The Charm Of Casaroro Falls And Its Exciting Adventure

A more than 30 minutes drive away from Dumaguete City is the magical Casaroro Falls which is located in Apolong, Valencia. Its mystical approach is known for a picturesque view in Negros Oriental.


Although known for the best spot in the province, it is also not for everyone. Persisting the almost 30 minutes of a trek from the jumping point or the base of the more than 300 steps stairway is definitely NOT for those who have a fainted heart. Although manageable, yet needing some rugged assistance like a tour guide for those who have a weak-kneed but are interested to take the hike.


Fortunately, after many years of dealing with the uncemented-rocky road, it is now easy and fast driving slope of a road to the jumping-off place from the main town of Valencia. Unless you are personally driving a motorbike unintended for a very slope area, then this will cause a problem so better plan ahead. Taking habal-habal is highly recommended if you are doing the trip to yourself.


Habal-Habal –  is a motorcycle modified to seat more than two persons

Exact Location of Casaroro Falls

After my countless visits to this waterfall, I came up good reasons why you too should delve in the place and hike if you possibly can. Here are my personal reasons why it is time to stop by in Casaroro Falls.

  • It’s a goal to hike which makes it one of the benefits that a person can endure physically.

  • The lush green environment breathing fresh air and hearing the calm water rushing in near the concrete rubbles makes the person exhilarate.

  • Although it’s a tourist spot widely offered by the tour agencies in the town and through online agencies, this still serves as an off-the-beaten-path which can gain you an authentic and unique experience

  • It is beautiful. The 100 feet waterfalls will take your breath away especially when the water drop down in the basin that is making the current strong and heavy. Despite the water’s current, it’s beauty is what enthralled the most.

  • The narrow falls are what makes it unique in the region, cheerfully swishing over the rocks.

  • The tempting blue-green color of the water is soothing to the eyes and calming to the ears.

The first stop to see the beautiful Casaroro Falls
The first stop to see the beautiful Casaroro Falls

Unfortunately, swimming at the center of the basin is prohibited. The local government is warning for those who are visiting that it’s not allowed to swim in the pool where the water strongly drops down.  This is because of the past incidents where few tourists dived into the falls and never found after that, they didn’t come back in the surface. Sadly, this didn’t happen only once, but according to the caretakers and local living in the area, there is a mysterious calling from that falls where they captured one or two persons a year that serves as an offer to nature. Before you know it, it’s a belief that has been carried on from the community, and few of the people presumably putting regard it as true.


However, you can swim at the bottom of the pool, but not directly to the cascading water.


Without further knowledge about that kind of presumptions, I leave that to you as one of the information that I’m passing as to why it is off limits to swim.


Regardless of this eerie story, the charm of the waterfalls still holds as one of the wonderful nature as a place worth to visit.

We can swim at the bottom of the bottom in Casaroro Falls
We can swim at the bottom of the bottom in Casaroro Falls

Curiously, the exciting adventure all started from the point of entry just right after paying the Php 10.00 entrance fee,  where one immediately step into a staircase. That staircase consisting of more than 300 steps passing through a vibrant color of nature with different kinds of trees standing still.


Surviving the grueling steps doesn’t mean you’ve reached the destination, the journey continues for another 700-800 meters trek transitioning the challenging terrain.


Once upon a time, the place was materially and physically well formed, with a solid foundation that’s making the guests effortlessly arriving the falls in no later time. Unlike in the present year, the boulders are trapping the way, thus, wearying the energy of an individual. A huge leap moving from one side of the small river to the other side, with slippery stones and difficulty to maneuver would make you think at first that this should be a place worth to discover.


Continuing on, the water on the streams when on the way to the falls is not that strong, but it had given slippery impact to the stones, hence a good trekking shoe and patience to balance your body is highly advisable. All your upper strength is widely needed as well.

The once concrete Bridge to Casaroro Falls that has been destroyed by Typhoon Sendong
The once concrete Bridge to Casaroro Falls that has been destroyed by Typhoon Sendong
Boulders on the way to the Casaroro Falls
Boulders on the way to the Casaroro Falls
Broken stones in a stunning view moving to the Casaroro Falls
Broken stones in a stunning view moving to the Casaroro Falls

Unexpectedly, on my very first visit to this waterfalls, it was just months after Typhoon Sendong hit the town. Typhoon Sendong is the reason why all the solid and beautiful creation that the people established had gone, destroyed and totally lost. The only place stands still is the toilet area. That strong typhoon washed out all those concrete roads leading to the waterfalls from the point of entry. Just like that and all has shattered, until, at the present time, people coming in the place still had to undergo the exhausting trek.


Despite the prevailing circumstance, there is a great and exciting adventure on this spot. It’s not only about the adventure, but also the stunning view, the flowers growing that has a honey sweet smell, the crickets noise, the birds chirping, the serene ambiance had added a great positive impact to be surrounded with all of these.


The leisure is on full blast arriving at the destination as the waterfall welcomes you with refreshing cool water and an inviting pool. The 100 feet pool was pounding on the rocks.

Stairways in Casaroro Falls
Stairways in Casaroro Falls
My cousin Dino pointing out the only place standing still after Typhoon Sendong destroyed Casaroro Falls
My cousin Dino pointing out the only place standing still after Typhoon Sendong destroyed Casaroro Falls

I suggest you plan ahead before going to Casaroro especially if you are with kids. In lieu of this, I collected some tips for you before going to the place.


  • Wear the right shoe, if possible those aqua shoes that can hold grip

  • Use a dry bag for all of your stuff to protect your gears and important belongings from getting wet. There is no place to hide when it’s pouring rain

  • If you have no dry bag, a plastic bag can serve as a replacement, be also responsible not to throw this in the area as there are no garbage bag there.

  • Plan ahead a good time to visit: early in the morning like 8 AM is the best time but do not risk going when it’s raining heavily, the local in the area won’t allow you to enter as the water quickly rises which may cause a flood.

  • Keep yourself hydrated, bring lots of water with you and make sure you have enough to drink when climbing the 300+ steps on your way back

  • Do NOT hike alone

  • No mobile or telecommunication signal in the area

  • Take a habal-habal from the town in Valencia if you are doing this trip yourself and if you are not going with your owned vehicle with you.

  • Bring food with you



While I mentioned it is not for everyone, I, on the other hand, had taken this as an easy path probably because I have been actively doing physical activities prior to coming here. I know not all of us have the same strong body built but I do hope this serves a good reference when planning your trip to the place.


Have you been to Casaroro Falls?

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