Indonesia Boat Sailing Adventure: Flores to Lombok Route Part 3

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After watching those beautiful group of Manta rays, we sailed for 18 hours to a new destination. It was a nonstop 18 hours of sailing, although I’ve done this kind of long hours of travel in the ocean years ago, I still felt this was new to me, I was ecstatic as was doing it again, especially that it was in a foreign land.

While on the boat, we thought of what better ways to kill the boredom of 18 hours sailing? I noticed that some of the adventurers in our boat brought with them books, played more music installed on their phones, while the family who was with us brought massive of play games for they have 2 amazing kids joining the tour. Others were busy chatting with one another, looking at exciting photos we took that day and some had moments elsewhere. As the night came, our weariness shut down when we were able to witness a beautiful sunset from afar, for me it was such a magical moment of this journey. This time, I am not chasing the sun, instead, it was just right in front of where I was.

Boat Adventure Flore to Lombok Indonesia Part 3

Our dinner, as usual, was delicious, I love the balance of the food that Wanua Adventures served, from vegetables to meat and fruits. After dinner, the smooth sailing of the boat sways nicely as the ocean was so clear and my very full stomach made me sleep early.

Indonesia Boat Sailing Adventure Flores to Lombok Route Part 3 Dinner Food from Wanua
Indonesia Boat Sailing Adventure Flores to Lombok Route Part 3 Wanua Food

Since I went to bed so early the night before, I also woke up very early the next day. It was 2:45 am when my eyes suddenly opened and had me fully awake after that. So I decided to gather myself to the front of the boat.

I vividly remember how I embraced that moment while lying myself in front of the boat, the quiet place serenaded my beautiful time while watching the stars and the moon. I could not believe why I was there, I could not believe why I was experiencing such wonderful life. I embraced that pace with full happiness in my heart. I slowly close my eyes and fell asleep right there. When I woke up the next day, the sun came out and few of us had an early breakfast, with no noise from one another observing the quiet time as others were still asleep. We calmly waited for us to arrive at the next destination.

Indonesia Boat Sailing Adventure Flores to Lombok Route Part 3 Breakfast food

We embarked at Gili Lawadarat near Lombok around 8 am in the morning after that long hiatus of the boat ride, there is actually a particular name of this island but I kind of forgot to note about it. It is a bit the same view in Padar island, if you weren’t able to visit Padar (which is really famous in Flores) but you got the chance for a boat adventure, the view is the same as Padar island only fewer people. Although, I didn’t go all through out the highest point of the island because my head was freaking painful, yet, I was happy to rest and have my own relaxation in the island. I love it for we were the only people enjoying the entire island. Since we had an hour and a half to indulge ourselves in the area, snorkeling was also of another activity to keep us busy.

Indonesia Boat Sailing Adventure Flores to Lombok Route Part 3 Gili Lawadatan Lombok
Indonesia Boat Sailing Adventure Flores to Lombok Route Part 3 Gili Lawadarat like Padar

After that amazing quiet experience, it took us 2 hours to cast off to Satonda Island, where fresh water lake and massive of sea creatures were found. We stayed for an hour in the area and walked for about 800m to reach the lake. I didn’t plunge in the fresh water for I roam along where I noticed few locals offer some prayers to the different location. There are locals living on this island and few rooms available for rent fronting the main beach. I am as well glad I didn’t miss to dive into the different snorkeling spot of this island just at the main beach, it was spectacular, massive kinds of fish were found plus some coral reefs, not the best of all islands we visited on this trip but definitely a must visit.

Indonesia Boat Sailing Adventure Flores to Lombok Route Part 3 Local Offer in Satonda Island
Indonesia Boat Sailing Adventure Flores to Lombok Route Part 3 Lake in Satonda Island

The last island we stepped in was Moyo Island. We were the only group who arrived on this island about 2 pm in the afternoon. Three of the cabin crew took us to the waterfalls situated inside the island. When we arrived at the waterfalls, there was some “Tarzan” kind of activity where one can jump to the mini falls by the rope hang in the area. It was refreshing to swim and dipped into the water for all of us as we have been soaked in the salt water for more than two days prior to this last destination. We left from the waterfalls with a smile on my face. We then headed to the main beach where we were given a good amount of time to do what we want to do. The color of the water is sky blue with some lively corals too that made me swoop down.

