Where to Stay in Siquijor: The Mystical Island of the Philippines

Siquijor Island is the place secretly feared by most Filipinos in the past. Yet, as time goes by, people who visited the place massively spreading good vibes about the island and keep coming back as they are now fallen in love with this mystical spot.  As the place gained its tourist’s love, it’s no wonder the best places to visit in the area are among on their list.

There are still those that are having a hard time where exactly they should stay in Siquijor. I, for one, has been asked about this as I frequently travel there.  Because of this, I come out a list of resorts and asked very few travel bloggers on where to stay in Siquijor island.

This island comprises 6 municipalities where Siquijor town is the capital of the island. Other municipalities are Larena, Enrique Villanueva, Maria, Lazi and San Juan.

For easy navigation, the list of the resorts will be shared through their exact town location.


Villa Marmarine

Recommend by Aleah Taboclaon of Solitary Wanderer

One resort I would always recommend in Siquijor town is Villa Marmarine. It is not by the highway but it is right by the beach, but it was perfect for me. I had a hut with my own bathroom that was clean and comfortable.

They have their own restaurant, too, so you need not worry about where to eat. And of course, Wifi. I had to work until past midnight and I stayed in the dining area. The staff just showed me how to turn off the lights and let me stay there.

Aside from being inexpensive, comfy stay, Wifi, friendly staff, and right being by the beach, what I liked most about Villa Marmarine was that their staff members are working students. The Japanese-Filipino couple is serious about their scholarships, and I’m glad I could help out as well just by staying there.

WIFI –  All cottages have internet LAN connection for free

Price Range: Php 800.00 – Php 5,000.00 ($15.00-$95.00)

Room Type: Suite room and Modern Cottages

Others: All cottages have a minibar, cable television, and mosquito net (for fan rooms only)

Tori’s Paradise is located in Dumanjog, Siquijor Town. It is best for those looking for a cheaper rate with full amenities. It is right by the beach, thus, sunset is best to chase on the spot. Their outdoor swimming pool serves as a relaxing place as well if you are keen for pools.  Their pool has a mini slide. Although common toilet is not appealing and tidy there are also times that it’s been consistently clean by the staff. The rate includes breakfast already which is worth the money spent for the room. To check more reviews about Tori’s Paradise before deciding to book,  please click here.

WiFi: Yes (All rooms and common area)

Price Range: Php 684.00-Php 3,900.00 ($13.00-$75.00)

Room Type:  Bed bunks | Dorm | Deluxe Room Twin Bed

Others: Free Filtered Water, Free Breakfast, Available Scooter for rent

Book a Room Here

Isla Inn is one of the famous places to stay in Siquijor town. One of the reason is the location which is near the port, adding to that is the access to a few restaurants nearby since this place doesn’t have their own restaurant yet. Another thing is the room rate is cheaper than other resorts as the size of the room is kind of big. They only have 10 rooms so if you are looking for a quiet and uncrowded place then this could fit in for you.

To read reviews and book a room, check: AGODA

Wifi :  Yes in all rooms and public areas

Type of Room: Queen Bed | Twin Bed Room

Price Range: Php 1,300.000 – Php 1,500.00 ($25.00-$28.00)

Others: Free Breakfast | Bar but no Restaurant yet | 24-hour Reception | Water Refill

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Remembering my first impression about this resort Infinity Heights in the year 2013, it captures my heart upon entering the place because of the view. From then I had a great feeling that this resort will stay longer than expected. The panoramic view offers and shows the best spot in Siquijor. They only have 3 luxury cottages which are located in Pili, Siquijor. The owner and their staff greeted us with a happy smile and accommodated us so well. We were only walk-in guests at that time but the owner never hesitated to show the room and explain to us what they are up to in the future.  Since then, I visited the place 3 times already because of my previous work as a tour guide. Although it’s been a long time already since the last time I visited Infinity heights, I know their service still is one of the best for I always recommend them to people who are looking for a place like Infinity.  The sunrise and sunset can be seen in this resort. Feel relax and book one of the luxury resort in Siquijor. 

