Thinking about Dumaguete City? 7 Reasons Why It’s Time To Stop By!

I received almost the same question about Dumaguete City, “Is it worth a time to visit or to stop by?” “It’s just a city, what else could we expect?” Many were curious about if it’s satisfying to stop while outlining their trip to the city’s neighboring islands like Apo, Siquijor or Cebu. So, I come up 7 reasons why it’s time to stop Dumaguete if you have been thinking continuously about this city.

Walkability with SAFETY

The city itself can be toured by walking.

Main streets are walking distance from each other. Perdices is the oldest and busiest street of the city where the diverse-established economic community is settled. Not to mention, the avenues are perfect for students and retirees strolling within the city with its good level of safety. Hence, the 10PM curfew for younger or teenagers is a daily priority for the government not only because to keep them away from trouble but to prioritize disciplinary action. Even open bars during hustling Fridays & Saturdays kept people aware of its safety measure, which is why Dumaguete is tagged as one of the safest city in the country.

Availability of Green Spaces

Green spaces are attainable. Surrounded by green parks, relaxing boulevard with fascinating acacia trees and universities that support greener-relaxing Negros environment like the different old marvelous trees encompassing the Silliman University and the many trees planted by the eco-friendly qualifier St. Paul University. Even cemeteries and other community gardens covered within different areas are developing. Providing auxiliary shades that also lowers urban area’s temperature.

Manageable to Peak Hours Traffic Jam

I don’t mean that there is zero traffic in this city, there are few instances that this city experienced traffic as well, as this is now a growing city, thus, both private and public transportation contributes traffic jam on peak hours. But what amazed me is the nonexhaustive feeling during those times, as it’s actually being managed well both by traffic enforcer and the locals. It’s an individual observation coupled with patience to take charge calmly during peak hours. Their discipline is way beyond my expectation.

Access to High-Quality Education

No wonder the town has been highly recommended by most citizens to enroll in one of the universities here. To which Dumaguete has been known for being the University Town, not only because of the established universities in the city, but also the easy access of courses available from medical to business and much more. In this small city, there are 4 Universities and 6 other colleges that were built. The Silliman University tops as one of the famous universities not only in the city but in the whole Philippines. This university is also the first American university created in Asia, that’s why it’s every local’s dream to study here. The 3 other finest universities are St. Paul University, Foundation University and the government-owned Negros Oriental State University.

Access to Good Restaurants

Dumaguetnon and Negrenses are certified, Foodies. More than 40 restaurants dispersed the city with a variety of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Filipino and a lot more. Street foods are spreading also, the famous tocinohan” in ACSAT, putuhan as one of the cheapest breakfast situated at the public market,tempurahan”in boulevard and the ever-famous tempura of Bossing’s number 5 hottest sauce, plus the plentiful-orderly carenderia and barbecues. It’s not oppressive to look for something to eat in this city, you got all that it takes. When you are in Dumaguete, you shouldn’t miss trying one of the restaurants, highly suggested is the Sans Rival.

Smooth Connection to Nature
(Mountain & Sea)

Negros is a mountainous island reachable to the sea, which gives a better connection to the people of the city. Mount Talinis from the neighboring city of Valencia can be visibly viewed in the metro and it’s spectacular to witness the pleasing peak. Apart from this abundant mountain is the sea, where the marvelous marine sanctuaries set to different areas. Silliman University reinforces with marine activities and programs. With their tremendous support, the marine sanctuaries of this town were profoundly assembled according to its requirements, in such a way, that both tourists and local can spot impressive corals and sea creature, which is also ideal for diving sites.

Friendly Folks

It’s no question that the people of this city are conferred as “The Gentle People of the Philippines”. Aside from being the gentle citizen, they are one of the most friendly, accommodating & the soft-spoken society. Over 4,000 expats and retirees live here for the respect and warm greetings from the people, which evidently aside from the low standard of living, relaxing and appealing island.

Through this comprehension, I imagine your change of plan by stopping this beautiful place first or better yet, stay for a while before heading to its bordering islands.

Still having thoughts about Dumaguete City? Why not take a stop now?

Author: Ferna Mae

Ferna is a spontaneous traveler from the Philippines who had a great experience traveling her own country first before she embarked to other countries. She thrives to be more independent in her own skin. Connect with her at

43 thoughts on “Thinking about Dumaguete City? 7 Reasons Why It’s Time To Stop By!

