The Interesting Open Market of Negros Oriental

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interesting open market

Most Filipinos are keen into “Market Day” especially for those who live in urban areas. This famous way of creating another source of income to local is working really well so far and I’m honestly considering to actively support this kind of program.

Some towns created their own 1-special “Market Day” of the week. Negros Oriental is one of them, and this for me, it’s the most interesting market day of the towns that I’ve visited.

Malatapay is the name of the small village in Zamboanguita town where famous Negros Market Day in the whole Oriental province is located.

What made this place compelling is the huge area that indulged in bidding, trading, and buying of poultries, cattle, cows, goats, and even water buffalo on cheap price. The massive total numbers of these really made the open area a busy-hustling-fascinating-market.

Local Negrense from all over Negros Oriental assured time to be in Malatapay every Tuesday night to start preparing their goods on their respected stall which they open at 5 am the next day (Wednesday). Various goods are available from vegetables to fruits, coffee, locally made items like t-shirts, placemats, mats made of seagrass leaves or buri, china wares, bamboo furnitures, ukay-ukay (second hand clothes items) to fresh seafood, lechon or roasted pigs, poultries & those that I mentioned about the trading of livestock and open carenderias surrounding the market.

The market, however, is open every Wednesday only, and those stalls are actually not used on the other days. This is to minimize suppliers and vendors’ expenses since they came from different towns of Negros Oriental. Thus, the government supports local’s small businesses.

These vendors sell fresh vegetables and fruits that they personally produce, local items that they personally manufacture and so on.

That’s why I strongly support local vendors during Malatapay Market Day, backing them in my own little way.

What else to do in Malatapay? Have a sumptuous lunch at the cafeteria (small open-ready-food restaurant) just near the beach where the port of Malatapay is located going to Apo Island. It is where you can have the tastes of different Filipino special food, and fresh seafood is always being served here, not to forget the famous Lechon is always present.

So, you may ask, Why Malatapay is interesting for me? It definitely catches my curiosity for every stall and every vendor in this market.


Tell me, What is the most interesting market you’ve visited?

Author: Ferna Mae

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25 thoughts on “The Interesting Open Market of Negros Oriental

  1. We are actually in the Philippines now! I would love to experience a market day! Do they have this everywhere? We just tried lechon today and it was DIVINE!

    1. Hi Megan, Welcome to the Philippines, there is a market day in every town but not all are the same as this one. You can ask local or at the public market on where you are coz they have a specific market day of the week.

  2. Sign. Me. Up. Anything that supports local businesses/vendors, and I am IN. I also just love that everyone seems to get involved and the government puts in measures to support the locals! Definitely need to keep this in mind when I finally get the chance to go to the Philippines!

    1. Awesome! We are in the same boat, I also been sharing about local living on my blog. Thanks for dropping by Samantha. :) Send me message when you get the chance to visit the Philippines

  3. I love visiting local markets when travelling. They are usually very colourful and a great insight into local life. I’m heading to the Philippines so will be looking out for something like this

  4. That seems like a huge market! I like the idea of it, and the fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as other foodstuffs look pretty appealing to me. Definitely something I would want to experience at least once, if I’m ever in the area!

  5. Markets are one of my favourite things to visit when I travel somewhere new – they are just so colourful, busy and exciting, and there really is no better way to observe local culture or cuisine. I love that the government is supporting local business here.

  6. I love bustling markets where you can really get a feel for the local cultures, sample yummy food, and watch the people. This sounds like a really huge one!

  7. I just LOVE markets so this sound amazing. I think it’s the best way to get quality fruit and veggies at an affordable price — plus you’re supporting a family directly in most cases. Thankes for sharing — I’ll have to check this out next time I’m back in the Philippines.

  8. Markets are usually the first thing I check when I visit a foreign city. Never been to this side of the world, but if comparing to African markets, its pretty the same vibes.

  9. This looks like so much fun! I love how they dedicate a day to supporting the locals who need that little extra. Is the Filipino version of auctions just as intense as those southern American ones? (the ones where it sounds like they’re rapping lol)

    1. that’s a good question, I have to look at how intense for Southern American markets are. I have no idea yet if it has the same version.

  10. I love visiting markets on trips. There’s just an excitement in the air. I don’t think I’ve ever been to one quite this big though. I’ve never seen anything bigger than a chicken sold, I don’t think. Looks like something to experience!

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