To read reviews and book a room, check here: AGODA 

Wifi: Free Wi-Fi is available in the restaurant/bar and swimming pool areas only

Type of Room: Modern Cottages

Price Range: Php 4,400.00-Php 6,200.00 ($84.00-$117.00)

Others: Free Breakfast| Infinity Pool | Massage Hut | TV | Generator on Standby

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Various resorts are situated in this town. The beaches and sunset are the best to experience here. There are also more activities during night time here, numerous restaurants accessible to the guests too. There’s weekend local disco if you like bar hopping (only minimal as this is a small island) or would love trying the local disco, or perhaps scouting for more food, then San Juan town resorts might be an ideal location for you.

It has been tagged as one of the peaceful places to stay at a reasonable price per night. There is a beachfront all for the guests. Their room is huge as well with very accommodating staff who are always available whenever you need on something. Although depending on the season of the visit there are seaweeds visible in the eye for some reasons during low tide.

For more reviews about the place, check here: AGODA

Wifi: Yes (Public area only)

Type of Room: Villa on a Single | Double Bed

Price Range: Php 1,360.00-Php 2,160.00 ($25.00-$40.00)

Others: Restaurant | Bar | Garden | Hammock | Laundry Services

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This is personally my favorite resort on the island. Visited numerous time on different occasions and fortunately stayed for a lot of times to their different cottages. I’ve stayed with my family and cousins here where all of us agreed on how we were taken care of from the staff and their very professional service. There is an intermittent internet in most of the areas of the resort, thus, this is a resort best suit for those wanting to escape the busy online stuff. The size of the area is huge with more than 60 rooms scattered all over the space.

For more reviews about the place, check here: AGODA

Wifi: Reception and Restaurant area only.

Type of Room: Bungalow | Cottages | Villa | Penthouse | Deluxe

Price Range: Php 3,900.00 – Php 9,800.00 ($73.00-$185.00)

Others: Free Breakfast | Safety Box | Game Room | Diving | Sanctuary | Watersports | Fitness Center | Poolside Bar

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It’s a lot of fun staying in this place. Mainly because there are a group of people love staying here. Although perfect also for solo travelers this one is more famous when you are in a group. Its location is by the beach so glamping on the beach is so new on the island thus, this is now becoming one of the top places to stay in Siquijor. It is also accessible to nearby restaurants. One of the cons staying here is their toilet that needs some improvement and consistent clean-up of the area.

For more reviews about the place, check here: AGODA

Wifi: Wifi available at the service area only

Type of Room: Tent | Dorm Room

Price Range: Php 450.00 – Php 5,500.00 ($8.50-$106.00)

Others:  Shared Bathroom | Utensils for Dining | 24 Hours Security

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Lazi town is a secluded place and it’s where the famous Cambugahay waterfalls, the old church is located. The beachside may not be as stunning as in San Juan town, but the list here can give you ideas the best resorts that has a beautiful beach site.



It’s a backpacker-friendly tropical resort located in the village of Talayong in Lazi town. Though it’s located in a secluded place, the best part here is the panoramic view of the beach. It is a rocky beach so if you are looking for a plain white sand beach, this will not be the resort for you. The resort has been there for years, so the cottages might be old to look at, yet I can say it’s clean, spacious and the terrace spotted the best place to chill in the area. The only thing is that I haven’t stayed here just a quick tour for my guests to see. But overall, the view did stun me the most especially the facing Mindanao island is visible from this resort.

For more reviews about the place, check here: AGODA

Wifi: Public areas only, occurring only at irregular intervals

Type of Room: 2 Storey House | Seaside Cottages

Price Range: Php 3,350.00 – Php 6,000.00 ($66.00-$113.00)

Others:  Kitchen | 24 Hours Security | Breakfast | Open Air Bar and Restaurant

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A house built just 2 km away from Cambugahay falls. Expect a no-signal for both mobile and internet connection, very slow so if you are a digital nomad and is looking for a reliable internet connection, you should skip this place. But for those who are traveling in a group, this is a place for you, it’s affordable and it has mostly the amenities you are looking for especially if you are with traveling with kids. For solo travelers, there is a clean dorm with TV and the common living area is also open for everyone.

For more reviews about the place, check here: AGODA

Wifi: In Public areas only but very slow connection

Type of Room: Dorm Room | Twin and Double Standard Room | Family Room

Price Range: Php 500.00 – Php 1,800.00 ($10.00-$28.00)

Others:  TV | Restaurant |

Book Your Room HERE

A laid-back place with friendly staff. The location is a bit far from the center of the town so expect on taking a ride going to a nearby restaurant or store. The host helps guests in renting a motorbike and helps those who need a transport to somewhere else. The location is in the middle of nature, thus having some quiet time is what you can get from here.

