Indonesia Boat Sailing Adventure: Flores to Lombok Route Part 2

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Sailing Flores Sea in Indonesia wasn’t part of my plan doing in this beautiful country. I plunged this kind of adventure through my travel buddy Jelyn and the travelers we met in Labuan Bajo. This venture got my full attention by my own discomfort, which proved me that being comfortable in a very uncomfortable situation will lead to a great and positive surprise. Gladly, I did dive into this adventure.

4 days of nonstop snorkeling, chilling and sailing the boat are one of the absolute things that I never thought I would fall in love more. Plus the unlimited supply of coffee from Wanua adventure company completes my time.

Flores Indonesia boat from Wanua Adventure Part 2

On our first day, we traversed to Rinca for 3 hours from Labuan Bajo. On this 3 hour travel, I noticed and remember vividly the different directions of the sea water, the current was strong and I can feel from within on how the captain took its turn. I was amazed watching and just observing the sea surrounding the different islands.

Flores Indonesia Boat Adventure Part 2 Sea Current to Rinca

When we arrived in Rinca, we were greeted by the friendly guides, 3 of them designated for our group (we were 20 in a group). There’s an about 800m walk to the main place where mangrove and some monkeys are visible along the way. Before we arrived at the main place, we were surprised by two Komodo dragons, they appeared just at the side of the pathway, a small Komodo, and a larger one slowly moving their body to elsewhere. I have to be totally honest, I was really scared knowing that they are unpredictable, who will suddenly run through anyone of us that could possibly kill us. It was then that I remember we have 3 guides who live on this island, and they aren’t even showing some signs that they are afraid of this creature. We were told that there are no definite total numbers of Komodo dragons in Rinca, but, they simply monitor who are newly born. There were 3 kinds of treks to choose in the island which they categorized as Easy, Medium and Hard. Because I was fortunate to visit Rinca days before this boating adventure, I didn’t join the trek this time. Rinca has a place to eat as well, there were houses that were built for the guides and caretakers, plus few rooms for tourists who are there for documentary or for any purpose.

Flores Indonesia Boat Adventure Part 2 Komodo National Park Rinca with me

After Rinca, we sailed for 1 hour and a half to the pink beach and Komodo island where another Komodo National Park is situated. (Yes! There are 2 locations for Komodo Park).

Unfortunately, due to the different movements of the current on our way, it took the captain a while to arrive in the area. So, the team of Wanua decided to stop in Komodo Park then will head to the Pink beach the next day.

Unluckily, the heavy rain flows in as we arrived in the park. We then headed to their orientation station and was also assigned with 3 local guides. This park is a bit different from Rinca, for there are local who lives just near the Park. These local come here at the park to sell food, souvenirs, and drinks. There is a little market besides the office where they can sell these things.

Flores Indonesia Boat Adventure Part 2 Komodo National Park

We saw plenty of Komodo in this park than in Rinca. Although we hiked through the center but it was cut short because of the rain as these Komodo do not show up when it’s raining, but, after that trek, we were able to see them near the beach where the guide’s quarter are located. They set the house as the rain also stopped when we stepped in the area.

I like the seascape and landscape of Komodo Island, especially watching the rainbow as it appeared when we are about to leave the island. It was an awesome time for as we were the only group visiting at that time to this island.

Flores Indonesia Boat Adventure Part 2 Komodo Dragon In Komodo Island
Flores Indonesia Boat Adventure Part 2 Komodo National Park in Komodo

As the night was about to come, the crew decided to dock the boat to the nearest islands in the area. There were 3 adventure boats that harbored, the group of the other 2 boats went to an available island and created some bonfire. However, in our group, we didn’t jump into any of these islands. We made time to sleep, rest, relax and chitchat with few others.

The next day, I woke up so early, noticed from afar that the sun was about to rise. There were 2 other adventurers who woke up before me and we took the moment to witness the beauty of the sunrise. Which minutes after that, we were served some pancakes with banana fruits from the crew.

Flores Indonesia Boat Adventure Part 2 Sunrise on First Day

It was around 5:30 am when the crew woke up everyone and told us that we are heading to the Pink beach for a morning snorkeling. As we headed there, we were fully entertained by massive spinner dolphins playing around Komodo area. We were so close to the pink beach that we didn’t notice the sun fully shines. Our first stop of the day was Pink Beach. We swam from the boat to the main shore, but it was nice as we were able to experience a good snorkeling area. The pink beach has a pink sand which forms pieces of red coral, you may check more info here. I still have a sublime refreshing memory on how beautiful my morning was on this Pink beach, we were given one and a half hours to embrace and enjoy our moment in this place.

