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While I do love traveling spontaneously, my guides for a certain location differs. There are those that are affordable, and some that can tear a pocket. Most of the time I don’t make a plan but I learn how to make an importance on reading things online and questioning first before embarking a great journey.

Myanmar Travel Inle Lake Boat Tour in Floating Garden

Ferna / @everywherewithferna

Mararison Island in the Mountain area

Mararison Island, Philippines: A Quick Day Tour Experience

Is it worth a visit for a day in Mararison Island in Culasi, Antique? Check on how it should be done in such a short period of time.

Manjuyod Sandbar on low tide

Breathtaking Manjuyod Sandbar: An Insider’s Guide

People tagged Manjuyod Sandbar as “The Maldives of the Philippines” will this be true? Find out the insider’s guide for this breathtaking place.

Asia Village Local going for Snorkeling in Hinobaan

Hinobaan Tourist Spots: Best Things to do that You Shouldn’t Miss

Discover Hinobaan Tourist Spots in Negros and what things that you shouldn’t miss when in the town.

Paliton Beach Places to Visit in Siquijor

Best Places to Visit in Siquijor Island Philippines

Get to know the best places to visit in Siquijor, Philippines! All listed and updated from my frequent travel to this island.

Travel Guide: APO Island Itinerary in Negros Oriental

A quick Apo Island Itinerary on your next visit in Negros Oriental. Home for Green Sea Turtles!

Anda Bohol Guide

Check out this Anda Bohol Guide for your reference on your next visit to Bohol.