There are friends and some online acquaintances who are asking reviews of where I stayed in a certain place. Take a look of those that I had the opportunity of staying either a bed and breakfast or a luxurious place. I personally paid most of my stay and a very very few of this that I accept for sponsorship.

Ferna of Everywherewithferna

FERNA / @everywherewithferna

1Peace Resort- A Traveller’s Relaxing Home in Anda, Bohol

Experience a different kind of stay and vacation at 1Peace resort in Anda, Bohol. It is truly a traveler’s home.

Danjugan Island – A Heaven on Earth Eco-Friendly Place

Why is this place a heaven on earth eco-friendly island? I experienced it myself. Sharing with you the beauty inside and out on this private island.

First Time Flying with SILKAIR: the Philippines to Singapore Route

Know exactly how my first experience with Silkair? Is it worth the price flying with this airline? Will I return for my future booking? Here’s my own review

Punta Bulata Review: Everything You Need To Know on This Resort

Check this Punta Bulata review which is a beach resort situated in a private place. Everything you need to know a white sand beach resort is all here.

Nature’s Eye: The Most Relaxing Guimaras Island Resort

Thinking of staying in a nature-like resort? Nature’s Eye resort is perfect for this, it’s the most relaxing Guimaras island resort of the west


Ferna Mae Fernandez

The Philippines has 7,107 islands. Through my varied experience as a former tour guide and traveling the 40 provinces out of 81, my expertise can help you on your tour or next vacation in the country.