Thailand Travel: 3 Weeks Solo Adventure

Traveling solo in my own country was obviously a natural for me, yet, when I travel solo to another country, it widened my mind to more adventures.

When checking online the best flights that will come from The Philippines, it happens that Thailand had the cheapest airfare from Manila so I grab the opportunity. That actually is the main reason why Thailand became my first country visited. Fortunate to have stayed for 3 weeks wandering from the South to the North.

Although Thailand is the most popular destination for tourists in SouthEast Asia, I still have no idea about the country. So, I then started reading traveling materials and pursue planning of the places to stay which I found out that everywhere in Thailand there are massive of places to choose from. But What got my attention is the amazing Thailand Luxury Vacation, which tempted me to jive in.

A beautiful scenery in Krabi Thailand, a relaxing place

Choosing on which place to go was a struggle at first.  Since Phuket is the place where I will be arriving, I map things out from there and decided that Krabi will be my next destination after Phuket. My love for Krabi made me stay for a week, then flew to Bangkok, understanding the big city and headed to the North of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai plus an overnight stay in Mae Sot before I headed to Myanmar.

These are the towns that I visited during my 3 weeks solo travel in Thailand.

As a solo traveler in this country, I find it really interesting. In 3 weeks I was able to find great adventures! Sharing the experience of how the adventures went from one place to the other.


I joined a group tour, as I find it cheaper at cost. Both an inland and island hopping were booked on the same organizing tour I found in Patong. Please note that joining a tour in Phuket does not mean you are on the same tour agency, they simply organize tours base on every agency selling the same tour in Patong. Which means you will be in a group who book on different agencies as yours.  

I choose Island Hopping in Koh Phi Phi.  Racking through the very late organization’s set up, I find it a dilemma on my part. Though I know not all organizing group are doing the same, but the one I was into was a different adventure. Waited for more than 3 hours for all the guests to come in,  dividing the group into 3 settling to also 3 different speed boats, oriented one by one the group before we left the area. Since we were picked up at 7 am from the hotel, I expect an early time for the tour. Arriving at the meeting area by 7:30 and started the island hopping by 10:30 AM made almost everyone agitated. Oh well, I think it was a dilemma on my part as I also organize tours in the Philippines in which I do not do the same, but no, I am not blaming them nor got mad at the service they put in. I respect every tour companies services.  Instead, I gave them feedback right after the tour and they assure for an improvement of their service. We went to different islands in Khai Island, then to Maya beach, Monkey Island which we were given a couple of minutes exploring each island. Then, we stopped in Phi Phi Island where we had our very late lunch. Luckily they gave us ample of time discovering Phi Phi. Was I alone doing such activity? NO, in fact, I met old and young travelers alike on this trip which I also met someone from Mauritius, telling me I am fortunate to have lived in the Philippines. Do I recommend this island for solo travelers? Yes, the islands we went to are just mind blowing, they are beautiful. Snorkeling and Diving are rampant in the area but could not testify as I didn’t go that far, I snorkeled only at Monkey Island where I could not see any corals.

Koh Phi Phi Island in Thailand

Inland Tour. Joining a countryside tour baffled me a bit, but, I am to blame because I personally choose it. Please be mindful of the tours in Phuket when there is an animal involved, there might be some extortion like riding the elephant and etc. I wasn’t responsible for myself at that time so I am to be blame big time. But, I showered myself with happiness checking their interesting public Market, blown over the beauty of the landscapes, and mesmerized by the Big Buddha. Like I mentioned, I was careless in booking this inland tour as it has an elephant ride and monkey show which I honestly do not recommend for you. My deepest apology for taking such action but this has been a hard lesson learned.

Joining A Land Tour in Phuket Thailand, Disappointing or Not?

READ: Joining a Land Tour in Phuket Thailand, Disappointing or Not?

Songkran Festival. Phuket actually is one of the fun places to experience Songkran Festival or the Water festival of the country. I arrived on the day of the Songkran Festival which I was a noob for I didn’t expect anything about this. I was solo, I had no friends when I arrived but what I did was I mingled with my roommates and post threads to various Facebook Group about Phuket Thailand on who else can join in, so I did find one amazing woman who I was with the entire afternoon partying at the Bangla street for Songkran.

Patong Beach is the busiest beach in town. It’s a beautiful long beach with different activities to try and on this beach, you can relax as well. The other beach to visit is at Kata and Karon which I had a quick visit in Karon beach. For more list of beaches, this link may help you.

