Nature’s Eye Resort: 3 Hours Guimaras Island Hopping

This 3 hours Guimaras Island hopping is included in the package of Nature’s eye resort. We started the journey from Tando Fishing village which is only 5 minutes walk from the entrance of the resort. There are 3 pick-up points from Nature’s Eye resort for this island hopping. At that time, the waves were a bit high that we were instructed to walk through the fishing village as it’s easy for the guests to get in the boat on that area.

Only one boatman who came with us. He is the captain, the guide, and an all-around man. Kudos for his willingness to do all things on this 3 hours journey. There are 5 of us on the boat, apart from the captain, there are other 3 passengers who are also guests from the resort.

As the engine started and leisurely navigating, the different rock formation is the first attraction of the tour. As the boat slowly sails towards the open sea, the cottages of Nature’s Eye resort can be beautifully seen.

Where is Guimaras Island? Hover and click this map

The tour is to make a stop at 2 spots which are the Taklong Island and the floating cottage. But before arriving in these two spots there are massive of islets with a beautiful view that is scattered in each site. The places this tour covered are the villages of Tando, Lagmayan and San Roque which are part of Nueva Valencia town in Guimaras.

The boatman slows down whenever we passed through a resort and also to the different forms of islets. Which clearly mesmerized our time, for instance, the little cave that has a beautiful rock formation is unique to see and great to capture a creative shot. There are plenty of beach resorts and white beaches along the way. But what got me more interested are the fishermen on the seawater doing their own thing, I could not identify how they do their work as it’s a bit unusual for me watching their activities. In which through that act, I can still validate that each island in the Philippines has its own way of fishing.

First stop is the floating cottage. There are 2 cottages when we arrived and local welcoming us with their warm greeting. The cottage has tables and chairs set that are organized well. They do not have a food meal to offer but only cup noodles and hot coffee. It has a restroom or toilet so it’s not a hassle looking for one. The floating cottage is located in San Roque, Nueva Valencia. It has an area for swimming and relaxing too. I was able to swim and did a little snorkeling outside the swimming area. The water is clear and the color is stunning to look at, unfortunately, only a few growing corals are in this area but I can see that the locals really took care of these. It’s also good to know how it’s growing knowing that this is the area that had the oil spill years ago. There is a Php 50.00 entrance fee for this spot.

Here is a video for you to watch the whole experience.

After long minutes of swimming and just bumming in the floating cottage, we headed to Taklong Island.

On this place, we paid for Php 30.00 as entrance fee that serves as an environmental payment to continue protecting the island. There’s a quarter or some sort of an office for the Taklong Island Marine Reserve, where one or every visitor will be educated about protecting sea creatures of this area.

It’s a great time learning all about this, plus the island has a stunning beach that made us swim too, an amazing view of the whole place as there is a lighthouse where a 360 view of the place can be experienced. 

Staying more time on swimming and exploring the island makes our tour relaxing. The fine weather, the heat of the sun, the quiet place has made it perfect on that day.

The 3 hours may seem to be a short time but I never thought it is the best 3 hours of my visit to Guimaras.



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