My Story to Date: What Happened After Quitting Tour Guiding Job

In Nacpan Beach, Palawan. My guest took this photo.

It has been a year since the decision of getting out from tour guiding career had finalized, yet, it was only 3 months ago when I served the last guests as I got requested from the company for few more schedules right after I send my letter.

Tour guiding work has been the apple of my eye for more than 4 years. It opens to different possibilities, various perceptions, mastering emotions, taking and treating the job, not just a work but a pure business.

When I sent my formal request for permission stating of excluding me from future tour guiding schedules to my amazing French boss of Philippines Autrement last year in August 2016, I felt something just changed. Though I work with them as a freelancer, they always request my service that certainly taking all my time as we move every 2 or 3 days from one destination to another. And I felt the need to send them a formal request as it is the sincere thing for me to do and they deserve it as well. Don’t get me wrong, working in this field is such an honor that has exposed myself to great opportunities for traveling and most especially about understanding deeper the life of Filipinos living from different islands. The company itself has been really good to me and to the other tour guides working with them, and I will forever credit the team of Philippines Autrement for trusting my capabilities and integrity.

In Siquijor Island, introducing a local wood carver to the guests

Majority of our time, we are  constantly moving from one place to the other carrying 2 bags – my 15kilos backpack and a gadget bag (my laptop for online work) all together made me realized how I did all the work as fast as I could, with the quick initiative so my guests will have a smooth transfer wherever we are in the country.  Knowing the complicated transportation system in the Philippines,  a new foreigner will completely be surprised to which some may get annoyed or be more interested.  Remembering how I survive my first-day tour guiding work still amazed me until now, it is still the unforgettable moment working as a guide.  Thinking how I also manage to stay energetic when I only have 2 or 3 hours of sleep because online jobs keep me awake every night. Juggling all these work, I still couldn’t figure out how I made it a success. And to be honest, I miss all the hassle (oops!) and challenges.

It was on my birthday last May that I served the last guest, and it was a farewell which is a temporary exit for I know I will come back to this career, not to be a guide but to be a mentor for aspiring tour guides who want to work professionally (crosses my fingers).

Part of the reason why I quit is to fully utilize my time to work online, building my own travel consultancy business which I started even before I left the company. [Read: Testimonials from Previous Guests] But the core reason is for me to endlessly travel everywhere, constantly traveling without being tied to a schedule working as a guide. Right now, catching all the work while traveling has put me into more demanding time and long-lasting challenges. I am not complaining, instead, I am more than happy that I am now doing all the work for myself.

Joining the guests in rice planting at the top of the mountain somewhere in Moalboal.

What’s next for me? I am putting all the labor of love in building this blog so I can share and document the story of my life and my traveling experiences.  I treat this as my home so I have a place to check on in the future. I also aim to continuously inspire myself in writing which I am hoping I can inspire others too. Apart from this blog, my mind is disturbed by so many ideas about creating a tour company, thinking on how to help the local people in the Philippines connecting themselves in the tourism industry. I am still on the verge of manifesting this business, slowly engaging as a travel consultant. In the near future, I know I will be tagging my own company here and how it is helping the locals in need.

And yes, life must move forward. This is my story to date.

I am curious, what is your story to date? What’s next for you? Any goals you would love to share?

Author: Ferna Mae

Ferna is a spontaneous traveler from the Philippines who had a great experience traveling her own country first before she embarked to other countries. She thrives to be more independent in her own skin. Connect with her at

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