Songkran Festival in Thailand


A serene city has plenty to offer that’s why I unintentionally stayed for a week here. As a sucker for non-touristy and off the beaten path, this place is way too different from the busy Phuket town. From one beach to the other, trekking from Khao Ngon Nak, climb the 1,237 steps to Tiger temple, long tail boat ride to Railey beach plus my favorite open weekend market. My 5 Things to do in Krabi as a solo traveler will certainly give you more ideas. Read the post here

Krabi Thailand
Krabi Thailand


A city known for the City of Angels didn’t thrill me. Not because it’s a cruel or bad city, it’s actually the City of Angels and an amazing place. The thing about me is that I sometimes easily got bored when visiting a city, and Bangkok is, unfortunately, one of them. Yet, I did survive for 3 nights in this busy City. In fact, I even went to Khao San Road which is known for being the center of the backpacking universe. And truth be told, it really is the place for backpackers alike and obviously, I am one of them. This is the place for those who like to shop and bar hop. Plenty of restaurants, travel agencies, money exchange stalls, and etc. that can attract tourists. Apart from Khao San Road, I was able to stroll near the river just to check what’s in there, also, experienced their free bus which took me long to arrive in Chatuchak Weekend Market from Khao San Road because it went farther than I expected, yet, I honestly had a good time riding the bus for it give me the opportunity to sightsee the city.  For your info, there are massive of things to do in Bangkok, I just choose to cut my stay and move to the north which is in Chiang Mai. Still, I recommend a traveler to visit this city, it’s a marvelous place.

Munching the famous exotic food in Khao San Road, Bangkok Thailand


After 3 days in Bangkok, I flew to Chiang Mai for only BAHT 685.00 which I booked via Thai Lions just hours before the flight schedule. Chiang Mai is my second most favorite town in Thailand being Krabi as the first. Chiang Mai is actually the biggest city in Northern Thailand, yet, I didn’t feel anything awkward of felt bored staying here, in fact, I stayed 8 days in the city. It’s a relaxing place as the highest mountain is situated on this place. Love the abundant coffee shops, the elegant malls like in Maya Mall and believe me massive of restaurants. It’s not a hectic city, it’s a laidback place in my opinion.

Grand Canyon of Chiang Mai Thailand

These are the things I did in Chiang Mai:

  • Chiang Mai Street Food Tour
  • Weekend Market
  • Early Morning Local Market which opens at 4 AM
  • Visit Doi Suthep Pui National Park and Temple by motorbike or by trekking
  • Visit Bubhing Palace (closed on Mondays)
  • Experience the early morning giving of food from the local for the Monks who stroll in the area.
  • One day tour to Chiang Rai to visit White Temple and Black Museum
  • Grand Canyon Chiang Mai – The time I went to this place the entrance was only 50 Baht with no water activities except to one where we jump in the water which was fun. Earlier from this post, they made it to a water park so please do check first before you jive into this place.
  • Watching Movies at Maya Mall (love the toilet here)
  • Celebrated my birthday
  • Work in different cafes



After fully satisfying myself in Chiang Mai, I traveled 6 hours by bus to Mae Sot and plan to only stay overnight. I met one of the Filipino travelers who I got acquainted through a Facebook Group. She is working as a teacher in Mae Sot and knew the place. We only explored to the market, had dinner and a little joyride in town before I head back to my small hostel. I choose Mae Sot as my last destination for Thailand because there’s a border in getting to Myanmar.

Dinner with a Filipino Friend who I got acquainted from a Facebook group. This is in Mae Sot, Thailand
Mae Sot Thailand

I explored Thailand for 25 days and please do not hesitate to taste their delicious food.

Hope this 3 weeks adventure had given you ideas on how to travel in the country within the amount of time.

  • Have you traveled solo in Thailand?
  • Do you have any place or things to suggest that might add to this list?
  • Does this article help you?

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Author: Ferna Mae

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  1. It’s a good guide for 3 weeks. You have covered most of the places in Thailand. I was in Bangkok this year for Songkran 🙂

  2. Great review Ferna Mae. We love Thailand, and have spent more than 2 years there during our 6 year around the world trip. We just booked a Chiang Mai house sit, for 6 weeks, starting in February of 2018. Excited!

    As for the monkey and elephant shows on the tour, no need to be hard on yourself. You did not do it on purpose and in this day and age, even though I love Phuket, it is insane that these shows still exist. Hopefully, when enough people explicitly say to avoid these shows – as you have – they will go the way of the dinosaur so elephants and monkeys can be seen in the wild, and these domesticated creatures can find loving homes for the remainder of their lives.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


    1. Hi Ryan,

      Thank you so much. That really made me feel good about not being hard to myself regarding the animal shows in Phuket.

      All the Best on your travels as well.


  3. hi… i didn’t agree with some of the stuff, nevertheless i do enjoyed the post in general… the article was actually suggested to me by a buddy at digg and he ended up being right. rather good read! Take care!

  4. solo travelling! congratulations for your courage! 🙂
    You seem like having fun in Thailand

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