Flores Indonesia Boat Adventure Part 2 Pink Beach Sanctuary
Flores Indonesia Boat Adventure Part 2 Pink Beach Photo

We embarked to another place for 3 hours after satisfying ourselves from the Pink Beach. The next destination was the time that we got to swim with the Manta Rays. When we arrived at the Manta point, we could see from the boat on how huge they are. There were few from the group who swam directly from the first point, but suddenly the crew decided to transfer to the other side because the current was really strong. It was on the second point that I was able to swim with the rest of the group. We saw massive of Manta Rays that I did shout for joy. When you are in Flores, I highly recommend you to really visit Manta point, they are one of the most amazing creatures I have seen under the water. Even though the sea current was strong, that it dragged us easily and fast to the other side of the sea, observing the movement of these species is unforgettable. We went there October 2016, which they said the best time to experience manta ray as heaps of them appear during this time of the year. Watching the manta rays was the highlight of my boat adventure.

Flores Indonesia Boat Adventure Part 2 Manta Ray

After that wonderful time, we navigated for 18 hours to the next destination. Read: Part 3 Here

How about you? Have you done a boat adventure like this for a day in Flores? or Any highlights from everywhere you took an adventure?

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  1. I think it’s time for us to go to Flores next time we are in Indonesia. Thanks for the info!

    1. I do really recommend Wanua. Though their price is a bit high than the others but their service is good for me. We know them from the travelers we met in Labuan Bajo who also did the boat adventure before us.

  2. First of all, I’m a big fan of UNESCO sites so I really hope to visit this place! And Indonesia and Philippines are high up on my wishlist… Early morning snorkeling and spotting ray fishes? Wow! I have to go there!!

  3. What amazing photos! I love the pictures of the sunset and the manta rays. And how nice that you were the only people on the island at one point. I would be very curious to see Komodo dragons in person. I’ve only seen them in zoos or in the movies!

  4. You are really one adventurous soul! I am forever an admirer of travel. Even if I wish to travel, I am restricted of budget because adulting is hard so I need to save first. Also, reading travel blogs makes me feel like I’m travelling as well. It’s just that you travel with your eyes and your mind. :) I wish to meet a komodo dragon sometime soon.

  5. A boat sailing adventure is one of my husband’s dream trip to take with our little family in the future. He’s actually thinking of buying a yacht and he would be the captain of it. He has a fascination for everything ships and the 7 seas. Thank you for sharing this trip. I will share it with him and see if he fancies that we try this too.

    1. Thank you for sharing this with your husband. We actually met one family who sailed with us on this adventure, they have two kids 9 and 7 I think, I can’t remember their age.

  6. How Indonesia lures me!
    I have to visit at least to see the Komodo Dragon. The under water life too seems exciting.
    Hope I can work up a trip there in this life time.

  7. Those are amazing islands! You are very lucky to have visited them. I couldn’t personally stand three days on a boat snorkeling cause I can only handle a few hours in a bathing suit. Good going on the getting comfortable bit.

  8. The only boat adventure I had was island hopping to the different islands of the Philippines, I mean it’s quite addicting right? Watching the sea, the people, the sunset. I would give everything just for a life that pays me while watching sunsets. Lol! And Indonesia, wow! Heard they have lots of beaches too! Looks like a very fun travel. :)

  9. That is such an incredible experience. Seeing manta rays is one of the biggest dreams of any scuba diver. And to think, you saw them snorkeling? They really are gentle giants, aren’t they, similar to whale sharks. I, myself, have seen a manta ray once in over a thousand dives back when I was active in recreational and professional diving. So, imagine how rare that opportunity is.

  10. That sunrise shot is fantastic!

    I was curious though, if the crew woke everyone up by 5:30AM, so that means sun break is around 5AM?

  11. Dragons! Is this Game of Thrones Ferna Mae? LOL 😉 Good on you; getting comfortable with being uncomfortable has helped me grow like a weed. As for long sailings I’ve not done it but it’d push me well outside of my comfort zone.


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