How I Enjoy My Solo Travel to Nacpan Beach El Nido

Do you think my El Nido Palawan island hopping experience for Tour A, C, and Tour D were enough? Of course not! The reason why I choose to stay 5 nights in this place is for me to explore a lot of spots in El Nido.

Nacpan beach in El Nido is one of the spots I’d love to catch sight of. It’s part of an inland tour from Northern Hope Tours, which is almost 17 km away from the town.

17 km is not a far distance, but with the crazy 3km bumpy-muddy road from the highway to enter the village, it will take time, much longer when it’s raining. There are few ways to go to the place as tourists, the majority through land transfer, either rent and drive your own motorbike, rent a car/van with a driver or simply hire a tricycle (a motor cab). Since it was raining the day I plan to visit the place, I opt for a tricycle with the driver which can take at least 6 passengers. Usually, the driver of the tricycle will also be your tour guide upon arriving Nacpan. Luckily, Northern Hope Tours organize my trip conveniently, they sent a driver who is reliable and skilled as I was a bit skeptical for the rain was so strong that day we might have a problem on the road.

A common question I received from the people I met everywhere in the Philippines is, Why are you alone? Are you not married? And the most common concern phrase is “It’s lonely traveling solo!” and people in El Nido is not an exception to these questions.

The concern word I received that day – “it’s lonely to travel solo” challenged me mentally before heading to Nacpan beach. Although, I’ve been traveling solo in the country, also in Thailand and Myanmar, which obviously I am accustomed to hearing, it still made me think and feel so curious if is it really lonely?

Well, those questions stemmed up my positivity and excitement.

So, How did I enjoy my solo travel to Nacpan beach El Nido?

[ 1 ]

Fall in Love with The Crazy Ride!

With the heavy rain since that morning, the remaining 3km road to Nacpan beach from the highway was all muddy and bumpy (what a combination!) Most of the vans stocked at the main road as they had a hard time to get in. But, tricycles braved themselves the very difficult road to manipulate and I can feel the painful noise of the tricycle. I had a good time experiencing that!

It took us about 20 minutes to finally arrived in Nacpan from the start of the muddy road. There has been continuous rain during that ride, it never showed some signal that it will slow down. Regardless of the heavy rain, I witnessed the green and beautiful nature along the road, I saw green huge paddies which I fell in love with, obviously, it did feed my heart with awesomeness again.

[ 2 ]

Eat Local Food in the Carenderia

Upon arrival, I went directly to one of the huts that seemed to sell food and drinks. There were few tables set in each corner of this hut, and I noticed there were 2 other huts on the right side where it also showed some food they sell. It was packed with travelers that I didn’t get the chance to have my own space nor my own table as it was raining. Though, I saw few tourists who braved the rain and went straight to the beach to swim. The beach was long, I bet it’s about 3-4 km wide. With no signs of commercial stores, nor tall buildings, it’s really more of nipa huts which are home to the local. This is the kind of place I really love!

After about 20 minutes, the rain stopped. It was also the time I finally had my own table to have my lunch. I checked the other stores on what they offer, they all offer the same kind of food and drinks. So, I went back to the first hut and noticed from the other table that their food are all fresh. The dumb Ferna forgot to take photo of the carenderia (mini restaurant in the Philippines)

[ 3 ]

Have a “Me Time” by the beach

After the feel-so-good start of my journey plus a full tummy, I started to walk in the direction of the twin beach named as Nacpan-Calintang twin beach. While enjoying the view, I decided to have some “me time” to one of the space on the beach, so, I stopped and dropped my things, set my own place. I can hear the calming sound of the water, the beauty of the islets facing Nacpan was the great picture. After a while, the sun surprisingly came out! I was at the best time to be right at that moment. Suddenly, the tricycle driver approached me asking if I want him to guide to the twin beach since the sun is up. I choose to have my own time at my own pace which is why I declined his offer, but he was such a good one to understand what I want and kind enough to offer his service to guide me. Before he left, he explained further where I should go and what else to see along the way. I lay down the area for an hour or so, observing tourists walking by the beach on their way to the twin beach, I nurture myself, disregard whoever comes along, solemnly having my quiet “me time”, and lastly dipped my body to the vibrant color of the water. It was a superb moment!

[ 4 ]

Never Missed to Taking Videos and Photos in Twin Beach

As I walk to the Twin beach (Nacpan & Calintang Beach), I could not contain myself from clicking my camera every single spot. I look like an insane delirious Filipino tourist. I mean not to hide my craziness, but, seeing the nature, the beach, the color of the water, I feel life has given me the best thing in the world. Despite the fact that the weather is not clear, I am really sure it is attractive to look at when it’s clear and sunny. The view of the twin beach is spectacular! You should climb up to the end and if you are afraid, your guide will take care of you, in case you have no guide, there are kids from the village who offer to guide.

