Nature’s Eye: The Most Relaxing Guimaras Island Resort

The hidden paradise situated at the southern part of Guimaras is a place one can do some honeymoon time not just for the couple but even for honeymooning solo. Apart from the quiet, strong and relaxing character that this hideaway captivates a human’s soul, it’s also a space one can detoxify from the outside world. It certainly can crash a habitual use of cyberspace and fully be taking a moment with nature since the signal for both mobile and even an existence of TV are nowhere to found in the room. A resort like Nature’s Eye perfectly fit the description.


Where is Nature's Eye Beach Resort? (hover your browser to this map)


Jumping into this island on a 20 minutes pump boat ride from Iloilo City, one can experience from the arrival area a glimpse on the life of the locals in an island known for diverse agriculture and plantation of Mangoes. Thus, Guimaras has been named as an island with the sweetest mangoes. From this point, tricycle drivers, tour operators, porters, vendors visibly checking on new faces arriving and kindly approach the tourists of what one needs or what vehicle they’d want to choose. There are 2 ports in Guimaras island coming from Iloilo, one in Jordan and 1 in Buenavista.

The port in Jordan is where I gladly take following the direction that the manager of Nature’s eye beach resort gave, opt for taking the route where one can experience how the locals do, a long journey yet fun acquaintance of Guimaras.

Natures Eye Resort Transport Guide

An almost 2 hours ride from the Jordan port might be tiring as passing through a bumpy road, squeezing tightly in a jeepney full of passengers, where each space of the jeepney is fully utilized so another incoming passenger can still hold in. No complaints there, the beautiful smile of the local who are considerate and courteous for everyone will not make you complain. Their patience of riding that far and all those they brought with them are so inspiring how being patient can make an important aspect in life.

Nature's Eye Beach Resort Guimaras Island Transport
Squeezing in this jeepney/local transport. I had a good conversation with the passengers too.

When you arrive in Nueva Valencia town, there is another 15 minutes ride of habal-habal or passenger motorbike taking you to the village where the resort is located. The habal-habal slowly descend to the point of Tando village, dropping you to a small corner where the staff from the resort politely waiting and welcoming with the help of carrying all the luggage.  

From that corner, there is another 5-7 minutes walk. As we approached the hideaway, it has started making me feel like I am in nowhere as the lush forest where the sound of birds chirping is the only thing to be heard. The warm welcome from the staff had given me a good impression of the place. They handed a cold water and a small wet towel to freshen up, after which showed the way to the room with a quick orientation, giving details of its rules and ideas on what else to do.

Staff from Nature's Eye Resort assisting me with my backpack when I arrived in the village. It's a 5 minute walk to the resort.
Staff from Nature's Eye Resort assisting me with my backpack when I arrived in the village. It's a 5 minute walk to the resort.


Nature’s Eye has 3 rooms, these are Ocean View Cottage, Cliff Cottage,  and Sunset Cottage. I gladly stayed for 2 nights in their sunset cottage. I hadn’t had the chance of taking photos of the other cottages as it was occupied at that time, so will quickly give you an idea some details of these rooms.

Ocean View Cottage

Rate: Php 3,500.00

Pax: Maximum of 5, additional Php 500.00 / additional pax

Wifi: No Internet and an Intermittent signal of any telecommunication

Room Type: Mix of Modern and Filipino Designed Cottage


Cliff Cottage

Rate: Php 3,000.00

Pax: Maximum of 5, Php 500.00 / additional pax

Wifi: No Internet and an Intermittent signal of any telecommunication

Room Type: Filipino Designed Open Cottage with open toilet and open shower room

Fan Room

Sunset Cottage

Rate: Php 2,200.00

Pax: 2 Pax Only

Room Type: Modern Filipino Designed Cottage with open toilet and open shower room

Fronting the beach

Wifi: No Internet and an Intermittent signal of any telecommunication

Fan Room

Nature's Eye Beach Resort Cliff Cottage
Nature's Eye Beach Resort Cliff Cottage
Sunset Cottage in Nature's Eye Resort Guimaras island
Sunset Cottage in Nature's Eye Resort Guimaras island

Staying in a sunset cottage that is not only for the honeymooners but also fit for solo travelers.  A great morning waking up to the sound of the water crashing through the rocks completely starts a day right. Spending two nights with a purpose of pure rest and relaxation, this place clearly shows the ambiance of what I am looking for in a room. No TV, open toilet and open shower room looking out the ocean, no internet, no mobile signal, all there is to sense is the sound of the birds chirping, the noisy crickets in the afternoon, and the pure bliss of the ocean. The room is a mix of hardwood, coconut timber, bamboo and a modernly designed cottage with a hammock hanging on the veranda facing the sea.