It was past 5 pm when we left Moyo Island. We were told it will take us 9-10 hours to arrive in Lombok. Some of the group including me and Jelyn immersed ourselves at the front of the boat. Took the beers from the icebox that we purchased for the trip (I had soda water) and enjoyed our conversation of mostly anything as we sailed to our final journey of this adventure.

Indonesia Boat Sailing Adventure Flores to Lombok Route Part 3 Moyo Island
Indonesia Boat Sailing Adventure Flores to Lombok Route Part 3 Moyo Island Waterfalls
Indonesia Boat Sailing Adventure Flores to Lombok Route Part 3 Soak in the Waterfalls in Moyo Island

On our last night, we experienced the stormy and bumpy exploration. The boat was racking, destructed a bit by the strong wave, felt the forceful lightning that came from everywhere which struck to different direction in the ocean. The massive and immense amount of water that entered at the first deck were moving in and out to different direction. Fortunately, the men were quick and fast to work things out at the first deck regardless of the heavy-duty mess they saw, they were able to manage everyone’s needs and safety. Kudos to the hard work that Wanua Team did, they did everything so everyone will be on it’s safety net. That tough route of the night continued for more than 40 minutes which until now I still could not remember how long it lasted. To our surprised, there were couple of dolphins who guarded our way from the stormy path to the clear water they were there. We watched them clearly when the storm went off to nowhere. The moon came out which gave a beautiful light to the dolphins as they swam slowly at the front of the boat. That experienced was one of a reminder for myself that there will always be a shining light after a stormy life.

Nine hours later, we arrived at the port in Lombok island. We wrapped up all our things, endured ourselves for a quick breakfast since it was around 5-6am. There were two vans that waited for us too. The crew from Wanua were kind enough to assist everyone they organized our bags transferring them to the assigned van and they made sure that each of us were in our right van base on our individual destination.

Indonesia Boat Sailing Adventure Flores to Lombok Route Part 3 Last Destination

I credit Wanua crew for they never left us, they guided and drove with us in the van, making sure that we all have taken care our next trip. We drove two hours, arrived at a place near the port of Lombok so it would be easy for us to travel the next day to Bali.

That amazing Indonesia boat adventure is unforgettable. If one have the chance to do this, you should do it.

Have you done this kind of boat adventure? How was it?

Author: Ferna Mae

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  1. I have never done anything like this! I must admit, I am not sure it is my cup of tea. The sights seem nice though and the food you were served looked tasty.

  2. I have never been sailing! I’d love to have enough courage to do it one day. The water is so crystal clear, I love your pics! So sorry it stormed on your last night…Hate that it had to end like that!!

  3. Ganda ng tubig ang liwanag tas kakaiba yung bundok parang disyerto. Dami talaga maganda sa Indonesia parang Pinas :)

  4. Firstly, this post made me super jealous – how clear is that water! Looks beautiful. How lucky that you got to see dolphins too!! Sounds like an awesome experience.

  5. Wow! 18 HOURS OF SAILING!? A 7-hour flight is as boring as crazy for me but 18 hours?! Oh my! But I can see how enjoyable your trip was. Look at that crystal clear water and pristine water falls! Ugh! I am always in love with the view of the water. Whenever I see the ocean or lakes, I always feel like I am home. i believe that I was a mermaid in my past life. hahaha! kidding!

  6. 18 hours on a sail boat is a long time. But the scenery so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your story.

  7. Your sailing adventure sounds beautiful – that sunset! I love snorkelling so seeing those fish and coral reefs sounds amazing to me. How lucky that you saw all the mantra rays earlier in your trip too!

    1. it was one of a lifetime journey, watching them again feels like the first time as well. Exciting and interesting! Thank you Stephanie

  8. This must be one heck of a trip! You’re so brave for being able to endure all those sun rays! (I am afraid of exposing myself to them). One of my favorite activities during a trip would be to stop and appreciate the nature around. I might say, the places you’ve went are lovely. The corals are so beautiful! Indonesia is one of the countries I’d like to visit someday. Thank you for these.

