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Danjugan Island Cover

Danjugan Island – A Heaven on Earth Eco Friendly Place

Tweet EmailSumo Tweet Email  Surrounded by beautiful trees, I couldn’t imagine what’s on this island. Danjugan Island? Where is it located? I sure of this place is unfamiliar to most of the Filipinos. This is located at the southwestern most part of Negros Island. I had the privileged to visit this for free courtesy of […]

Canyoning in Moalboal Cebu cover

What to Expect from Canyoning in Moalboal Cebu

Tweet EmailSumo Tweet Email One of the famous outdoor activities in Cebu island is Canyoning – an activity that involves rappelling, trekking, swimming, rafting and waterfall jumping. Building my own strength, I believe this fits right for me. Although enjoyable and worth challenging, Canyoning is unfortunately not for everyone, especially for those who have fainted […]

Islas De Gigantes copy

New to Islas de Gigantes? Here’s What You Should Need to Know

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Thinking About Dumaguete City

Thinking about Dumaguete City? 7 Reasons Why It’s Time To Stop By!

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interesting open market

The Interesting Open Market of Negros Oriental

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Sipalay City 1 copy

SIPALAY City Captured My Heart

Tweet EmailSumo Tweet Email Of more than 140 cities in the Philippines, I’ve never taken notice of Sipalay City. Probably because it’s truly not known in the country or perhaps in the Visayas region alone. It was only by the time I moved to Negros island that this city ring a bell to me. It […]

apo island sea turtles and beyond

APO Island – Sea Turtles and Beyond

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Anda bohol next destination

Anda – Bohol’s Next Destination

Tweet EmailSumo Tweet Email At the eastern tip of Bohol is the place called Anda, an untouched beauty of the island of Bohol. This rustic side of Bohol has so much to offer. Its beach, the turquoise color of sea water that freely gives a smooth feature in the eyes is really tempting. I first […]

A very warm welcome from the port

5 Things Why We Secretly Fear but Fall In Love with Siquijor

Tweet EmailSumo Tweet EmailWhen I was a kid, I heard a lot of terrifying stories about Siquijor. I’ve seen horror movies and news every Halloween with scenes that mostly came from Siquijor Island. Because of that, I imagined this island with people staring at you like they wanted to bury you in death. I was […]