The sunset cottage really defined the name as this room proved to have the best spot chasing the sunset.

Restaurant | Food | More

The restaurant is on a cliff area siding the sea view where the islets are visible in the eyes. On the other side is a lush greenery with those vibrant colors of the flora. There are wooden table and chairs situated near the reception area and the owner’s haven. It is actually a walking distance from where the cottages are settled, a good walking exercise is a perfect stretching to do.

They serve mostly Asian cuisine from breakfast to lunch and dinner. There are no restaurants nearby, but they are offering the table d’ hote (table of the host) which are honestly so delicious. They don’t have their own set of usual menu, so their savory food is served on a full meal with desserts and drinks based on the day’s catch of fresh seafood and whatever is available, rest assured they do deliver the best food. Apart from that, they are also selling some chips and better request for the mangoes too if you’d like to taste one, after all, it’s the island with the sweetest mangoes. Alcoholic drinks like beer and wine are available, contact the manager or the owner before your arrival if there are drinks in store, as again this spot is far from any supermarket. I also highly suggest that you must coordinate if you have food allergies although Cai the manager asked all the guests upon arrival, still, better asked even before you check in, this is just in case they forget to mention to you.

Breakfast at Nature's Eye in Guimaras Island Resort
Breakfast meal, they actually serve huge amount of food, I took this photo after a couple of bites already.
Dinner Food in Nature's Eye Resort Guimaras Island
Dinner Food in Nature's Eye Resort Guimaras Island
Nature's Eye Resort Reception and Restaurant Area
Nature's Eye Resort Reception and Restaurant Area
The view from the restaurant of Nature's Eye Beach Resort in Guimaras Island
The view from the restaurant of Nature's Eye Beach Resort in Guimaras Island

You’d be able to understand how the owner Miss Rowena who loves the nature and taking good care of the environment is her main goal for this beautiful hideout. They emphasize the importance of utilizing stuff, right segregation of garbage, learning and sharing the eco-living to everyone. In fact, I am more than excited knowing about the plans they have for the resort which is going to give a great knowledge and awareness to everyone about protecting our environment too.

Segregation of Wastes in Nature's Eye Beach Resort
Segregation of Wastes in Nature's Eye Beach Resort

The place doesn’t have a pool, but there is a sanctuary fronting the cliff side of Nature’s Eye. A quick trek down is a panoramic sea view and a clear blue water that surely deserves a plunge to see the underwater creatures. The beautiful manager Cai kindly accompanied my thirst for underwater activity, we had a good time snorkeling, a bit of skin diving and freediving, we actually swim from that point all the way to the other side which took us an hour or so.

The coral reef is growing, although some of them are dead, seeing that there is a progress of the corals makes us happy despite the fact that it has been damaged years ago from the oil spill. To my surprise too, there are massive clownfish of different colors, few blue starfish and some clamps that are scattered everywhere.

Cai in the sanctuary fronting the Nature's Eye Beach Resort in Guimaras Island
Cai in the sanctuary fronting the Nature's Eye Beach Resort in Guimaras Island
Nature's Eye point of entry to their sanctuary area.
Nature's Eye point of entry to their sanctuary area.

If snorkeling or skin diving is not your thing, there is actually a small beach a few minutes walk from the main entrance which is a perfect venue to relax and rest. It is the place for fishermen where they also dock their boats and local crowding the place on a weekend.

There is actually a wifi connection but this is only available at their restaurant or reception area, so if wifi is really a life for you, you can still survive here. Apart from the wifi, there are few board games too. Personally, being on this heavenly nest feels like living back in the 1990s.