  1. I love Dumaguete. The street foods at the port end of the Baywalk , The church and Plaza are good to wander round and pass time.
    Everything is accessible by walking but if you need a tricycle they have the most comfortable in the Philippines, very roomy to sit in as a passenger.
    The Anthropology Museum in the University is very worthwhile checking out too as is a wander round the Campus.
    Just a few things i love about Dumaguete….. 🙂

      1. I did visit Dumaguete last March to April. Sad to say we did not go around. It was raining for almost a week, I think.

  2. Hello. Mss Ferna very good indorsment of Dumsguete city.It is my home city. There are good beaches down south of dgte.

    1. Thank you Manuel. Yes, there are good beaches down south and I am going to write my experience there too. And also, I wrote about Apo Island, you might like to check it out. 😀 All The Best!

  3. eyes on nature, variety of choice for food <3 <3 <3, I haven't heard of Dumaguete until today as I'm from Malaysia. Dumaguete attracts me because of the mountain & sea. Being a jogger me, it will be a great escapade. I wished that one day I can enjoy nature in Dumaguete, in the greenery parks as well. 40 different style of food there opened my eyes, in such a small place. I wished that one day when I have the chance to go to Philippines I should make a trip to Dumaguete. Is it near the airport?

  4. I do have fond memories of Dumaguete. Although when I went there over a decade ago, I did not stay that long, as it was a stopover going to Apo where we spent some 3 days. So the little time I had, I did have a good impression. I thought the people were nice and there is also this nice store selling Swiss delicacy on the boulevard fronting the sea. I can’t remember the name, but I think it’s called Music something.

  5. Hi, I haven’t heard about the city before. I have been to Manila and Cebu only. Next year, I think I will just visit all the nature places in the Philippines. But anyway, this city sounds good to me according to this article. Especially the good restaurants you’ve mentioned.

  6. I’ve invariably been a big fan of Dumaguete since year 2009 when I was staying there. I’ve been to this beautiful City a countless times and I will never be tired of getting back. Yes, with 7 reasons you have shared with us, truly Dumaguete is a City that everyone should visit and enjoy what it has to extend. I can’t wait to visit Dumaguete again! Thank you for sharing about Dumaguete City Ferna gwapa.

  7. I didn’t know some people are wondering if they should stop to Dumaguete, my friends were practically me begging me to go there. They said it’s a good place, the people are friendly, one even claims that’s where you can find love, in Dumaguete haha… Anyway, I am definitely going there, and you sharing this list have just sealed my will to visit there someday.

  8. Hi, Ferna! Chanced to stop by on you blog! I would love to visit Dumaguete because of this posts! We have friends and family there and planning to get there soon. I am lucky to read this at least I have an idea on where to go, what to do and where and what to eat in Dumaguete!

  9. One of the few places people know about. I haven’t been in so much of Visayas region but this is defonitely in the list. I was in Bacolod last year for a trip and thinking of going here but unfortunately, I was with relatives and couldn’t go far from them. Dumaguete sooon!

  10. Sounds like an interesting city. A little ironic for it to be a University area but also have a curfew on young people. I wonder if that makes young people have their parties indoors or how they manage. I highly doubt that every single university youngster is ok with the curfew!

  11. Hmmm this sounds like a great place to unwind if you’re done with the busy life. I mean, with Nature, friendly folks and good restaurants, it sounds like a retreat! Hehe. Is going there from Manila affordable too? I hope it is…… I feel like this could be a good and relaxing trip we all should take. 🙂

  12. You make Dumaguete seem so awesome! Putting it in my bucket list. Having safe streets is the best plus who would have thought that there’s a tempurahan in Dumaguete ❤❤❤❤

  13. I don’t remember when was the last time I was in Dumaguete City. I was still working at that time and was living in Bacolod City. I left Bacolod in 2011. So I might have visited Dumaguete City in 2006 or 2007. I am sure a decade made a lot of difference and your post says it all. Now, I am kinda missing the place, the people, and the food! I think it is time to visit the city again. Love to visit Silliman University again.

  14. Ya had me at walkability Ferna Mae 😉 Because to be able to walk safely around many SE Asian cities is a rarity. Seriously. Because motorbikes and cars and narrow roads make it tough or near impossible to get around many SE Asian cities, or even in more rural areas of places, where the roads are so narrow every walk or jog feels like you are cheating death. All awesome points here.

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