What To Do on a One Day Visit in Lake Balinsasayao

Lake Balinsasayao is one of the tourist attraction in Negros Oriental, Philippines. Although usually overlooked by many as the distance is far from the known Dumaguete City, still there is a reason to drop by quickly, explore and learn the place.


It is commonly called as “Twin Lakes”, this derived from the two lakes on the area which is Lake Balinsasayao and Lake Danao. Both are separated by a mountain ridge and the elevation gap of 10 meters between the two lakes. Lake Balinsasayao has 930 meters above sea level while Lake Danao is at 940 meters above sea level.


It’s a natural park which is located in Mount Talinis or Cuernos de Negros that’s stretching the municipalities of Sibulan, Valencia and San Jose.


Lake Balinsasayao is a protected area. Thus, this sets apart among other areas in Negros Oriental with restrictions to follow on.

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We started the journey at around 9:30 in the morning from Dumaguete City, we made our way to the lake passing through the main town of Sibulan. With a few information we gathered about the lake, the driver of the Grandia 12 seater van that we hired from “Book a Transport” saves us from researching, he guided us all the way.


As the driver turns into that direction, the signage is visible to people encrypted with the name “Twin Lakes” that has the lake’s name below it sided with the arrow directing to the area. This is making the tourist easy to locate where this protected park is.


It took less than an hour driving the steep, winding and the not-so-wide yet concrete road. From the entry point in the highway, there are luxury houses built in a mountain cliff area facing the beautiful Cebu Island. There’s also a local coffee shop that is famous for the Negrense and a restaurant on another corner. 


Lake Balinsasayao Twin Lakes Direction Sign from the Highway
Lake Balinsasayao Twin Lakes Direction Sign from the Highway

A couple of kilometers after swerving the road, the beautiful sighting of the entrance house delighted us with a warm welcome. All vehicles and tourists required to make a stop for registration, payment of the entrance fee, have a glimpse of what the lakes look like on their creation of a map and to know the “do’s and dont’s” in order to maintain the protection of the park.


Near the entrance area is a lake which they called as Kabalin-an which makes it more enticing for everyone to roam around. The trees growing out of the water is appealing in the eyes, hence a photo session is perfect here.


With a great appreciation of its solemnity, where the sound of the birds are echoing on every corner and a clear water that are translucent enough to allow the image of the trees to see through. From the great ambiance, one can know how the whole area is being protected.

Lake Balinsasayao Entrance Area or Kabalinan Lake
Lake Balinsasayao Entrance Area or Kabalinan Lake
All guests are required to Stop at the Entrance Area where one can learn from this sign about the protection of the area
All guests are required to Stop at the Entrance Area where one can learn from this sign about the protection of the area
The Map of the Twin Lakes which are Lake Balinsasayao and Lake Danao at the entrance house
The Map of the Twin Lakes which are Lake Balinsasayao and Lake Danao at the entrance house

As we move along to another few meters from the entrance area, the steep on its way to the main lake is manageable but what got everyone amazed is the lush environment and peaceful surrounding.

We were dropped at the particular parking area settled near the restaurant. There is only one restaurant available with a few foods to choose from listed on their menu. If you are not bringing packed meals or food with you, an advance order from their only restaurant is highly recommended as the people behind the kitchen has the tendency to serve your food longer than expected. It happened to everyone ordering during the time we visited. The fern salad is what you must not miss having. Apart from food, they are also selling light snacks, bottled water, and refreshing beverages.

A stunning panoramic view of the lake can also be seen on the left side of the cafeteria giving tourists a glimpse of the lake.

Viewing Deck area at the only restaurant in Lake Balinsasayao
Viewing Deck area at the only restaurant in Lake Balinsasayao

We walked passed through a paved very steep pathway leading to the lake. No vehicles can enter from this space so the only option is to walk.

As we approach the lake, there is a small toilet on the sides creatively made of stones and cement. Other than the toilet, the different types of trees that circumambient the area are pleasing each one of us.

It has been known that this natural park is the home of different and rare bird species, thus, a birdwatching activity is one of the famous things to do here.  Adding on many animals lurking in the area can also be found.

To our surprise, we came in not expecting to be the next group to do the boating. I thought we are the last as the place is packed with local tourists.

At the waiting area, there are small cottages that said to be for those wanting to have a picnic. Behind the cottages are very a built-in concrete chairs connected to the cottage.

We paid Php 500.00 for the boat, we were 10 in the group and we wanted to be in one boat. Regular rate is Php 200.00 for 7 pax. This is can only be rented with a paddler for an hour including the waiting time when on the other side of the lake, which is in Lake Danao.

The boat is enough for us, which I later found out that the customized boat was made with two small boats which are locally known as bangka or a fishermen’s boat size. These two small boats were built with a connection of a hardwood at the center.

All the local working and protecting on the place are members of their organization including those that are working in the cafeteria. They are locals living within the vicinity.

The narrow mountain ridge is where one can notice how it the place is named as twin lakes. I suggest climbing to the top of it to experience watching the entire area. After all, there is a tower to make a rest and instantaneous photo shot.

After making some downtime at the tower, heading back to the place riding the same boat we took. We didn’t exceed an hour of renting the boat as it was enough for us embracing the beautiful nature.

Toilet area in Lake Balinsasayao
Toilet area in Lake Balinsasayao

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