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Learn the work of a former tour guide and how else it can give you ideas when you travel.

On this page, tips and resources that I personally experience or the items that I use will be categorized here for the easy browse of my blog. Note that I only recommend or only share those that I have tried by myself.

Travel and Tour Guide Work

My previous work as a private tour guide in a French Company will give you an idea of how possible it is to work in this industry when you are in the Philippines. Learn the ups, downs and actual experiences. 


Travel Guides from the local especially guides in the Philippines


Reviews on hotels, resorts, travel essential, airlines and those that I personally experience and used.


Personal tips on all the places I visited. 

Working as a Tour Guide in November 2012 - early 2017
Travel Consultant since November 2012

Started the Life working online in the year 2011


These are the companies that I do like using wherever I am, especially helping my travels on a rush time. I have been using them on my spontaneous decision and I trust them fully ever since I first tried them.

Disclosure: Some links may include affiliates which means I can have a little commission when you click the link and make transaction directly with them. There is NO additional cost on your part (you MIGHT get discounts instead).  In this way, a little commission can help this blog to a greater purpose. Please note that I ONLY recommend products or tours which I had a great personal experience.



You’d love the feeling of being at home when using Airbnb A great connection towards homeowners with a stay like being in a hotel. The best to stay in a place to live like how locals live. Get $40 Off if you are a first time on Airbnb.


The best company to book for a hotel, resort, hostels or guesthouses even in a remote area. There are plenty to choose from and has a wide selection of places to stay in Asia. It offers reasonable rates and with discounts too. I’ve been using Agoda for many years now and had helped my trips especially on a rush time.


The great way to connect with the local and stay with them for FREE. I hosted so many members from the CS group and tried being hosted as well. It’s an amazing way to exchange culture with the local. It is free to join and can join with different forums as well.

Transport Company


The easiest way to book a ticket for boat and bus in the SouthEastAsia.


Klook has been doing amazing tours in Asia and I highly recommend booking with them. 


Ferna Mae Fernandez

The Philippines has 7,107 islands. Through my varied experience as a former tour guide and traveling the 40 provinces out of 81, my expertise can help you on your tour or next vacation in the country.