Is the 10,000 Steps a Day for a Month A Challenge for you?

The personal challenge of taking the 10,000 steps a day for a month started on October 1, 2018. The initial plan was to join my father on his everyday morning walk which it then shifted to making it a personal goal for 10,000 steps a day. I’ve no idea what are the benefits of doing this, the sudden thought of turning it into a goal slipped into my mind and decided to continue it every day for a month.  

We managed to reach the daily goal for 2 weeks, in fact, we overdid the steps to 13,000-18,000 in the morning. My father, my aunt (father’s sister), my sister and I woke up every 4 AM and came out from the house at 4:30 AM to start the walking journey. For two weeks, we succeeded not until the third week because my toenail got injured.  On our second week, I had difficulty putting my shoes on as its getting painful, when I tried, it’s showing some signs of needing some rest. This made me decide to pause for some days until it healed while the three of them continued the journey. 6 days after the damaged toenail got recovered, I went back on track on the 8th day that it had fully healed, avoiding the possibility of sacrificing the pain if I come back right away.

10000 steps a day for a month in October 2018

Because of that, I didn’t complete the one-month goal. To clarify things, out of the one-month track, there’s a week I got interrupted.  I’m glad that there are a few of my friends who are following this journey and waited for a result. Through this experience, I learn things that are valuable.

In the past, I tried different kinds of physical activities like running, swimming, yoga and a workout at the gym. I still do some of this except working out at the gym and since I really want to see the pros and cons of the 10,000 steps, I didn’t do any other activity other than this morning walk.

There might be a bit of a difference if you are a beginner of this 10000 steps morning goal from my experience but I will lay down here what I noticed, it’s progress, the pros, cons and thinking if those things google suggests are true.

10000 steps a day for a month in a nature

Here are few of what I noticed that is making some progress:

An increase of endurance– this is the main reason why I tried walking daily without the urge of running or jogging. I wanted to see if walking is also going to improve my endurance as I previously underestimated this kind of motion that’s why I prefer running. I stand corrected when I did this walking for a month, the power of enduring an unpleasant process had increase positively.

Sleeping time improves. Gladly, the 8 hours of sleep daily has been succeeded. Smooth sailed through the time of a good night sleep.

Reduces Stress or shall I say Improves the mood. Turning 39 years of age this year had some ups and downs when it comes to hormonal imbalance. Deep inside, I can feel some changes in my hormones, I had crazy headaches when I wake up, very low energy and my mood seems to get irritating. When doing this 10,000 steps daily, I had a great amount of energy and I don’t easily get tired, and those headaches were distinctly gone.

Stronger heart. Even though I don’t use any tracker to check my heart rate, the thing that changes on me is the breathing system which I don’t need to catch my breath unlike before. I’d be doing some doctor’s check in a few months from now and see how this heart of mine is doing.

Emotionally and Mentally present. Having this sudden change of hormones and just by being hormonal at times, there has been a huge help leading me not to get emotional instead having happy hormones within that I could not explain what’s really in this. Mentally present for I had the great motivation to move forward with all my projects instead of constantly slacking and procrastinating.

Being in nature, exploring places, meeting people with a great smile. Since I am always working on my laptop, this kind of activity is best for people like me. Discovering the town where my family lives make a lot of sense and it validates the beauty of nature in the town. From different farms, various kinds of trees, houses built in the mountain, the panoramic view, all of these are found within a span of a month. Until now, it still blows my mind exploring the small town. The people we met are so kind, although they don’t know who we are they also are helpful and approachable making a quick conversation. This is the kind of environment that I like.

10000 steps a day for a month in a nature
Entering a small village in Bacong Negros Oriental during the 10000 steps a day for a month
A Grotto in Timbanga Bacong during the 10000 steps a day for a month challenge

While I noticed some progress I could see there are some cons to this as well.

One of the cons is not losing the target weight, it can help losing weight but not significantly. This is a slow-motion thus, expect a slow result as well.

Another thing is, this is not for those who want to tone their muscles with an instant result. Especially if the pacing is slow, this can take time. I suggest making a fast or brisk walking to achieve the goal.

Getting some toenail problem like what I mentioned, I am still figuring out if this is because of my old shoes or whatsoever, but I don’t get this kind of issue when I run. So better get the right kind of shoes. You can check out some designer shoes here.

10000 steps a day for a month

Please do remember that this is my personal experience that I’d like to share.

I am not an expert on this field, and I have no knowledge on a medical matter or science as they may call it.

Every body type is different, your body needs can be different from what I need. The most important thing is to try adding more activities than the 10,000 steps if you want an instant and constant change, especially if losing weight is your goal. Or give this 10,000 steps a shot and see how it works on you.

This 10,000 steps a day for a month has been a huge part of my life. The thought of doing this every day is still there although I don’t do it everyday now after that one-month goal, I still have the urge to go hiking and doing the walking to various spots as it massively nourishes a happy hormone. If you are a traveler, this is an activity fits for you and for everyone around. It can boost energy thus it can get you far places.

Is the 10,000 Steps a Day for a Month A Challenge for you? I hope so, it did challenge me and I am not stopping this, I, however, will not do it every day as I am going back to my first love which is running.

After sharing my experience, I think what I searched on google about this is true, its benefits are true to my end.  I hope you too can do some physical activities and share it here.

  • Have you tried challenging yourself for 10,000 steps a day?
  • Do you have any activities to suggest that might add to this list?
  • Does this article help you?

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