Here’s Quick Ways to Visit and Enjoy Baslay Hot Spring in Dauin, Negros Oriental

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An early morning rise made me and my cousin’s overdue plan to visit Baslay hot spring, a place where we continually hear from my family who first went to the place 5 years ago. 5 years ago? Yes, I know how long it has been and to think, it’s just less than 20 km from where we are staying. I laughed at myself after I visited the place, thinking how come it took me so long to see this amazing local place.

Where is Baslay Hot Spring located?

It’s in Dauin, a town which is in the south of Negros Oriental Philippines (25 km from the city of Dumaguete)

My experience took me (with my family) only half a day to explore the place, yet, I would say, it was worth half a day to endure the place and to gain natural treatment for my body pain and so with my skin disorder, where even though the sulfur has a “rotten egg” smell, I feel how it rejuvenates my body and made all of us so relax the whole time we soak ourselves in the water. We even joke about how sleepy we were, and we thought we should bathe in the place for a lifetime as we really sense how calm life was.

Soak my body in Baslay Hot Spring

Although we enjoyed doing that, we also came to know that due from the typhoon Sendong that took place last 2012, almost 85% of the place were destroyed. Regardless of the damage, it caused, a massive amount of water still flows in, and there’s a tube where cold water runs through in order to control its water temperature base on our preference. It may not be as comfortable area as what it was before, yet, it is a place worth our precious time. Before, there were huts to rest in (my uncle described to me how it looked like the first time they were here), which is needed if the rain comes in, right now it is widely open and no place to stop or rest during rainy days and the path to the top has been cut off, the trail going there has no route already, it’s been closed. Although for me, it is an adventurous way to climb to the top, yet, my family decided not to pursue our trek as the slope is unmanageable and is unsafe to our 10-year-old cousin who came with us. We were actually lucky to experience the place with the good weather so it was easy for us to check part of the course. If you can, you should do this, we were being told by the habal-habal drivers that the top section is where Apo Island can be visible and it will surely mesmerize us. Unfortunately, we didn’t, we thought of the family’s safety.

Hiked to the end of the path to the top of Baslay Hot Spring

Never missed taking habal-habal from Dauin proper or near a public market to the Baslay Hot spring starting point. I sure you will enjoy this open transportation on the way to the top. Fortunately, the visibility of the weather is so clear that we could see the full view of Mount Talinis. I thought it was a reward for we started early in the morning right after sunrise. Our visit took place at the end of August 2016, which usually is a rainy season.

There’s no one in the place, not even a caretaker, I am unsure if this is how it should be since we didn’t meet any local nearby to ask with. Thus, our entrance was free.

Baslay Hot Spring with HabalHabal

Take a moment to stay longer in the pool, there were 4 mini pools in the center of the area and 1 bigger pool situated apart from the mini pools. These mini-pools are connected to each other. It is where we immerse ourselves. Why do I suggest to stay longer? It’s actually a healthy solution to every skin problem. I’ve been to few hot springs in the Philippines, and I totally love how it helps my skin problems. I tried in Pulang Bato Valencia, and was able to stay longer also in Camiguin Island’s famous hot spring. However, this Baslay hot spring is different from these places I referred to, its temperature for me is higher than the other 2 names mentioned. I can say we experienced from 36 to 40-degree temperature, which we can control manually from the fresh water coming out of the tube.

Mini Pool in Baslay Hot Spring Dauin Negros Oriental

Applied sulfur into the body. Though I didn’t do this, my uncle and other family members did, they tried to get some sulfur from everywhere surrounding the area, and cover their body with it, seemed really a healthy way to me. I didn’t know its full benefits when you cover your skin with the sulfur, not until I did some research right after our visit. You may be surprised at its benefits, search in Google for more information. They actually enjoy applying the sulfur to their body, and let it stay for longer hours. It’s like having some free spa then.

my uncle applied sulfur into his body in Baslay Hot Spring

We did our little picnic, a thing I love to do (but too lazy to prepare actually). We brought food with us, mostly sweets (just a coincidence), from moist choco cake to biscuits, chips, and water. It’s a must to bring food and a lot of water, for you will get to hike some couple of steps to down and up.

If you are a nature lover, loves to see how green the place is, you should try to come to this place, you won’t get bored from its rich color.

Picnic in Baslay Hot Spring

Did we enjoy our visit?

Yes! We definitely did!

Not only we get the chance to have a free spa, we were also spoiled by the beauty of its nature. Its green view delighted us to this unusual place. It may be a little bit difficult road that we pass through, yet, the habal-habal drivers made sure we will enjoy the view to the top, they didn’t even drive so fast, it was clear to them that we want a very good and safe journey. The road is currently under construction from PhilSouth, and the contractors we meet in the waiting shed area shared to us an info that the hot spring will soon be renovated and will soon be accessible to many.

