Should You Join Sipalay Tour Package from Magbanua Tours?

In August of 2017, I went back to my family’s place in Negros Island particularly in a town next to Dumaguete on the south side. It was a decision that I never thought it would come as I have been planning to travel long term in the year 2017. With the change of decision, I made a clear thought that I will stay indefinitely with my family. Since then, I’ve been searching online where else should I go while I am still on the island and also while working on my personal project. One of the coincidental things happened when Phil Contreras who is the admin of Hello Negros group on Facebook surprisingly approached me by sending a private message. His message had me some decision of accepting his invitation to be part of the group and be one of their moderators. The page started in December, then local travelers from Negros Island begin sharing their individual best photos and videos of the places they visited around Negros.


Watching the Negros amazing images that locals shared to that group, plus great ideas from the group’s moderators, I kept thinking about Sipalay City and my love on how it captured my heart on my first visit years ago.


Through this group, I have been introduced to Magbanua Tours who started their service for Sipalay last January 2018. And just this first week of April, I decided to join the tour so my long-awaited plan in visiting that city will be granted.

Should You Join Sipalay Tour Package from Magbanua Tours Second
The group with the Magbanua Tours Team for our Sipalay Tour Package Trip

Probably not all of you know that I do not like joining group tour packages, I’d like doing it spontaneously all by myself and discovering places through my own effort. The last group tour I did was in Thailand in the year 2016. Since then, I’ve been keen on thinking vividly if it’s worth the time being on a tour. However, after checking Magbanua Tour’s Sipalay Day tour package for Php 999.00 ($20) I decided I’ll go with them. After all, my undying itch of revisiting Sipalay City doesn’t need more time staying in that place

Where is Sipalay City Located?

Hover the map below

The weather on that day was unpredictable, it rains a bit in the afternoon, cloudy and sunny the rest of the day.  Just to summarize, these are the places in order that we visited guided by Magbanua Tours Team, attached with its corresponding photos I took on that day.

Breakfast stop in Bernie’s Restaurant Siaton, Negros Oriental

Should You Join Sipalay Tour Package from Magbanua Tours breakfast

Quick Stop for sea viewing in Culipapa, Hinobaan

Should You Join Sipalay Tour Package from Magbanua Tours Culipapa

Perth Paradise Resort

Tinagong Dagat and Latasan Resort

Should You Join Sipalay Tour Package from Magbanua Tours Tinagong dagat

Sipalay Bay or Poblacion Beach

Should You Join Sipalay Tour Package from Magbanua Tours Sipalay Bay

Should you join the Sipalay Tour package from Magbanua tours?


Personally, YES!

As a solo traveler and really particular in tour packages, I seldom adore blending in a group tour.  Not that I don’t like to socialize with other travelers, this is maybe because I hated myself being pressured of its time limit given in each site. Oh well, that’s just my choice in traveling, it sometimes changes. With Magbanua Tours, all this past experience and perspective were gone by the wind, as this agency had made my experience so valuable. 


Here are my top personal reasons from my experience on why should you join the Sipalay Tour Package of Magbanua.

  1. They keep us in the loop. They send a message a day before the tour and on the day of the tour just minutes before our scheduled time giving us information the sequence of the areas they are going to pick up until all have been picked up.

  2. On-time. Best thing is they are on-time that you don’t have to wait and no pressure on the guest’s side as well for they keep sending updates to everyone who to pick up next. On my part, I like it this way.

  3. Smooth drive by their driver on a very comfortable van with an individual reclining seat.

  4. The couple Earl and Jonabel who is the owner of Magbanua took good care of us as a team and treat us all as VIPs. Earl is our tour guide giving us information of the places we pass through, he sets in front of the car and really shows his great smile while sharing information, especially about Hinoba-an as he was one of the past Councilors in the town.

  5. Jonabel, on the other hand, makes sure that all of our requests were fulfilled. She takes the order of our food and sends it to Nataasan resort an hour before our arrival. And making us sure that we have ample time to enjoy each site and showing their flexibility. I know teamwork works and it suits this team.

  6. They are giving us option of adventures available within the area and offer them to the guests. Apart from which they are open to adjusting their time and schedule for particular guests who are willing to take other adventures given it’s on the guest’s expense. An example of this was when I really want to do snorkeling in their marine sanctuary in Punta Ballo, I kind of really worried I might destroy the tour plan for the whole group.  Instead, the couple offered to pick me up on the time that I wish to pick up and adjust my schedule for the rest of the tour. Unfortunately, I didn’t badge in as the weather was not cooperating at that time so I didn’t do the island hopping.

  7. Zero-Headache! It’s a hassle-free trip and really convenient. I had no problem especially with food as I usually get hungry when I travel. From the time I booked with them, I had nothing else to set on my mind but to have fun. When I work as a tour guide, I did all the work so being treated as a VIP from this budgeted tours from them has given me no headache.

  8. Safe Travel. They know the risk of traveling, they are well prepared.

  9. Cost Saving. With their budget tour of Php 999.00, it has saved my travel budget. Knowing the cost of transport going to this city I already know how much I saved and most especially saving the travel time.

  10. Best Service there is in Negros Island so far in handling budget tour for Sipalay City, the VIP treatment for a budget tour is beyond my expectation.

I hope from my experience, you will book a day-tour with Magbanua Tours as I did. Please check their other tours in Negros Island through their Facebook Page click here and give them the code EVERYWHEREWITHFERNA so they can give you a priority when you book a tour with them. 


Here’s a quick video to visually check the tour.

Here is Where to Book your Trip to Sipalay City


BOOK YOUR BOAT TICKET at 12G0.Asia it’s easier to get a ticket from them than in actual especially if you are coming from Dumaguete on a Saturday. Or click the box below to search your designated place. 

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Magbanua Tours for Sipalay City: Contact Number +639171551760 or Message them on their Facebook Page 

Those wanting to book a Travel Consultant/Tour Guide or Tour Organizer: Click here

** Huge Thanks to Magbanua Tours. All opinions are my own. 

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Should You Join Sipalay Tour Package from Magbanua Tours

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  1. We have tour coming this September to Sipalay, and we would like to hire Magbanua Tours.

  2. Hi, I already did. Already taken care & my coming trip to Sipalay has been scheduled, book with Magbanua Tours. Thanks 😊

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