Wandering Bohol Beaches [Philippines] and its Different Islands

Years ago when I heard about Bohol, I thought of white sand beaches and stunning islands. Fortunately, this proved me well at the time I first set foot on in the year 2007. Apart from its beaches and islands I excitingly loved seeing those tarsiers which back then was settled in near the Loboc river, and of course, who among the Filipinos will not remember chocolate hills that were taught at school? These are two main reasons why Filipinos would eagerly wander this place. Exploring Bohol is not only for the tarsier and chocolate hills, there is more to that too.

Now, if you are not a Filipino (or even if you are) you might wonder where the heck is Bohol??

Fret not for I have few details to share about where Bohol is. It is in the central part of the Visayas region, situated in between Cebu to the northwest and Leyte to the northeast. (check the map below)

This island is surrounded by almost 75 islets and some couple of white sandbars. Among these more than 70 islets, I came to visit few of them plus its beaches which I recommend for travelers to visit at some point.

Panglao is the largest island in Bohol and is one of the main tourist destination in the Philippines where Alona beach became known. The white sand beach and clear water in Alona beach captured the hearts of the many especially for scuba divers, free-divers, and snorkelers alike. Apart from Alona, Dumaluan beach has a wide white sand beach and is more secluded than Alona.


Balicasag – this is the most famous island in Bohol thus tourist flock into this island first before deciding to see the others. Most tour agencies highly promote a tour to Balicasag, a bit expensive to hop in for their entrance fee is as high as Php 500.00 each but the island offer one of the best diving site and snorkeling experience in the whole Bohol province, thus, it is so famous.

Virgin (now known as ISOLA) is a very small island that has a white sand bar during low tide, seducing each one of us the color of the water, inviting us to bask immediately. It has some couple of trees but no house built in and the only caretaker lives on this island. A soothing place to relax and play in the sand with a sip of a young coconut juice where locals from the main island Panglao set a little store selling fresh coconut juice, drinks, and some snacks.

Pamilacan has bigger in size than in Balicasag, it’s also far from Panglao island by distance. Popularly known from the olden times as the island for whale sharks, dolphins and manta rays. Although dolphins are still visible in this area, yet, whale sharks are seldom to be noticed while Manta Rays have long been gone and nowhere to be seen these days. It has a watchtower from Spanish time and a tiny mangrove island at the eastern part of the island. I suggest to not missed snorkeling in the coral garden and see some jackfish and turtles at their main sanctuary. An overnight stay with the local is common here, as travelers feel the local living plus the sunset will certainly catch everyone’s eyes.

Pamilacan Island in Bohol province deserves a spot for a tourist or a traveler to visit. It is a small island with diverse sanctuary and livelihood. It doesn’t have a resort built for luxurious ones but it has places usually made of nipa huts and simple homestay made by the locals to cater their needs. In this picture, different trees can be seen overlooking the beauty of the sea. Never forget to Snorkel to their sanctuary especially at the garden corals where it’s so fresh and lively. . . . . . #Pamilacan #Bohol #Island #igbohol #wanderlust #travelgoals #dametraveler #bucketlistcheck #instapassport #passionpassport #newadventures #meettheworld #beautifuldestinations #travel #travelaffair #worldtravel #globetrotter #letsgosomewhere #jetset #travelinfluential #traveltheworld #essencetravels #blavitylife #huaweiy6 #snapseed #huawei #beach #saltwater #underwater

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#Summer is almost here in the #Philippines and I cannot wait to stay longer on this #island.

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Lamanoc which is situated on the north side of Anda [Read: Anda Bohol’s Next Destination] is a mysterious island, known for the island of the Shaman. There is no one who lives here, while locals living near the island have a huge respect for the said haven, they offer annually some meat like pigs and most especially chicken to give respect to the spirits of the island. This has the only short size of the white sand beach and the rest are consists of coral stones. It’s interesting to visit the place for there is a cave specifically for the shaman. Shamans gather together on their cave to celebrate a feast every once a year specifically on Holy Thursday during the holy week season.

When its cloudy yet it’s beauty of the nature nurtures. #itsmorefuninthephilippines

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Anda is a town which has a beautiful white sand beach, the couple of short size white sand beaches located on every different corner of the borough. The main Quinale beach is the most recognized with the longest beach in size (in between 3-4 km wide) among all the beaches in the town, it is as well found at the center of this municipality. Nowadays, massive of scuba divers and tourists drive through here to explore the town.

