy, though indirectly available as you could not see those near their seats, the crew will happily pass it on to those who need. Sleeping comfortably with this amenities in a reclining economy seat is a sure win for service.  Above all of this, the incredible surprise to myself is the in-seat ports! God knows how ecstatic I was with this in-seat ports, a lifesaver for persons like me who have gadgets that need ports most of the time to plug in.

Going back to the first question on how much did I pay for this flight, I got it round trip fare (CEBU-SINGAPORE-CEBU with 50 minutes layover in DAVAO) for $412.93 with insurance. As I brought up earlier on this post, I paid this just less than a month before my scheduled flight, so the amount is expensive in my standard. Did it satisfy me given the cost was high? A whopping YES, INDEED! I am in fact more than satisfied.

Silkair Airfare

Will I return to Silkair on my future flights? Without a doubt YES, with the positive experience I had with them, I am hoping on my next flights I can grab a low fare for their Business Class.

Flight Details: SQ 5066 | Boeing 737-800 | June 29, 2017 – July 5, 2017 | Cebu-Singapore-Cebu Round Trip

Have you tried Silkair? How was your flight? Did this post satisfy you? Comment below, I would love to hear.

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SilkAir First Time Flying Philippines to Singapore Route

Author: Ferna Mae

Ferna is a spontaneous traveler from the Philippines who had a great experience traveling her own country first before she embarked to other countries. She thrives to be more independent in her own skin. Connect with her at

34 thoughts on “First Time Flying with SILKAIR: Philippines to Singapore Route

  1. Great review! I wouldn’t have expected an in flight meal, but yours looked great! And 30kg of luggage is a steal! It’s rare to find that with any airline unless you pay extra. Thanks for sharing. If I head over I will definitely consider them.

  2. I am so glad you had a great experience! We are flying from Da nang to Changi on Silk air because it was one of the cheaper direct flights! I have been pretty excited about it for some reason and now you have solidified That! Lol

  3. What an interesting review. I love reports of airplane foods. I am also a budget airline flyer 90% of the time, so I love being served food onboard. I always finish everything up, I love all of it. I guess it’s all in the pleasure of being treated better than usual that makes the onboard food ritual special.

  4. I recently flew Silk Air from Singapore to Male and had a good experience too. The crew were friendly and we did not have any issues. I remember them offering cakes to all the honeymooners who were on the way to Maldives and I thought that was so nice of them.

  5. Sounds like a great experience but definitely expensive. I’m not surprised they are good though as Singapore airlines are awesome.

  6. Nice review Ferna Mae. I dig the full meal plus snack on this 5 hour flight. Toss in wet towels for refreshment and nice little beverages and you have a winning flight. 4 bills round trip works A-OK too. I love the flight shot; fluffy clouds below you. Common in the tropics from my 80 plus flights in the region 😉


  7. It looks like Silkair is a fantastic option for flying! It’s awesome to hear that they gave you the heads-up about their entertainment system too – last time I flew with Virgin they didn’t say anything until we had boarded by which time it was too late!

  8. I am not a fan of flying but it does look like a good airline that keeps the comfort of the passengers in mind, unlike some others I have seen. The food also looks good, generally I can’t even tolerate airline food (not to mention the excessive price)!

  9. I had no idea that Silkair is the regional wing of Singapore Airlines, and actually hadn’t heard of them before, but I’m a huge fan of Singapore Airlines, and collect KrisFlyer rewards, so I will look to them for future flights. Super cool that you got an emergency seat upgrade for free – always makes my day – the staff sound like they offer excellent customer service, and I love that they keep passengars updated with information about the flight – that’s always my biggest pet peeve with airlines.

    And I love that they include full meals – what reat value for money! The 30 kg baggag allowance too – that’s incredible – far surpasses that of other international airlines I’ve flown with. Will definitely look into Silkair – thankyou for the honest review.

  10. I’ve never heard of Silkair, but it looks like your average coach experience on most airlines these days. Unless I’m flying a budget airline or an airline in the US, I expect one checked bag to be included and for there to be some sort of meal service on a long haul flight. I’m surprised that is an exit row seat though – it looks quite cramped!

    1. I think for western people, this is a bit cramped. I am not sure if they were designed for all types of people, but usually (not only from Silkair) those airlines that are in Asia has like really small or cramped seating space, this Silkair by far from the airlines that I experienced are the best, they have a good allowance or space in between.

  11. This is a great detailed review and you have spent quite a huge amount too. The food looks good and their service of Silkair studio, getting connected to IOS/ Android seems quite nice and helpful. 30 kg baggage allowance also is incredible. Still looking at the facilities, would love to try Silkair airline service.

  12. Looks like you just had an awesome flight 🙂 Glad you shared this! Silkair definitely enbodies what budget airlines should be.

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  14. Singapore is definitely a must-visit place in Asia. And, thank you for sharing a review about silkair. I have heard about them but I’m having some second thoughts about it. Awesome post, indeed!

  15. thank you for the review. this was very helpful. my bf and i are planning to fly silk air this dec. to bali with a layover in singapore. this is our first international flight together so i am planning this early.. too excited.

  16. So, on this flight you had to disembark and then board again in Davao? Where did you pass through exit immigration – Cebu or Davao? What else was the process in Davao?


    1. Yes, disembark in Davao for like 50 minutes waiting then board again on the same plane same flight. It’s only like a stopover. Cebu is the exit immigration.

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