  9. Wow, sounds like you had an amazing adventure! We went to Lombok for our honeymoon and I absolutely love it. We’ve always talked about going back but we never found the time. Your post made me miss the place – hoping we could visit before our 5th anniversary. On another note- your trip was something else! I can’t imagine traveling for that long on a boat! It sounds exhilirating and scary at the same time. I would have freaked out if we were caught in the open sea in the middle of the storm. Props to you for keeping your cool! Loved your story about the dolphins too. <3

  10. That sounds like a rewarding trip. I would not be brave enough I don’t think to spend 18 hours on such a small boat. The waterfall looked awesome though and I am sure it was worth the journey

  11. This is one of the adventures that I love to do. I also did a similar one last year, not exactly though but I think the experience is the same, right? My itinerary for the year is plotted already and it will be later this year that I can get to experience something like this again.

  12. Lombok is so lovely! My husband and I had our honeymoon in Bali last year and considered making a side trip to Lombok because we’ve been hearing so many good things about it, but we decided to just stay in Bali and make the most of our time there. But looking at your photos now, especially the ones in the water, it makes me want to go there soon. The water looks so clear! It must have been so scary for you to experience that storm but the staff with you must have been really good since they were able to keep you safe in such a dangerous situation! I’m sure you were terrified at that time, but now that you are safe, you can say that that just added to the excitement of your trip :)

  13. Wow! That’s such a long time to be out on the sea on a boat. I’ve experienced such but aboard a ship. I can’t imagine but I would love to experience that even if you had a rocky experience on the latter part. Indeed, kudos to the Wanua team for their presence of mind. Also, it so wonderful that there were dolphins near you.

  14. Nice description of your journey. I am really scared of stormy and bumpy exploration… good that the crew took control of the situation in time. I can imagine the panic. Hope you had a great time in Bali.

  15. Wow! I have never even thought to go an outing by sailboat. This experience, storm and all, sounds spectacular. I am particularly encouraged that you mentioned there were kids on board! It sounds a full weekend of relaxation and water play :-)

  16. That’s a nice experience and adventure! I would also endure that 18hr sail for amazing destinations. I mean hey it wasn’t that bad right? Especially when you get to see the sunset right in front you. I can also imagine how you stargazed while hearing the sound of the ocean. What a wonderful life. Hehe. Glad you enjoyed this vacation. :)

  17. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Snorkelling is one of my favourite activities and it looks like you found a fantastic spot for it. Glad you were able to have such an unforgetable experience!

  18. It seems that it has been a lot of hours of sailing. I understand it’s something you enjoy. I love sailing but on shorter distances. I haven’t been to Indonesia but my Coron island hopping trip in the Philippines is just unforgettable. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Wow! Coron is Love by the way and so with the whole Palawan island in the Philippines, nothing compares I guess. 😀

  19. Sounds like an incredible adventure. I would love to visit Flores and the rest of Indonesia. The snorkelling and the relaxing on the boat sounds lovely, although I think I’d have been really nervous in that storm!

  20. What a great little escape. We’re planning on heading to the area in October, but we’ll have a two year old with us. I would guess that this boat trip probably wouldn’t be super kid friendly… would it?

    1. It’s not for two year old, but we were with a family of 4 who joined the tour, their kids were of ages 8 and 12 as far as I can remember. 😀

  21. Great! Lovely photographs. They show how much you enjoyed the Indonesia trip. Yachting is the best source of adventurous journeys.

  22. I’ve never done a boat adventure like this, but it sounds exciting! I am sorry that you had a tough night with the storm but good for the crew for taking care of it. And I think it’s worth it to get the amazing photos of Indonesia!

  23. I was just in Lombok last December! Glad to see that you got to explore other islands around Lombok. Gili Lawadarat and Moyo Island look like paradise, without big tourist crowd!

  24. I was just in Bali, but sadly didn’t make it to Lombok! The snorkeling water looked so blue! Incredible!

  25. Its looking adventures can you suggest me from which tour operator is best for me, who can give me best Boat Sailing Adventure pacakage.

    1. Hi Rohan, I took a tour with Wanua Adventures, you may check them online :) They did well during our trip, a bit pricey than the others but the service is really good.

  26. I’ve never heard of Lombok, but I was recently trying to research what other parts of Indonesia to visit when I go to Bali. Nothing in the books yet, but this sailing adventure looks right up my alley! Your photos are amazing and the water looks so blue!

    1. Lombok is near Bali just 2 -3 hours by boat with stop over in Gili T, Gili Menu and Gili Air. Yay! Let me know if you need anything. 😀

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