For more reviews about the place, check here: AGODA

Wifi: There’s a wifi but the connection is very slow and bad which is very common around the island.

Type of Room: Single and Twin Bed | Budget Double Room | Family Room

Price Range: Php 446.00 – Php 4,107.00 ($8.40-$77.50)

Others:  TV | Restaurant | Scooter Rental | Free Water and Coffee all day

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Salagdoong Beach Resort | Agripino Pension House

You’d be hearing locals and most of the island tour guides are recommending this place for you to visit and stay. It’s widely famous in the island. One of the reasons why it is famous because of the cliff jumping and the view of the whole resort.  It’s also the weekend getaway of the local, taking their picnic time bringing their own food and whole day roaming and swimming in the area. It’s going to be crowded on the weekend, but you will surely get the idea of how local is having their picnic by the beach.

The hotel’s name is Agripino Pension House Salagdoong beach.

Wifi: There’s a wifi but the connection is very slow and bad which is very common around the island.

Type of Room: Duplex Room | Tent Available

Price Range: There is no available data online and I also wasn’t able to get the rates every time I’m visiting. Will update once I get the details.

The tranquility of the resort makes it one of the reasons to distress and rejuvenate. It’s peaceful and the family hosts are friendly and reach out what the guests want. It’s by the beach, although rocky beach yet it mesmerizes the beauty within. No bars nearby thus making it more at peace to stay at.

For more reviews about the place, check here: AGODA

Wifi: They set up their 4G for mobile wifi so it’s accessible for everyone with mobile internet

Type of Room: Cottages | Available Tent

Price Range: Php 400.00 – Php 2,150.00 ($8.00-$40.00)

Others:  TV | Restaurant | Scooter Rental | Free Water

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It is the commercial town of the city. The other port of the island is located here that has a schedule for Cebu, Bohol and Dumaguete City. It is where easy access to ATM, big markets and colleges are here.

La Villa Alta makes it an exceptional place for a lot of people. Its location is near the beach although coming in the resort on a bumpy road might not be a fun thing for some people. The friendly staff makes this place a better place to stay, their rooms are basic that makes their rate so affordable. Since this is in Larena, there is an easy access to ATM, markets, commercial stores and the seaport to other islands.

For more reviews about the place, check here: AGODA

Wifi: Intermittent Connection | No guarantee

Type of Room: Double Room with Balcony and Terrace

Price Range: Php 800.00 – Php 900.00 ($15.00-$17.00)

Others:  Restaurant | Bar | Snorkeling Area

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The internet connection and homey feeling being on the resort make the guests stay longer and extend their stay. Their cottages are well designed and are close to the beach which makes it more comfortable for the guests. Another thing is the convenience of cooking guest’s own food as they have the amenities for the kitchen so it would be easy for guests to make their own food.

For more reviews about the place, check here: AGODA

Wifi: Intermittent Connection | No guarantee

Type of Room: Double Room with Balcony and Terrace | One Full House with Kitchen and Dining Area

Price Range: Php 680.00 – Php 2,000.00 ($13.00-$38.00)

Book Your Room HERE


Kalachuchi beach resort in Enrique Villanueva town is the place to get a phenomenal getaway. The best and accommodating staff there is on the island. Their two-tiered swimming pool deserves a morning perfect spot witnessing a sunrise. Although the place is stunning with an amazing view and really close to nature, their restroom or toilet needs improvement when it comes to their exhausting fan system, not a major issue but is also important.

For more reviews about the place, check here: AGODA

Wifi: No guaranteed connection

Type of Room: Villa

Price Range: Php 3,920.00 – Php 5,376.00 ($75.00-$103.00)

Others:  TV | Restaurant | Room Rate with Breakfast for 2 | Chess and Billiard Games

Book Your Room HERE

These are among the resorts that you can choose from on where you can stay in Siquijor Island. To give you an idea about the island’s town location, kindly hover your browser to the map below. Please also check the best places to visit on the island .

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Where to Stay in Siquijor Island Philippines

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