[ 5 ]

Connect with the Locals

At the twin beach, it is also where I met the fishermen and the locals. There are various boats or bangka in the area, beautiful houses made of nipa tree and witnessed the life the locals have. I met kids who offer to guide me all the way up, as the wind was so strong, they prefer that I should have someone with me. I didn’t say yes for I saw some other tourists who go the same way too. After my great moment at the top, I went to the local vendor situated near the twin beach, talked about their life there. He sells drinks, mostly coconut juice which he is happy to show you how to open a coconut. He said he came from Iligan City (Mindanao area), thus, we speak the same dialect. His daughter helps her in everything. He is also a fisherman and lived in the place for some years now. He transferred to Nacpan because his wife is originally from that place. I feel that I am connected with the people, I talked to the kids the one who offered me their service as a guide, they said, they work to help them on their daily food, their wants and needs as a kid like buying stuff most especially for items to play games that can be bought at the nearest small stores. I asked if they play internet games, they said there is no internet in the area. I was amazed as to how honest they were, I thought they are just going to say about helping the family and blah blah blah stories. Well, I gave them 20.00 pesos (there were two of them) to let them play and be happy for a while.

There you have it, this is why I love to travel solo as well, no matter how awful the weather is, or worse the situation could be, I still feel there is something really good.

Did I enjoy my solo travel to Nacpan beach even if it was raining?

Absolutely YES! It was a challenged when the weather is bad, but, it was more than worth it!

Disclosure: My trip for El Nido was made possible by Northern Hope Tours and Joonie’s Venture.

Author: Ferna Mae

Ferna is a spontaneous traveler from the Philippines who had a great experience traveling her own country first before she embarked to other countries. She thrives to be more independent in her own skin. Connect with her at

38 thoughts on “How I Enjoy My Solo Travel to Nacpan Beach El Nido

  1. I don’t think that the weather can stop you from traveling! You love it. It is so visible in your smiles and photos. You never fail to capture and captivate me with your photos. 😃

  2. I am totally in love with the pictures. It’s an art truly. I am a person who travels all the time irrespective of the weather conditions and that is what I liked the most about you. 🙂

  3. Well, I’m a solo traveler myself… have been doing it since years; but luckily, I’ve never come across questions like the ones you have! The pics look wonderful… keep travelling and enjoying everything and anything you want:)

    1. Thank you Sriparna. Yeah, it’s a common question for Filipinos when they see someone who travels solo, I’m accustomed to that question 🙂 Thank you and Keep on traveling too 😀

  4. I love your positivity! It’s great to read that no matter how awful the weather or worse the situation is, you will feel something good. I love that. Your pictures look great. It’s nice you also met the fishermen and the locals! So nice to connect to people and learn their stories.

  5. Your photos are amazing! Honestly, I don’t think I can enjoy travelling alone. I’m a shy person, so I wouldn’t survive talking to strangers. I’ve never been to El Nido though. I hope I get to visit it soon 🙂

    Nina Sogue |

  6. Love this post! I’ve always wanted to do a solo travel but I just don’t have the guts to do it (alone, hehe). I hope I’ll be able to do it before the year ends. Good thing the weather didn’t stop you from enjoying your trip! Love your positivity!

  7. Oh, that is a muddy muddy road indeed! It’s a good thing that you still pushed through deapite the not so optimal weather. You would have missed a lot of fun otherwise. The Philippines really has a lot of nice natural things to offer. 🙂

  8. You have the right attitude girl, keep it up. I don’t get easily discouraged by bad weather too. I think it even offers a unique experience and for bloggers, it’s nice to post something that most people wouldn’t write about.

    I haven’t been to Nacpan but it’s one of the reasons why I want to go back to El Nido.

  9. Those people who say “traveling solo is lonely” must never have tried it before or have had a bad experience doing it. I LOVE traveling solo! I don’t do it anymore coz I’m married now and would rather travel with my husband but I really encourage it. It’s so liberating! I love your positivity and how you didn’t let anything dampen your spirits.

  10. I actually really love the beach with rain. It gives it such a magic feel. I have never really traveled alone, I wouldn’t know where to start. You are an amazing lady for doing it that way and Im sure people are always nosy about it. You just keep at it.

  11. I love travelling solo. It’s a shame that people generally think that it’s lonely, but it’s the greatest experience ever! Wait until they experience it themselves, I bet they will be addicted too 🙂

  12. Thank you for writing this article. I will be visiting el nido next week, my first solo travel. Will definetly visit nacpan rain or shine because of your photos. Can share number of your trike driver? Thanks

  13. I’ve heard so many good things about El Nido 🙂 I only have been to Boracay — time to go back to the Philippines!!

    I think one of the most special and important things for me when traveling alone is some me time. It’s so important to reflect and relax alone sometimes!

  14. Love this and you look so happy! I hate traveling solo personally because I do get lonely after a while, but it certainly won’t stop me from traveling if I have to go alone. I definitely think staying active and doing things helps keep the loneliness at bay– and me time at hte beach sounds like heaven.

  15. Hello Ms. Ferna! I enjoyed your post about El Nido. I’ve been meaning to write about my Nacpan trip myself and after reading your post, I got so inspired I will definitely write about it anytime soon! I was especially excited when you included in your post photos of the buko vendor near the small hill. I wanted to write about my encounter with him as well, unfortunately i did not have photos of him. So with your kind permission, can i post in my blog the two photos you got showing the buko vendor? I promise to acknowledge you in my post! Thanks! 😂😂😂

    1. Hi PinoyLoneTraveler, thank you for reaching out. Yes, you may and as mentioned, please credit the photo to me or to my blog post. Thanks so much!

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