Kawasihan White Sand Bar & Seaweed Farming is located in a distant area in the east of Bohol. It is part of Candijay town yet not all dive into this small place. Kawasihan is absolutely small in terms of its size, yet, the sand bar and it’s white sand beach is really stunning especially on a low tide season where the sand bar is widely seen. Apart from learning the seaweed farming from the locals here, a good amount of coral reefs and different kinds of fish at the sanctuary is refreshing to explore.

Pangangan is part of Calape which is at the northwestern side of Bohol and has the longest causeway in the Philippines. The beaches on this island are so diverse, there are plenty of coral stones beaches than white sand beaches, yet, I find it marvelous. Aside from its diversified beaches, the local living and secluded place mesmerize me that I stayed a bit longer here. There were sinkholes to 3 different locations too that might be scary yet calming your body when you get the chance to soak in. The area is only crowded during the weekend by the locals who live from the neighboring towns, and not a lot of foreign tourists indulge into this place.

Days ago there has been an alarming news in the island of #Bohol and people of course are now vigilant of what is to come. This week is #holyweek where Bohol tops as one of the famous destination during this week for families. And I salute the authorities for this island to keep people and tourists to be safe, they put their full force to act immediately so the issue will be solved sooner than expected. Today, I am still in Bohol and I choose to be in a place not touristy yet will mesmerize me for a good holy week. . . . . . #wanderlust #travelgoals #dametraveler #bucketlistcheck #instapassport #passionpassport #newadventures #meettheworld #beautifuldestinations #travel #travelaffair #worldtravel #globetrotter #letsgosomewhere #jetset #travelinfluential #traveltheworld #essencetravels #blavitylife #huaweiy6 #snapseed #huawei #islandgirl #philippines #traveler #holyweek2017 #travelblogger

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Dumog is a sandbar to the western part of Tubigon town. It’s actually smaller in size, with nothing on it but the only white sand bar. I was really glad I was able to show up at this beach, where we took a local fisherman’s boat and sailed in for 40 minutes from Pangangan. The beach is bare so when the sun came in, our skin turned into dark brown as we didn’t have any roof to rest on. Regardless of the situation, it didn’t stop us from swimming in the clear blue water and took a dip as well.



There are numerous of white sandbar in the #Philippines some are connected to a certain #island some are not. But on Dumog white sand bar it is only a sandbar with very few mangroves on it. When we arrived there were already couple of local people who visited the place and its amazing to know and see that there is an area like this in the northwestern part of #Bohol . . . . . #photographers #photo #picture #ipfanphoto #awesome_photographers #TBScommunity #TLPicks #travelstroke #passionpassport #livetravelchannel #beautifuldestinations #forbestravelguide #wearetravelgirls #visitpinas #letsgoeverywhere #canonfanphoto #sun #sunset #huaweiy6 #wonderful_places #travelingourplanet #huawei #goingplaces #LiveTravelChannel #bbctravel #travelgoals #igbeach

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Among the so many islands of Bohol, it’s honestly rather hard to choose where to visit. Still, I am hoping I have help a traveler who will take their vacation to the land of Bohol.

Still thinking where to wander the islands and its beaches in Bohol? Let me know of your thoughts!

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Author: Ferna Mae

Ferna is a spontaneous traveler from the Philippines who had a great experience traveling her own country first before she embarked to other countries. She thrives to be more independent in her own skin. Connect with her at everywherewithferna@gmail.com

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  1. Ferna Mae, Bohol looks so beautiful. I am a sucker for SE Asian beaches and have yet to visit this gorgeous island or its wonderful country. I could sit inside your Instagram photos for hours LOL.Just relaxing, enjoying the view and sipping on a coconut juice. I also dig that this island seems to be in the middle of nowhere. Paradise indeed, in a beautiful land with awesome friendly folks – I know many Pinoys from the USA 😉 – and that mesmerizing water.


    1. Thank you Ryan. I do hope you could visit The Philippines in the near future. Let me know if you need some tips or where to as well, I might be of help. 😀

  2. Beautiful beaches indeed! We’ve been to Balicasag, Virgin, Gakang, Isola de Francesco, and Alona, and they are all amazing! The dive sites are even more spectacular. Sheila and I plan to go scuba diving in Pamilacan soon. 🙂

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