Punta Bulata Review: Everything You Need To Know on This Resort

I first heard Punta Bulata resort 5 years ago when I visited the place checking on what else there is to do and see. I didn’t stay on that day as my main purpose was scouting the area getting some viewpoint. Since then, I visit the resort once a year because of my work as a tour guide but didn’t get the chance enjoying the room for I was there for work. After I quit tour guiding job almost 2 years ago, the memories of my stay while working in this resort had kept coming back.

Thus, I return back this year.

The ambiance, its pure approach of the staff, the private location and the tranquility of the place made me booked a room in celebration of my birthday this year 2018.

Where is Punta Bulata Exactly?

It is in Elihan village part of the town Cauayan, Negros Occidental. It’s in the southern part of Negros Island with a 153 km distance from the known city of Bacolod. Kindly check the map below or hover your browser.

Punta Bulata is a family owned boutique resort. It has an almost 1 km white sand beach that faces the Sulu Sea with an area of more than 10 hectares.


The staff and its manager already knew that I will be arriving on my birthday. So after that 7 hours on the bus plus the 3-4 km bumpy road from the highway taking the local tricycle, I was extremely delighted and surprised when the manager and supervisor welcoming me with a happy birthday song. They also hand me a cold towelette and refreshing drink that I badly needed that day. After which I showed them my ID as they asked for it and giving me quick briefing of the place. Please note that tricycles are not allowed to enter in the premise, they will only drop you at the gate and the security guard will also be asking your name making sure you are on the list of guests arriving on that day. If you are bringing your own vehicle there’s a huge parking space inside.

Punta Bulata Resort Everything You need to Know Arrival
Welcome Drinks for me, 2 glasses of fresh drink because my room is good for 2 but I am the only one checking in of course 🙂


The beautiful Suzette who manage my reservation kindly show the way and let their boy staff carry my heavy luggage to the room. My expression when I enter the room is unexpected, apart from seeing the massive size of the space, the staff made an effort making my bed with another birthday greeting, such a sweet gesture.

I am fortunate enough staying in a hillside cottage with a daily rate of Php 2,800.00 which is beyond my usual budget, by reason of celebrating and giving myself an amazing gift, I had no complain paying such amount. The location of the room soothes to my eyes as both the homey feels and luscious green environment with a glimpse of the ocean undeniably come into sight. The room is equipped with a plasma TV, air-conditioned, a local phone for the resort’s easy access to the reception and restaurant. They also have a huge bathtub situated at the side of the transparent glass that the view outside can be seen. They also placed alongside the bathtub a bottle of conditioning shampoo and liquid soap plus their basin has a good size of a mirror with bath soap, hand soap, lotion, mini towels, and bottled water.

I also like the presence of the sturdy wooden cabinet so it was easy for me to store my clothes and etc. And of course the bed which for me is more than important when I love to rest and their bed didn’t disappoint me for I had a very good night sleeping.

Two sets of towels were given too, one for the shower set near the bathtub and another was the for the beach.

They have a total of 19 rooms and 4 mud huts. To check and book their rooms, you may click here. They have Hill Cottage (the one I’m staying), Beach Bungalow (facing the beach), Superior with Balcony, Superior hotel rooms, Deluxe, Premiere Sea View (which I like but cost a bit in my pocket), Sea View with terrace, Beach Cabana (which is located near the beach side), Beach Casita (this has a huge size of the room, perfect for a family), Hillside Casita (with two bedrooms) and 4 Mudhuts which are located farther from the main resort but also fit for budget travelers.