How to get there?

Take “easy ride” as commonly called for “jeepney” smaller version in Negros Oriental, which is located in the Dumaguete Public Market (facing BDO). Drop by in Dauin proper, tell the driver to stop at the place where ‘habal-habal’ are, then negotiate the cost with the drivers. We paid Php 550.00 for 4 persons (2 way already). There is another road to Baslay Hot Spring located just 2-3 km from Dauin proper, but, it will take ages to wait for habal-habal. If you love to hike or trek, it’s only 10km from the highway to the hot spring. It also accessible for cars but not for the tricycle.

Have you tried soaking your body in a natural hot spring with 38-40 temp? How was your experience?

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34 thoughts on “Here’s Quick Ways to Visit and Enjoy Baslay Hot Spring in Dauin, Negros Oriental

  1. What an awesome adventure! One of my friends and her family were just there a few months ago and they said this place was great! Adding to my list of things to do in Negros! Hopefully I’ll get to visit by next year! 😀

  2. I am from Negros but I wasn’t able to pay a visit at Dauin Hot spring yet. But surely, will give a try. I am from Bais, by the way! 😀

    1. Oh wow! that’s awesome to know. I was just there in Bais last weekend to explore the marine sanctuary near Manjuyod and of course the dolphin watching. I do hope you could be able to visit Dauin’s hot spring :)

  3. I’ve never been to Negros but i have a Ninang there who told me that the place is worth a visit. Is the sulfur really necessary? I never heard of sulfur being applied like that in the body.. But if its beneficial then, its fine.. I just find it funny for myself haha!

  4. Hi, that was a nice experience revisiting Baslay and rediscovering the hot spring again. Seems to me that you will be back again sooner than you think. I have no idea how sulfur can be beneficial but since you wrote about it, that is one of the things I am going to do today, read up a little. I do have a habit of reading on things that has effect on health. Curious, if you went there and no one seems to be taking care of the place, do you just go in, use and leave?

    1. Yes, we just went there, use the place and was actually an abandoned place, but many koreans and japanese visit the place as they also believe sulfur is good for the skin. But, sooner, they will renovate the place. I will certainly keep this posted for the updates. I went there this week again.. loving it! :)

  5. I heard that sulfur is really good in the skin. I once hike in a sulfur crater and these are being exported to produce beauty products. Your visit Baslay makes me Negros Oriental. Hope to be back there again and try the hot spring.

  6. It is so sad that typhoon Sendong damaged the Baslay hot springs, but hopefully it will be renovated fully one day soon. I find hot Springs very rejuvenating, so I bet it was still a great experience.

  7. I haven’t tried soaking in a natural hot spring yet because I haven’t been to one yet. Even if in our province, I had a hard time asking for permission to go to one. I guess that’s a downside when you’re an unica hija. But, it looks like you had a great time and that free spa is really a nice touch to the trip!

  8. What fun! I’m not the type to go on trips like this as I’d much rather prefer a beach or a mountain hike/camping trip, but for those who are game, it sounds like it would be a fun experience. Ah, there really ARE a million more places in the country left to discover.

  9. wow.. i honestly never been to a hot spring but it always intrigues me on how it really feels like being on a hot bath on a natural hot spring.. it’s great to know that we have here in the Philippines.. too bad Negros Oriental is way too far from my place but I wouldn’t mind including this on my travel bucket list and hopefully in God’s will i will be able to experience it!
    thanks for sharing your adventure!

  10. I have visited similar hot spring in Indonesia a couple of months back and it was wonderful.
    I like the location of this one, surrounded by the forest. I can imagine you had an nice family outing :)

    1. I did a good family outing. I will be in Indonesia next month, what’s the name of the spring you visited, I will check on it. Would love to visit. All the Best!

  11. interesting family outing. I didn’t know that there are ‘sulfur spa/hot springs’ here in the Philippines, all I know are of the hot springs in Makiling! 😀 I am hoping that like you I can discover more of what our country has to offer soon!

  12. I love hot spring and I wanna go there someday when I have time. I want to be there with my family and friends to enjoy. They said that hot spring is good for our body.

  13. I could feel the excitement as I read your post. looking at those photos equally makes that reading fun. Have tried a number of hot springs and they give certain comfort to our body. It was like massaging us in a gentle way.

  14. Sad to say I wasn’t able to visit the hot springs in Dauin Negros Oriental because of typhoon but to conquer this paradise is a great experience!

  15. Thanks. As this review is almost 10 months old, is there any update on repairs / renovations to Baslay Hot Springs following the damage done by typhoon Sendong? Is it possible to be in good and supervised working order by now?
    Wondering… about going !! – David

    1. Hi David, as per recent info I got, the road is now in good condition going to the place, yet, the area is still the same, I think the government still need some funds at the moment not sure of this. Will keep you informed when I get some info.

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