Guest Appearance On FM Radio Philippines: Yes The Best Dumaguete

A number of FM Radio Philippines are still broadcasting in the country.

Still popular, still kicking in.

And regardless of the now-famous internet presence, people in the country until now tune in to radio stations.

My acquaintance to radio shows started in my high school days, it was in circa 1994-1996.

Youthful days, Energetic, NO INTERNET, NO SOCIAL MEDIA.

This has been so famous, we eagerly come home immediately tuning into the radio hearing the DJ discussed topics like music, drama, interacting their callers, where we also fondly giggling who the DJs that were ON AIR.

7 days a week, the radio station has been part of the lifestyle among all of us back then.

Thus far, I never imagine that after 20 years I will be engaging a quick cut on the radio. An invitation from YES the Best Dumaguete gave me the opportunity to talk about traveling in Negros Oriental. 

The event took place in the summertime of the year 2018, the time of an unbearable humidity, where people trying to bet the high temperature of 34C to 42C depending on where in the country.

This weather clearly didn’t help the nerve-wracking feelings that have been tingling days before this interview happens. Though it’s only a quick segment, yet, thinking prior to this push through the veins of a first-time guest like me.

Yes The Best Dumaguete Radio Guesting, an FM Radio Philippines
Yes The Best Dumaguete Radio Guesting, an FM Radio Philippines with Norm Schriever (Right), DJ Missy Hista (Center) and me, Ferna (Left)

DJ Missy Hista of Yes FM invited Norman Schriever and me for at least 7-10 minutes interview with a topic about Traveling in Negros Oriental, Philippines. Norman who is a writer of and an expat is such an amazing person, having past experience in a radio station, shared great tips so I could loosen the tension. We decided to meet in a cafe along the busy boulevard in Dumaguete City an hour before taking our part. After ordering the strong two shots of espresso, my mind suddenly calms down, focusing on what I should be doing. Prepared but a bit nervous. 

This guest appearance on the radio show is a big shot for me as I wanted to share with people the beautiful places that they shouldn’t miss visiting the island of Negros.

As we enter the station of DJ Missy Hista, her huge smile welcomed us with great assurance that all will be smooth and fine. I went on preparing my stuff as we sat down, clearing my head a bit, and making sure that my heart is not beating me with more pressure.

The place is tiny but enough for all the pieces of equipment and 2 more guests to sit. It has a station’s name colorfully displayed on the wall, with letters engraved as Yes FM 106.3.

As the clocked ticked at 8:30, DJ Missy Hista started introducing us, asking quick questions about who we are and where are our future travel plans.

I, on the other hand, shared the top places to visit on the island, here are what I discussed:

  • APO Island  * witness and experience massive green sea turtles on this 72 hectare Island.

  • Danjugan Island * an eco-friendly island, learn how sustainable living is important and how it can help the environment. They set summer camp for adults and kids.

  • Manjuyod White Sandbar * tagged as the “Maldives in the Philippines” but actually, this stunning 7km stretch white sand bar sets apart from being tagged as such.

  • Mount Talinis and Pulang Bato Falls * take a visit or trek to Mount Talinis, the place is known as Cuernos de Negros or Horns of Negros, on the same town is the famous Red Rock Waterfalls which is locally known as “Pulang Bato”

  • Lake Balanan * immersed to the stunning lake located in a remote area in Siaton.

Whereas, Norm shared his 5 Tips as a traveler. Here’s what I learned from him:

  • Check in with travel blogs that are recent

  • When you have a flight with a layover in a cool city, call the airline to expand your layover from a few hours to a few days

  • Photocopy all of your travel documents and passport, bank cards, etc. and keep them safe

  • Travel off-season, off times and even off-place – discover your own next best thing!

  • Be safe and always respect people!

One of the things I learn from this experience is that being prepared is so important.

Furthermore, being spontaneous with a great focus, always READY and never forget to have some FUN will add spice to this amazing exposure.

How about you, have you been a guest on a radio show? 

You can email me at if you want to share or send your comment right away.

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Guest Appearance on FM Radio Philippines

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