Beach near Nature's Eye Beach Resort
Beach near Nature's Eye Beach Resort
Nature's Eye Resort's House Rules
Nature's Eye Resort's House Rules


One of the activities the resort offers is the 3 hours island hopping. I did this with 3 other guests. As a curious traveler, the past situation of Guimaras about the oil spill got me hooked on knowing its growth. Honored of having a chance of exploring different islets and views and having a very kind boatman as well. A more detailed story about this island hopping is on another post, click here to read it.

Guimaras land tour is also open to everyone, ask from Nature’s Eye the places to visit and they assist for the guest’s needs too. I didn’t do this tour as I’ve already done this years ago on my first visit.

Trekking or walking through Tando village is another activity that one should pleasantly do, it’s one way of connecting with the people and learning how they live. This includes the beach near the main entrance as interacting with local fishermen may gain some experience too.

Photo capturing of the resort is the one that I love doing, its instagrammable features and its rich nature that’s so enticing to explore on such a peaceful abode makes it worth a shot.

Beach fronting Sunset Cottage in Nature's Eye Resort Guimaras Island
Beach fronting Sunset Cottage in Nature's Eye Resort Guimaras Island


It’s really safe, in fact, it is a home for those seeking a shelter that’s making you feel so comfortable and safe. Truly far from those commercialized establishments that’s only after of revenue. Nature’s eye will make you feel at home, relax, and have the entire place like it is your own. The owner, the manager and their staff will treat kindly and politely bringing all their smiles.

Please also bear in mind that this is in nature and lush forestry area that takes a lot of walk, trek and is farther from the civilization.  This might not be for everyone else, but if nature and being away from the busy world is what you are looking for, then Nature’s Eye resort is perfect for you.

Rowena Amancio Owner of Nature's Eye Resort
with Miss Rowena Amancio Owner of Nature's Eye Resort


Address: Brgy. Tando, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras Island Nueva Valencia 5046

Contact Number: 0907 757 9055 or +639077579055 (for international)

To book a room:

Book a BOAT Ticket for Iloilo Only: 12Go.Asia

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NATURE'S EYE RESORT Guimaras Island Resort

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  1. omg the sunset cottager looks incredible! the food looks amazing – I havent had a god mango in SO LONG! <3

  2. Would you believe I am a Filipina and I have not been to Iloilo much less Guimaras Island? Nature’s Eye looks unspoiled, especially having a sanctuary!

  3. What a lovely resort in such a stunning location! You had me at the ‘island with the sweetest mangoes.’ That is my kind of island! I would also choose the sunset cottage if I stay at this resort because I love chasing sunsets. The view of the ocean is amazing!

  4. It looks like traveling to Nature’s Eye Resort(with the plane ride, jeepney and hike) is half of the adventure! I love visiting remote nature ledges and I can see why you fell in love with Nature’s Eye. The cottages and food look amazing but the real star is the island.

  5. I haven’t heard of Guimaras or Iloilo City but you got my attention at mango plantations and tricycle drivers! That jeepney looked rough but you had such a good attitude about and when I saw the image of that cliff cottage I understand why – what a great property!

  6. It looks like a very remote location, so nice to have it to yourself! It looks quite beautiful and the food looks simply delicious! The method getting there? A little crowded for me!

  7. This looks like such a beautiful place to visit. I like smaller, out of the way places better than big resorts. Going back in time technology wise sounds really nice too. A blue starfish?! I’ve never seen one of those before. That would be so neat!

  8. First, I liked the resort’s name very much.
    I have been to Iloilo but didn’t know then about Guimaras else would have hopped over there too. Looks like lot of people go there as Jeepney was full!

    The food and the quietness in the resort are very inviting. The serene look of the sea also good. The Hammock, the bed are my things to do. 🙂

  9. All three cottages sound lovely and you’re lucky to have stayed in the sunset one because that sunset is just spectacular! It’s awesome to hear that it’s safe and you recommend it for solo travelers too. I find a lot of beachfront resorts to be a little too romantic sometimes and not as ideal for travelling with friends or even family/by yourself.

  10. Wow this is really nice. I would love to be relaxing in the hammock. Everything looks amazing, I would want to stay here if I ever got to visit.

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