Restaurant  |  Food  |  Facilities  |  & More

La Veranda Restaurant

They have different kinds of food from Filipino cuisine to International cuisine. Since this is near the beach, fresh seafood is also available, but ask in advance first the kitchen. The price is average ranging from Php 100.00 to Php 800.00 depending on what kind of food you want, they have sandwiches to full meal available. There are heaps of food to choose from and a variety of drinks perfect for the sunny and humid weather, also for a night’s cocktail session. I am satisfied with the tasty food they have, I ordered bruschetta, sandwiches, fresh pandan shake, buko shake, a shot of Don Papa and full lunch meal too. There’s nothing to complain about how delicious their food is but mindful that it’s sometimes taking them a while to serve the full meal, a bit more than 30 minutes, but I assure it’s worth the wait. I suggest you must order your food earlier to avoid delay serving. Breakfast is KING! I had the chance having a breakfast for free on a buffet style, believe it or not, it took me awhile fueling myself with great breakfast food. I love the buffet and more so, theirs has a lot of variances that suits the taste of each guest. They serve different Filipino delicacies, Continental and American breakfast pairing with their overflowing fresh juice and of course my favorite unlimited brewed coffee. Facing the Sulu sea having your food on the table or some drinks near the beach is just relaxing and calming especially that the design and structure of the restaurant is widely open building it with a hut that certainly gives a cooling pleasure.


As a die-hard fan of wellness, I never hesitated trying an hour of Sauna and I was the only one enjoying the whole steaming sauna. Good thing their sauna is near the infinity pool plus they have two shower room nearby which for me is more convenient when I change my pace from cold water to hot and vice versa.

They have their own Ayu Spa massage area, but I didn’t get the chance having my own massage. It’s situated on top of the Ayu Spa building.

The infinity pool is refreshing, not that huge but just enough to relax especially having a view by the beach. As a person who gets allergies from the pool so easily, I usually have a second thought splurging on pools. That day was really warm with the scorching heat of the sun, I did splurge and stayed on the pool quite long. Luckily no allergies appeared after that.

The 1km Bulata beach is really peaceful and it feels like I was on a secret place. I walked all the way to their mud huts room and go beyond to El Tzino beach resort. Exploring and looking for a place to rest never seemed a problem for I don’t get to see lots of people on the beach and there was an abundance of recliner, bench, and swing. The swing that is placed in a unique shape of the coconut tree is one that people loves taking photo plus their bamboo kayak meters away from the shore gives a great ambiance of the place and serves a resting area whenever one do snorkeling.

Island Hopping is also open. There are a turtle and majestic island that can be reached on a 30 minutes local boat ride. There is also another island named as Danjugan. The excursion for Danjugan is a bit expensive but I can guarantee that you will leave the place with great knowledge involving eco-tourism and the importance of eco-living. Punta Bulata is one of the gateways for Danjugan, you can ask them the rate or check my written article about the island here.


Yes, it’s safe. They have on duty guards for 24 hours.


Coming to the place from Dumaguete takes a while to arrive. I took a bus from Dumaguete, there is no direct bus going to this place. Although there is one direct bus going to Sipalay which is a neighboring town of Cauayan, I could not wait the scheduled bus for it’s too late to depart, they depart at 12 noon.

If you are coming from Dumaguete there are two routes to choose from.
First option: A bus from Dumaguete to Sipalay (either via Bayawan/Hinobaan) then to Cauayan.
Second option: Take a bus from Dumaguete City to Kabankalan City, then hop another bus from Kabankalan to Cauayan.

The first option takes about 7 hours travel since there are 2 towns you need to stop at which is Bayawan and Hinobaan. The second option takes about 5 hours.

If you are coming from Bacolod, take the Sipalay bus and let the driver know that you need to stop at Bulata village. This takes about 4-5 hours bus journey.

And lastly, is it worth a visit knowing it’s on a far-flung place and a bit complicated reaching the area? Well, if you are like me looking for a private and peaceful place, this will be worth it.

  • Have you traveled solo in a private place or in Negros Island?
  • Do you have any place or things to suggest that might add to this list?
  • Does this article help you?

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PUNTA BULATA Everything you need to know

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  1. Look at those views Ferna Mae. Stunning. I also love the spread too. Some awesome eats, which I note when taking stock of places. Rocking post buddy.

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    1. Hi Chito, you can check the rates from Agoda, click here and shorter way is the route, Dumaguete-Bais-Mabinay-Kabankalan-Cauayan. Thank you

    1. Yes, they have, and abundant underwater creatures too. which reminds me I need to add the amazing details of the diving site here. Thank you for reminding me that, will add to this post about their diving too.

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